Nittany Notes: Offensive Line

With the Nittany Lion squad focused on winter conditioning as spring practice approaches, questions are swirling already around rebuilding the offensive line and where the staff sees the unit progressing into off-season practices. Take a look.

Though there is much time between winter conditoning and spring drills, the coaching staff has set a "weak preliminary depth chart" for the offensive line, which is "of the highest priority for the coaches."

This depth chart is "fluid" and is expected to "see some major battles once they start drilling." However, it should provide insight into where the coaches see the starting point for the offensive line come the kickoff to spring practice.

A few linemen have shifted over from the defensive side of the ball, namely A.Q. Shipley from defensive tackle to center and Ross Muir from defensive end to guard.

Currently the preliminary depth chart looks like this:

RT: Chris Auletta, John Shaw/Wyatt Bowman
RG: Robert Price, Greg Harrison/Rich Ohrnberger
C: Patrick Weber, A.Q. Shipley
LG: Mark Farris, Austin Hinton
LT: Levi Brown, Gerald Cadogan

There are several battles expected to ensue in the spring. Among those expected to be fierce are Weber against Shipley at center and Cadogan, Auletta, Bowman and Shaw for that open left tackle position.

It is also believed that Hinton will give Farris a "real run for his money" for the left guard position, as one observer put it. And Price will "have his hands full battling off Rich and Greg."

Stay tuned to Fight On State for more updates as spring practice approaches.


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