KY QB Lists Top 5

North Hardin High School quarterback Andre Woodson surprised many at the Penn State Nike Camp on April 21. Andre names the schools showing interest and his top 5.

Name: Andre Woodson
Position: QB
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 220 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.9
Bench Press: 10 reps of 185 pounds at Nike Camp
School: North Hardin High, Radcliff, KY

"Ever since the Nike Camp, I've had a lot of coaches come and see me, about 2 new coaches every week now from big-time colleges like Arkansas, Clemson,Indiana and Michigan," Andre said.  "I've gotten phone calls from teams like Maryland, Notre Dame and Wisconsin.  In the last week, coaches from West Virginia and Illinois called.  Everything's been going real well."

The first few of many scholarship offers to come have been extended to Woodson.

"I got 2 new scholarships from Arkansas and Penn State.  UK was the only one that had offered before then, but I got a lot of teams that are really on me now heavily like Indiana and Louisville."

Penn State Assistant Coach Jay Paterno recently paid a visit to Andre's school.  He extended what Andre considers a verbal scholarship offer.

"It was probably about 2 or 3 weeks ago.  He said I would have the scholarship, but right now I need to get the grades."

Penn State is Andre's favorite college team, but not necessarily where he will end up playing college ball.

"They're in my top 5.  That's my favorite college team.  I really don't have a top team right now, but I have a top 5."

Those fortunate teams are Penn State, Indiana, Louisville, Kentucky and Arkansas.

"I'm just looking for the best place to go.  It doesn't matter how far it is."

Did he get much of a look at Penn State while he was up there for the Nike Camp?

"No, I really didn't.  We drove around, but we really didn't get to see what they had because we had to go home.  From what I saw, everything was real nice, real beautiful, nice scenery, all by itself.  I really liked it."

Andre is unsure which camps he will attend this summer.

"My offensive coordinator and I are still talking about which camps he thinks I should go to.  We'll probably decide in the next 3 weeks."

So far, he's only visited Kentucky and Penn State.

"I'll probably make a decision after the football season is over."

April 25 LionNews article on Andre Woodson

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