PA RB Heavily Recruited

The scholarship offers are starting to roll in for one of PA's most talented running backs, Darrell Blackman. What level of interest do the Nittany Lions have in Blackman? How interested is Darrell in Penn State?

Name: Darrell Blackman
Position: RB / CB
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 195 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.4
School: Williamsport Area High School, Williamsport, PA

"I have about 11 or 12 offers," Darrell said.  "Boston College, Maryland, Iowa, Pitt, West Virginia, Michigan State, UConn, Cincinnati, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech and Syracuse have offered."

Darrell listed his favorites as "Michigan State, Maryland, Boston College and probably Pitt too."

His top team is "probably Maryland right now."

"I just like the school because I went down there and visited the campus.  It's nice down there."

Darrell took a trip to Maryland earlier this year for a junior day.  He also attended games at Pitt (verses VT) and Penn State (verses Miami) last year.

The Nittany Lions do not seem to be recruiting Darrell nearly as hard as many others.  Penn State has not yet offered Darrell a scholarship.

"My take on the situation is that every school recruits a little bit differently," Williamsport Head Coach Stephen Radocaj said.  "Penn State seems to be a very careful recruiter.  They seem to take their time and I think their commitments are a little bit later than some of the others that have shown more interest in Darrell right now."

Although Penn State coach Dick Anderson did not call Darrell during the Spring Evaluation period, he did visit the high school.

"I think Dick Anderson was one of the first men in the door," said Radocaj.  "He checked on both boys (Darrell and Raymond Brooks).  They're very methodical.  He was one of the few people that made an appointment with the guidance counselors.  He had all the bases covered by the end of his visit and he had a good visit.

"I think quite a few teams in the Big 10 are a little bit slower in that process.  I know talking to Michigan a couple weeks back, they said they won't even put an offer on paper.  They're going to have the head coach come and visit when he can in the fall and make that offer personally.  Penn State's probably a lot like that where they're going to make it more of a sound commitment from them.  Like I said, everybody's different.

"There's a long way to go in the process and I'm sure that things will heat up from all different angles here before they (Darrell and Raymond) actually commit."

Would Darrell be interested in Penn State if the Nittany Lions were in contact more often?

"Right now probably not because they haven't been showing a lot of interest," Darrell said.

Distance to a prospective school could be a factor in Darrell's decision making process.

"It really doesn't matter.  I've been in Pennsylvania all my life.  I just want to go somewhere new, probably kind of far, but not too far away."

Darrell stated that his grades are "good right now".  His recent SAT scores were "a little bit below" the necessary qualifying marks which both he and his coach are confident he will soon achieve.

Raymond Brooks

Darrell said that his teammate, Raymond Brooks (6'4", 240), "has the same [offers] that I have."  He and Raymond have discussed attending the same college.

"Most people are looking at Raymond defensively either at D-end or an outside backer," Coach Radocaj said.  "It depends on their scheme.  If they're a 4-3 team, they'll probably put him at end.  A 3-4 team will probably put him at outside backer."

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