PSU or USC? Hazelton is Torn

We caught up with Dexter Hazelton to get the latest on's No.1 wide receiver, his son Vidal Hazelton. Dexter filled us in on everything that is running through his son's mind, his mind and everything in between. The elder Hazelton also told us about a pending trip to University Park.

Some may consider a father overzealous when he takes an active role in his son's recruitment, but Dexter Hazelton is far from that. He just wants to make sure that his son does what is best for him. Whether that means playing college football and going to school at Penn State or USC remains to be seen.

“We're still evaluating everything right now,” Dexter Hazelton said. “Pete Carroll was in yesterday to talk to Vidal (who is at Hargrave Military Academy in Virgnia), he then flew up here to New York to meet with me. Carroll was telling us how Penn State is a running team and they always will be that. I'm not worried about that stuff right now. I want to know how you're going to treat my son and what is the best situation for him. I told Vidal to wait a few days and just relax and think everything out.”

Despite some reports that say Hazelton is solid in his commitment to USC (he announced for the Trojans in late December), Dexter Hazelton paints a completely different picture.

“I'd say right now we're 50/50, it could go either way. Penn State has really showed us that family is important to them. They have talked to grandparents, aunts, uncles, everybody. That is one concern I have about USC, is the lack of a family oriented atmosphere.”

Dexter Hazelton also wants his son to be challenged.

“I have been in the military for 18-19 year and we were in a comfort zone. We expected forces to attack us in camouflage like soldiers. We never expected people to be crashing planes into our buildings. We were too comfortable. I don't want my son babied. I want him to be able to fend for himself. I want him to be versatile in the way he deals with things, but I also want him kept in check.”

It's not all negative for the Trojans, though.

“Vidal is a kid who loves the spotlight, that turns him on. USC has that; it's Hollywood. But the distance is a factor… He told me a story yesterday that he pulled out a map and put his finger on New York and he dragged his finger across it and it took like five seconds to hit California.”

Dexter has also been in contact with Penn State.

“I have talked with Brian Norwood and Mike McQueary has been talking to Vidal and I have been feeling the vibe at Penn State, but I want Vidal to decide. Norwood actually stopped by here the other day. If everything goes right I think me and a friend are going to drive down to State College on Sunday. I'd like to sit down with the coaches and get a better feel for things.”

So when can Penn State and USC fans expect a final decision?

“I'm not sure if it will be on signing day, it probably will,” Dexter said. “But he just needs to take some time out for himself.”


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