King Chimes in on Recruiting Game

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Penn State super freshman Justin King knows the recruiting game well. He was at the center of an intense recruiting battle as a senior at Gateway High near Pittsburgh. Once he committed to the Lions in November of 2004, he became a recruiter of sorts himself, helping State land Derrick Williams and a string of other blue-chippers.

The recruiting success that started with the Class of 2005 has carried over this season, as Joe Paterno and his staff (and players) are putting together what is considered one of the strongest groups in the nation.

While King and his teammates have been peppered with questions concerning their Orange Bowl matchup with Florida State in the days leading up to Tuesday's game, we decided to switch gears a bit and talk to the multitalented rookie about the recruiting game.

See what he had to say in our audio file below.



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