Odrick Reflects on U.S. Army Game

While his name did not appear much on the stat sheet, Jared Odrick did make his presence felt throughout the week leading up to the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio.

Jared Odrick, the 6-foot-6, 300-pound defensive line prospect from Lebanon (Pa.) High, made a case for his ranking to increase after dominating the East's offensive linemen all week. Although he was regularly in the West's backfield and pressured the quarterback in the East's 27-16 win over the West Saturday, Odrick was his own worst critic.

“I thought I played decent,” Odrick said. “For the position I was playing, to be playing the two, I've never played nose guard, I've always either played end or the three. I kind of figured out in practice you get double teamed a lot. It happened in the game to. For the opportunities I was given to get to the quarterback with just one-on-one [blocking], I think I did a real good job against [Chris] Stewart, [Matt] Carufel and [Steve] Schilling.”

In fact, Odrick said that Stewart gave him quite the compliment after the second quarter ended.

“I know Stewart came up to me at half time and said 'I don't know how to block you, dog,' ” Odrick said. “I thought I did decent, but I wish I would have made more plays. I'm not sure if that's just how the game goes or whether it was my play.”

Odrick estimated that he was double- and triple-teamed about “75 to 80” of the game.

“I was lined up over the guards when they were inside or outside, the center would come over and help almost every play,” Odrick said.

Odrick also commented on the commitments to Penn State of fellow East defenders Maurice Evans (DE) and A.J. Wallace (CB).

“Maurice, I kind of had a feeling that he was probably going to come, and I think some other people got that feeling too,” Odrick said. “He felt really strong about Penn State. A.J., I know he was thinking real hard for the past month or so with Ohio State and Penn State. I talked with him a few times before he got here, and while I was here, I talked some little odds and ends with Penn State. I'm just glad Penn State represented well in this game and they did a good job.”

Now, Odrick is moving on to some bigger things. Sure, he'll be busting his tail to get in shape - Odrick says his goal is to enter summer practice at Penn State weighing 275 - but he is also trying to attract some of the nation's elite talent to an already blockbuster recruiting class. Who is the one guy Odrick wants to join him more than anyone else?

“This guy right here,” Odrick smirked as he pushed five-star offensive lineman Sam Young in the shoulder (the push didn't budge Young). “I'm going to go after him. I like Sam and I hope Sam likes me, but I think everyone on the team likes Sam, and he's a great guy. I think he'd fit into Penn State, and a couple other guys here. You say it in their ear, and I'm definitely going to be recruiting Sam.”

Young, who was being interviewed by another reporter at the time, looked back and returned the smirk.


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