Hazelton to Announce

It has been almost a month since national letter-of-intent day, a month since Dexter Hazelton shocked college football fans by not signing his son's letter of intent to play for USC. On Friday the drama will all be put to rest.

Dexter Hazelton gave us an update early Tuesday morning on where his son Vidal Hazelton currently stands. Vidal Hazelton, the nation's No. 1 rated wide receiver according to Scout.com, will make his final decision this week.

"Vidal will make a decision on Friday, he will call you guys at around noon with his final choice," Dexter Hazelton said. "He'll attend his classes and then announce his decision."

The choices are simple and the same as they have been for the last two to three months USC and Penn State.

"We have both letters; I'll sign whichever one he decides on," he said. "He'll sign with either USC or Penn State. Once he decides, I'll make a date to go check out whichever school he selects. He has a spring break coming up, so we'll likely do it then."

Much has been made of the relationship between Dexter Hazelton and USC head coach Pete Carroll. The elder Hazelton has often referred to Carroll as a "shark".

"Pete Carroll is a winner; I will listen to what he has to say; we have to work together if Vidal goes there," the elder Hazelton said. "My main concern is my son; it's always been about my son, regardless if it's USC or Penn State."

Another popular topic when discussing Vidal Hazelton is academics: Just where does the talented pass-catcher from Hargrave Military Academy stand right now?

"He'll qualify; all he has to do is pass his chemistry class," Dexter Hazelton said. "In all his other classes he has gotten A's and B's. His chemistry teacher is making him earn everything and Vidal has come to realize that."

Vidal Hazelton has also found a new hobby to keep him occupied. He is taking after his father, a native of Trinidad and Tobago. Dexter left the Island, which is located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, in 1976, but his love for soccer remains.

"Vidal is going to play for the Hargrave soccer team — they actually began practice today," he said. "Vidal is really excited about it. He hasn't played organized soccer since he was probably 9 or 10."

Vidal's mother's heritage is also soccer. She is from Liberia. Dexter shared with us an interesting story about his mother-in-law.

"Staten Island has an area Park Hill, which if you listen to the rap group Wu-Tang Clan, they refer to it as 'Little West Africa' or 'Shaolin.' Most of the members of that group all come from that area," Dexter Hazelton said. "Vidal's grandmother was a victim of the civil unrest over there. She helped lead a lot of Liberians to America, until her own niece actually turned her into immigration. She was actually called the 'Queen of Africa.' She was basically like Harriett Tubman only in Liberia. Vidal never got the chance to get to know her. My oldest daughter has but not Vidal."

When asked if his son had learned a lesson in all this, the answer was an easy one.

"Yes, he has admitted to me that he felt rushed and he was not ready to make a decision like that," Dexter said. "Now he will be."


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