Chat Wrap: Jared Odrick

The outstanding defensive line recruit and PSU commitment stopped by FOS to chat with the community. See what he had to say about the position he will play at Penn State, where he will be on signing day, the highlights of his trip to the U.S. Army All-American Bowl and much, much more.


sportsguypsu: Well, DT or DE

JARED ODRICK: Starting at DE in the beginning

DieselPSU: What was the main reason you chose PSU?

JARED ODRICK: Diesel: Coach Johnson and what he offers from a coaching standpoint and who he is and what he has done for his players and getting them to the league

TheNewJFL: Has JO talked to any uncommitted recruits lately? (VH)

JARED ODRICK: JFL: At the All-American bowl; I could feel it coming, him questioning his commitment.

daCronk: Still doing the signing day thing in Baltimore?

JARED ODRICK: Cronk: Yes I'll be down there

CarolinaDave: JO … how would you characterize your relationship with LeSean McCoy? Where do you feel he will attend college?

JARED ODRICK: Dave: We're friends. We used to talk a lot, but I think him going to Milford may sway his decision. I'm hoping it's PSU but I'm not sure. You hear so many stories you don't know what to believe

lions72: Disappointed in Young choosing ND?

JARED ODRICK: 72: Yes, we spoke alot in Texas. I knew it would be tight. I like the way he plays. It would have been great to get him, but hopefully it all works out for him. He's a nice kid

futurelion: How close was he to going somewhere other than Penn State?

JARED ODRICK: future: Pretty close. I really liked Florida and Coach Mattison. I wrote down everything on paper and it was very close. I felt that overall PSU was a safer decision

Sweeney97: Obviously he wants to start out at DE, but if staff thinks he is better suited for OT, would he be opposed down the road?

JARED ODRICK: sweeney: If it comes to that, then no I won’t be opposed whatever helps me get to the next level.

underscoreTom: This recruiting class has a remarkable sense of family and togetherness...and you guys haven't even been all in one place together yet. What do you think led up to such a comradery?

JARED ODRICK: Tom: We all know what PSU is about and the traditions and its aura. We know Joe and what he has made PSU; we're going into this together and go to war so we've decided to start bonding now.

Brody2004: What are you looking forward to the most at PSU.

JARED ODRICK: Brody: College life, being away from home and experiencing college life

dwheels02: Who r u going to room with at PENN STATE ?

JARED ODRICK: Dwheels: Don’t know. Picking them the weekend of the blue/white game.

Ytownlion: Jared, congrats on choosing PSU. What did you think of the competition down in San Antonio and what players impressed you?

JARED ODRICK: Ytown: Eye-opening experience, everyone deserved to be there. Competition was high even in practice. Percy Harvin’s speed, Chris Wells and how hard he ran. Andre Smith is real good. Justin Boren’s strength.

PSUBeirut: JO, is there a current PSU player that you look up to or would like to model your game from?

JARED ODRICK: Beirut: Anybody in their right mind would like to be like Tamba but he is exceptional. We're two different body styles but I plan on studying film of him

cookid1233: What does you think of Aaron Maybin?

JARED ODRICK: cook: Great person, I know he'll be dedicated,; he's so excited to be here.. The most excited recruit out of everyone as far as the future. He'll be one of the hardest workers here.

PSUisBACK: Nickname? Do you have one? What about "The Big O?”


psulions12: Has he spoken to Vidal at all lately??

JARED ODRICK: 12: No, not since texas

psuKinger: Jared, what was a biggest selling point for you in your decision to come to Penn State. Was it the facilities, the academics, the tradition, or the player-coach relations?

JARED ODRICK: Kinger: Player/coach relationships and what we can do for each other.

HailtotheLion: JO: what do you think psu's record will be in 2006?

JARED ODRICK: Hail: win the majority of its games, but we have to be realistic, losing a lot and a new QB coming in. Don’t like making predictions. I'm superstitious.

ams533: Did any of the other schools he was considering use negative recruiting against PSU? (Paterno's age, etc)

JARED ODRICK: arms: Everybody asks about his age and how long he'd be there; not really negative. People would question the stability and if it compares to what they offer.

PSUSmitty: Was there anything particularly notable about the way PSU recruited you relative to the other programs?

JARED ODRICK: Smitty: It felt like they told you the absolute truth … most schools say what you want to hear.

LexLion: Were you one of the dreaded silent verbals that were reported as such following OSU game?

JARED ODRICK: Lex: No I wasn't. I really thought about it, but no. I decided to wait. I committed about 2-3 weeks before I made it public. I didn't even tell Joe Paterno or anyone else. I kept it quiet. Joe Paterno found out 15 minutes before I announced.

dwheels02: BIG JO will u go up against BIG ALE in practice

JARED ODRICK: Dwheels: Probably depnds if he plays tackle or guard. Looks like I'll be going against Levi brown. I'll be playing the 5.

sixersfan2: What are some of the goals you have set for yourself for this upcoming year?

JARED ODRICK: sixers: Work hard and be one of the hardest workers in this class. I want to fight for a starting spot. Coach Johnson said whoever is the best will start. 40 plays a game or more is what I am aiming for.

lionlover: JO what weight do they want you to play at?

JARED ODRICK: LL: 285 and below. I'm down to 12percent body fat right now.

Question from the moderators: A lot of folk are asking about Vidal Hazelton. Please give your thoughts on him.

