Did JoePa Offer Stupar?

Highly coveted TE/DE prospect Jon Stupar from State College, PA had a meeting with Joe Paterno yesterday afternoon. Did the Nittany Lions extend an offer?

Name: Jonathan Stupar
Position: TE, DE, Long Snapper
Height: 6'4 1/2"
Weight: 250 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.8
Bench Press: 300
School: State College Area High, State College, PA

Jon Stupar is the son of Steve Stupar, who was a letterman for the Penn State football team in 1979.  Last season, Jon had 30 catches for 360 yards, 8 touchdowns and 2 two-point conversions.  He added 75 tackles and 7 sacks on defense.  His talents earned him 1st Team All-Conference honors.

Stupar is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after TE/DE prospects in the nation.  The list of big-time Division I programs that have offered the athletic junior a scholarship is continually growing.

"I'm up to 21 now," Jon told LionNews on Tuesday evening.  "Hopefully, it will be 22 tomorrow because I have a meeting with Joe Paterno tomorrow at 4:30 in his office."

Stupar has offers from "Virginia, Ohio State, Florida State, USC, UCLA, Maryland, Arizona State, Boston College, Duke, West Virginia, Purdue, Indiana" to name a few.

Joe Paterno set up Wednesday's meeting. Up until now, Penn State had not been showing as much interest in Stupar as other schools.

"They're still not really giving me a lot of attention. This meeting will supposedly make up for it."

Would Stupar be interested in Penn State if they offered?

"Yeah, if they offered I'd be really interested."

LionNews decided to check back with Stupar on Wednesday evening.

"Yeah, we were up there today," Jon's father, Steve Stupar, said.

Did Penn State offer?

"No, they didn't.

"Sharon and I both know Joe pretty well, so we sat there and chatted a little bit.  Then he took us through the facilities because Jon hadn't seen the facilities yet.  They told us it would be at least a week or two before they could determine whether they were going to be offering us or not.

"We had heard through some sources that they were going to offer him, so we were kind of anticipating that, but it's okay.

"[The meeting] was unproductive, but it was good.  We spent about an hour with him.  I think it was just good for Jonathan to have the opportunity to spend an hour with a legend."

It is apparent that Penn State is being very selective with the distribution of the limited number or scholarships available for this recruiting year.

"Ohio State only has 14 to give and Tressel has told Jonathan that he'll take him in a heartbeat even if they sign another tight-end.  If they take Irizarry, he told us Jon can sign the same second he signs.  Florida State would take him in a heartbeat.

"I kind of think [Penn State] thinks that if they offer, he'll automatically come regardless of these other schools.  That's a mistake, but they can think what they want.

"Syracuse offered, it's now 22.  I think he'll end up with 30 or 40 offers, although it doesn't matter because he can only pick one anyway.

"I'm just glad for Jonathan that he has so many other offers from quality teams.  There are enough teams that fit what he's looking for that [the fact that PSU has not offered a scholarship] is really kind of inconsequential other than just the convenience of being 3 miles away."

Although he's disappointed that Penn State has not yet offered, Jon is still interested in the Nittany Lions.

"If they start recruiting me, of course I'm going to be interested," Jon said.  "I've been going to their games since I was in third grade.  I grew up here."

However, it is also very apparent that Penn State would have some ground to make up with regard to making Jon feel as wanted and appreciated as he does by the dozens of schools recruiting him more vigorously.

"It's a bit of a disappointment, but not much, not when you're sitting here with [all these offers]," Steve said.  "How can you be disappointed when you have 22 offers.

"We had a good time with Joe.  He was very personable, very warm, very friendly, very accomadating.  I guess we're just in the same boat everyone else is, they're being very careful with their offers.  It's not that they are not going to offer."

Jon does not currently claim any early favorites. He does have one official visit set up already.

"I have an official visit set up to Florida State when they play Notre Dame on October 26."

April 19 LionNews article on Jonathan Stupar

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