Second Thoughts for WR?

Most of us don't take the time to realize just how difficult of a decision it is for a teenager to make a decision like a verbal commitment to a college. You're 17 and Joe Paterno is sitting in your living room, how can you say no? You're walking through the halls of your school with Pete Carroll, how do you say no?

Vidal Hazelton was forced too make that type of a decision when he committed to USC over Penn State. The New York native still to this day is going over that decision in his mind: did he make the right choice when he announced for USC? As it would be for any young man traveling across the country to attend college, it is a scary thought. You are away from home, your family, your friends, everything you've ever known.

“I still do think about it, I was having some thoughts about the distance from home,” Hazelton said. “I spoke to my father and he said they are planning on coming to most of my home games. I really liked Penn State and they still call, but they have so many receivers.”

Ultimately the vast number of pass-catchers may have cost Penn State the top pass catcher in the nation.

“They have Chris Bell, Derrick Williams, Justin King, Jordan Norwood, Terrell Golden and Deon Butler up there,” Hazelton said. “Wide receivers want to catch passes and I just don't think there are enough balls to go around there. At USC, Dwayne Jarrett will likely leave after next season; it's probably going to be me and Patrick Turner. I just have a bad habit of falling in love with teams I see on TV.”

Hazelton says that in all likelihood, nothing will make him change his mind. We'll have to see come signing day.


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