Logan-El: Date Set; Lions in Mix

The date has been set. In two weeks, Antonio Logan-El will announce his college choice live on television. Logan-El, the 6-foot-6, 310-pound five-star offensive lineman from Forestville High in Forestville, Md., will announce his decision on Jan. 24, at 4:00 p.m. on ESPN U from the ESPN Zone in Baltimore.

He will also tape a segment at the ESPN Zone to be aired later that day on ESPN News.

“Everything for me has been great,” Logan-El said. “I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. I've met a lot of different people. It's just been awesome for me. I'm taking it all in. Half of me is saying that it's good it's over, but the other half is saying how fun of a ride it's been. It has a lot of mixed emotions with everything, but overall it's been a great ride, it's been very fun. The biggest thing for me is the great people I've met, from Coach Paterno at Penn State to Coach Friedgen at Maryland, down to the graduate assistants. I have nothing to complain about.”

Originally, Logan-El was supposed to take an official visit to Virginia, but has since cancelled the visit and taken the Cavaliers' name out of consideration.

“At this point, I was supposed to take my visit, but with the coaching changes there, instead they haven't hired an offensive line coach, so I don't think I could go into a college or university without knowing which coach will be coaching me for four or five years,” Logan-El said. “That's a big reason why I won't be taking an official visit there.”

Logan-El will take his final official visit this weekend to Florida, and will not take his remaining fifth visit. Despite the opening, Logan-El said that he will not reschedule any more visits because of his busy basketball and school schedule.

“Basically it's just down to four schools, Tennessee, Florida, Maryland and Penn State,” Logan-El said.

The list of four has been narrowed from a list of six, which previously included the likes of Oklahoma and Virginia. Logan-El's first official visit was to Oklahoma.

Some other changes have come up recently, too. Previously, Logan-El wanted to major in criminal justice, however he knows says he wants to major in sports management.

“At one point I was looking at criminal justice, but at this point, I'll go the path of sports management as my major, and maybe take classes in criminal justice,” Logan-El said.

As for Penn State, many have written off the Nittany Lions as a result of Logan-El not taking an official visit. Irrespective, Penn State has made the final-four cut, and Logan-El commented on the perception of the Nittany Lions being discounted.

“Well, I wouldn't say that that's ruling them out because I'm not taking an official visit, but I can see how one would think that from the outside looking in,” Logan-El said. “That's not as it seems. I've taken a couple of unofficial visits there and I'm satisfied with what I've seen. If I make my decision and I go to Penn State, I know what I'll be getting in to. I wouldn't say it totally rules them out, but I just won't be taking an official visit there.”

Logan-El went on to talk about what he likes about Penn State.

“Well, Penn State, first of all, they come with a sense of pride about their school and tradition,” Logan-El said. “They have a great tradition at Penn State. Everything is just great there, even more than football. Their fans are great. Their academics is one of the best, as far as my major too.”

Throughout his recruitment, Logan-El has formed a close relationship with many coaches from many schools, including Penn State assistant coach Larry Johnson.

“Penn State has been great, their coaching staff knows how to respond and interact with the kids,” Logan-El said. “It's almost to the point where it's not player and coach, it's like friend and friend. It's a position where they'll be coaching you, but they're not any better than you. They look at more than just football and that's a big thing that's kept them in the hunt. Coach Johnson and I will talk, and I believe 80 percentof the time we have talked since I've known him, it hasn't been about football, it's been about life. It stands out.”

Even without an official visit, Logan-El is very familiar with Penn State because he has taken several unofficial visits to Happy Valley. The most recent trip was during the Penn State-Ohio State night matchup. Logan-El said he still remembers that night.

“That was a high-intensity game, the way the players fought the whole game, the way the coaches kept their cool,” Logan-El said. “I remember everything. It's not like I lost anything about that game experience. I remember everything about that game. Bits and pieces play a big role.”


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