JARED ODRICK: I hope he comes, it would make the PSU family happy.. me, Mo, Bell and Vidal spent a lot of time together and we all got a long. I noticed Vidal had a good time and we're all pulling for him, but it's his decision

PSU828694: What team in Big Ten is he looking forward to putting the smackdown on? Big Ten QB?

Jared Odrick: 828694: Michigan and Chad henne. He's from my area. When I was a sophomore I saw him a lot. I want to get after him and get revenge for this year ... the ND game may be the most anticpated

rx8rob: JO: Growing up was PSU you favorite team and what team did you root against the most?

Jared Odrick: r8: PSU was one of the least liked teams in my house, before I even started playing ball. No real college favotite but they are now after this year.

78Lion: JO, welcome. Any thoughts on what you want to study?

JARED ODRICK: 78: sports related: business, marketing, so I have to take a combination of things and feel it out.

futurelion: JO, what do you think of Bell after seeing him in the AA game? How did he stack up to the rest of the WRs ?

Jared Odrick: Future: Bell is the most under ated of the whole group. Runs better then I thought he did, he has a knack for always being in the play. I thinks he's gonna be big time. Got overlooked in the game. Vidal and Percy got more attention, but he'll be a big surprise in the next 1-2 years.

lionlover: JO do recuits read these boards and do they take stuff said here seriously?

Jared Odrick: LL: We read it; most don’t take it too seriously. Fans care about what the program is doing and you can.t take it to heart.

lionlover: JO tell us a little more about "The Block" that Bell put on Rolle!

Jared Odrick: LL: lol..i remeber seeing it I was on the sideline near the water andi saw olle coming across and bell had the angle and bell lit him up...Rolle's feet touched the back of bell's helmet nastiest hit i saw all week.

frostlion: JO, what were your thoughts on the Orange Bowl?

Jared Odrick: frost: Gutwrenching; my heart stopped a few times. I was watchin it with Bell, Rolle, Mo and Vidal; it was a good time. I thought FSU showed their speed and PSU is starting to bring in more of tha and we'll be on that level soon.

TheNewJFL: I hope he rubbed it in Rolle's face when PSU won.

Jared Odrick: JFL: Definitely, Rolle was getting cocky before the game. He was doin the chop all week. When he did that we'd remind him of Bell’s block. Bell did the talking.

zeta1344: Are you friendly with many juniors you could help get next year, and who if any?

Jared Odrick: zeta: Spoke to the WR Karon, kid from Woodrow Wilson, Perez put me on the phone with him. I also spoke to Bostick.

PSU828694: If you could pick another PSU prospect, who would it be? Just one...

Jared Odrick: 828694: Wells or Tebow, but i'm happy with Devlin. That shocked me when he committed. Wells is a freak. NFL body and he is 17.

Ytownlion: JO, who are some of the people you liked meeting the most thoroughout this process that weren't affiliated with PSU?

Jared Odrick: Yrown: meeting all the players and coaches from the other programs and building relationships

Slugsrbad: JO, certain players have banners that have their "groups" i.e. Lydell's Army etc. If you could have a group of students named after you what would their slogan be?

Jared Odrick: OZone would be a nice banner, I'd appraciate that on the sidline.

PSUPiR2: JO, do you play NCAA 06, and if so, who's your team?

Jared Odrick: pir2: Penn state, Texas or Va Tech. Runnin’ the option with the QB.

onelossaway: JO, does it amaze you how many computer geeks obsess about football?

Jared Odrick: oneloss: No, but it's interesting.

Unitasruled: JO; after agreat PSU career, who would be your dream NFL team?

Jared Odrick: Unitas: Eagles are my favorite team, but the NFL is about gettin’ paid wherever I could have a successful career.

LionKing25: Nervous at all playing in front of 110,000 going crazy?

Jared Odrick: LK25: Sure, but when it gets there it’ll probably be more exciting then anything else. I cant even imagine what that’s going to be like.

Pezlion: JO, do you plan on enrolling for summer session?

Jared Odrick: Pez: Yes i'll be there on June 26th.

liftin: JO: How excited is the PSU staff about the next few seaons? Did you get a feeling they are thinking MNC?

Jared Odrick: liftin: Definitley everyone is, every program does. We're bringing in consecutive good classes; it’s on everyone's mind

Jared Odrick: Superbowl Prediction: Steelers by a landslide

Jared Odrick: Thanks for having me here

Jared Odrick: We Are...

cookid1233: PENN STATE

Ytownlion: Penn State

liftin: PENN STATE

Slugsrbad: PENN STATE



frostlion: PENN STATE

scpsu21: PENN STATE

Unitasruled: penn state

ccm139psu: PENN STATE

PSU828694: Penn State!

psuKinger: PENN STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rx8rob: PENN STATE

oldlioness: Welcome JO, Penn State

bigtimefrmphilly: penn state

nitnymike: PENN STATE

PennStateFan33: Penn State


CarolinaDave: PENN STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YearoftheHeisman: pen state

spud358: penn state

Jared Odrick: I want to see the OZONE. That will get me hyped and I would appreciate it a lot. We Are...


psuKinger: PENN STATE!


d1digital: OZONE

ftlawdog: PENN STATE

psubowhunter: PENN STATE


Jared Odrick: Looking forward to being a part of the family.


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