Hazelton Drama Picks Up After Visit

Despite a surprise visit to Penn State over the weekend, Vidal Hazelton is no closer to making a decision as to where he’ll play his college football. The ultimate decision is still likely one to two weeks away, but it will be done according to the Hazeltons' timetable and no one else's, according to Vidal's father Dexter.

Dexter and Vidal Hazelton made the trek to University Park, Pa., over the weekend for an unofficial visit. The father and son were hoping that a trip there would help them in the decision-making process. According to Dexter, that wasn’t necessarily the case.

“Our intentions were to go down to Penn State and talk to Joe Paterno and Galen Hall. I also wanted Vidal to have the opportunity to meet up with the quarterbacks there,” Dexter Hazelton said. “As you know when I said a week ago when we decided on the trip, we wanted this to be a low-key thing with no fanfare. Then they took us to a basketball game and the fans were chanting his name. That is not what we wanted. We wanted a laid-back trip just to find out the things we wanted to know. We did not want all the bells and whistles.”

Vidal and Dexter Hazelton seemed to be all
smiles at the game, but did not like the publicity.

Dexter feels a decision may be one to two weeks away and he insists it will still be his son’s decision to make and he will be supportive of the choice he makes.

“He is going to think everything through and make a decision. It will likely not happen for at least one to two weeks, I want him to marinate on it for a while,” Dexter Hazelton said. “When he is ready, he’ll decide. We don’t want him pressured into anything.”

Vidal has taken a rather laid-back approach to the whole thing.

“I’m just focusing on school right now,” he said. “I’m making sure my tests scores and GPA are what they need to be, all the other stuff will work itself out.”

Despite what the public perception is of Dexter Hazelton, the military veteran who spent a year and half defending his country in Afghanistan fully intends on supporting his son.

“I have nothing personal with Pete Carroll,” he said. “I want Vidal to have fun; that is when he is at his best. I did not see that from him at Penn State during our trip.”


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