Wisniewski Talks Penn State

At 6-foot-3, 280 pounds, Pittsburgh offensive lineman Stefen Wisniewski is already receiving a lot of interest from a variety of programs. Does Penn State's "family connection" give them an edge in this recruiting battle?

Stefen Wisniewski, a 6-foot-3, 280-pound offensive lineman was just coming home from watching a Pittsburgh Central Catholic wrestling match when GoBlueWolverine caught up with him.

You were at the Michigan Junior day at the end of January -- how did you like it?

"It was real nice, all of it -- the facilities, the coaches, everything. I was impressed."

His father added, "He had a wonderful time."

Are you doing any other Junior Days?

"I've been to a junior at Notre Dame, and I'll be going to one at Penn State."

Will those your top three schools in the end?

"Yeah, that could well be true ... but I'm really open to everyone."

Have they all offered you scholarships?

"Michigan and Penn State have, but Notre Dame has not offered me."

He also has offers from Pitt, Rutgers and Georgia Tech.

You must have grown up a Penn State fan, with your dad having gone there.

"Yeah, I did. My dad played for Penn State (Leo Wisniewski was a PSU NT from 1979-81). So I grew up a Nitany Lions fan."

His dad added, "I was a defensive lineman. Stefan will be an offensive lineman in college I believe."

But as a junior, on the defensive line, Stefan made 64 tackles and six sacks.

Stefan had just come home from a wresting match when we reached him.

"I have wrestled on and off all my life ... but I'm not wrestling this winter. I did the year before."

Any combines this spring, or camps this summer?

"I'm thinking about all that but have not made any decisions. I'll probably go to a camp or too."

Stefen is also a strong student, with a 1270 SAT.

One more thing of interest, from Mr. Wisniewski:

"I watched Stefen go up against (U-M DL signee) Jason Kates, not this past season but the year before, Stefan's sophomore year (Kates' junior year)."

"Kates is a huge kid, over 300 pounds, which is the trend in defensive linemen these days, but he was not in great shape. He looked a little overweight I'd say. In the first quarter he dominated, but he wore down as the game went on. Stefen plays from whistle to whistle, he never lets up, that's his game -- and he was was able to turn the tables as the game wore on. Michigan will get Kates into their weight room and get him into shape -- he'll be a beast."


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