Odrick Leading D-Lineman

A year ago, one of the main reasons the West dominated the East was because of an impressive West defensive line. A defensive line that can penetrate the line-of-scrimmage, disrupt running plays and put pressure on the quarterback, can have a significant impact on the outcome of the game.

The past few days at the East practice, defensive line coach, Greg Toal, has been putting Robert Rose, Bart Eddins, Corey Hobbs and Jared Odrick through the paces.

We caught up with Coach Toal and asked him if he could give us his take on the defensive line. Who has shined? Who needs work?

"The (Robert) Rose kid and Maurice Evans are two guys who really stood out the past three days," Coach Toal said.

"Rose has a quick step, he's extremely strong, I mean scary strong. He's going to be very good at the next level. I really want everyone to understand what kind of player Robert Rose is. He has scary strength, Michael Strahan type strength.

"Maurice Evans is quick off the edge, he's got a motor and he's relentless. He's another young man that has a bright future."

Coach Toal is the head coach at Don Bosco Prep, Ramsey, N.J., he's a no nonsense type of coach and he's probably the most vocal of all the coaches on the East. Coach Toal is the father of Boston College linebacker/fullback, Brian Toal. Brian Toal is a former U.S. Army All-American.

Coach Toal has had to light the fire under his defensive line this week and we asked him about why he had to do that and what message he was trying to get across to his players.

"I think they all want to be cool." Coach Toal said. "They're U.S. Army All-Americans so they think it might be cool to walk around and not hustle. You practice the way you play. I've always preached that. I told the kids that they good ones always get it done."

One defensive lineman that has stuck out so far in the three days of practice is Bart Eddins. The 6-foot-4, 260-pounder, from Trinity Presbyterian High in Montgomery, Ala., is relentless and always gives good effort. He's never walking on the football field and he never gives up.

The effort that Eddins gives on a daily basis hasn't gone unnoticed. "There's definitely a lot of upside in Bart Eddins." Coach Toal said.

"He's an effort kid and he's strong. Bart has very good technique. He doesn't look as good as Jared Odrick does or maybe Robert Rose does but he never gets outworked."

Staying on the topic of the Jared Odrick, there may not be a more imposing defensive lineman in San Antonio. Odrick is 6-foot-6, 300-pounds, and there's not an ounce of fat on him. Odrick is powerful, athletic and he can run.

The sky's the limit for Jared Odrick but according to Coach Toal, the sky's the limit but there's a catch.

"If Jared Odrick can get out of his mind that he's a defensive end, he's going to be great." Coach Toal said.

"Jared is a defensive tackle and once he gets the mind set, he's going to be a great football player. He needs to play a little lower but he has true strength."

A few quick notes on the East defensive line, Ricky Sapp hasn't practiced this week and he's been in a walking boot the past few days. East coach Ted Ginn moved offensive lineman Clifton Geathers to the defensive line.


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