More Offers For PA QB

The scholarship offers continue to mount for Pine-Richland's Kevin McCabe. Is Penn State still listed among his favorites?

Name: Kevin McCabe
Position: QB
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 205 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.95
School: Pine-Richland High School, Gibsonia, PA

"It's starting to pick up now a little bit," Kevin said last night.  "I just got 2 new offers.  I have offers from Michigan, Michigan State, Boston College, Penn State, Virginia, West Virginia, LSU, NC State and Iowa.  Georgia Tech is coming pretty close too.  Indiana and Syracuse, those 2 teams basically said that they are going to offer.  Miami is getting kind of close too.

"I went to that Metro Index Camp up at the UPMC Sports Complex last week.  It's like a camp for the top local players.  There were 2 sessions for 4 days, but I could only make it down for one day.  Purdue was down there and they were really, really impressed by the way I was throwing and they said they are going to contact me pretty soon.  They said I'm pretty high on their list right now."

Kevin has quite a few favorites.

"I have like a top 5 or 6.  It would consist of Virginia, Michigan and Michigan State.  Penn State's in there.  Penn State kind of faded out a little bit because I haven't heard too much from them, but they just called last week and said I'm still one of their top 3 quarterbacks so I guess they're back in the mix.  LSU is definitely right there at the top with Virginia.

"Iowa could be in the top 5 or 6 too.  I was also really impressed with Georgia Tech and they could easily jump into the top 4.  Their coach came up here and visited me about 2 weeks ago and he said that so far he's been around from California to Florida and he said that I was the best quarterback they saw.  Chan Gailey is the coach now and I think it would be a good fit to go down there and play at Georgia Tech.

"I'm going to keep an open mind about everybody who's really interested in me right now.  It's still early.  I thought that I was going to narrow it down, but it keeps getting crazier and crazier."

It appears as though the Penn State coaching staff is still very interested in Kevin.

"Coach [Jay] Paterno called me and he said that he just wanted to know if I was still interested and I said ‘yeah, I just wanted to make sure that you guys were still interested' and they said that I'm on their list of top 3 quarterbacks.  I just didn't hear anything from them for like 3 weeks and I second-guessed myself a little bit maybe.  They must've heard something about how I was kind of fading out on them."

The Cavaliers seem to have a slight edge at this early stage of the recruiting process, but things could certainly change.

"Virginia may be at the top right now.  I'm still not saying that's where I'm leaning.  If it came down to today, Virginia would have a slight edge.  I'll tell you what, LSU's coach, Jimbo Fisher, impressed me immensely.  He came up here to my school, saw me work out and said I was really impressive.  He offered me when he was up at school.

"It's just getting crazier and crazier and I can't really say I have a favorite right now."

McCabe plans to attend camps at Michigan, Virginia, West Virginia and possibly LSU this summer.

"I think that I might make my decision in August or possibly September, but I don't want to let it drag into October.  I made a pact with my team.  We have one focus this year and that's the WPIAL Championship and I'm not going to let anything get in the way of that."

Kevin is hoping to get the opportunity to participate in the Elite 11 (Quarterbacks) Camp.

"Actually, I just heard from Greg Biggins last week.  He called and wanted my film.  He said I was one of 25 finalists and that I have a pretty good chance."

McCabe impressed Coach Bob Johnson, who runs the Elite 11 Camp, during the Nike Camp at Penn State last month.  Kevin, however, was not particularly pleased with his performance.

"I did not throw too well at the Nike Camp.  My feet were fine, but I was trying to muscle up on everything and I wasn't throwing a good ball.  I was throwing behind a lot of kids.  That was not the way I regularly throw.  I still did okay, I was just upset with myself because I know I can perform better.

"People are usually impressed with my footwork, how quick I drop back and how quick my release is, but I was taking a long time to release the ball because I kept trying to muscle up on the ball and throw it hard."

Kevin did much better at the Metro Index last week.

"Yeah, I did," he admitted.  "I just went for one day and I was lighting it up."

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