MRob Opts Out of QB Drills

To most college football players an NFL Combine invitation is a coveted thing, presenting the opportunity to showcase one's talent in front of every coach and general manager in the NFL. So why are some players, among them Penn State's own Michael Robinson, opting to not work out in the passing and running drills while in Indianapolis?

Michael Robinson is not alone in making this choice. Among the other players chosing to opt out of workout drills are USC quarterback Matt Leinart, Texas quarterback Vince Young and USC tailback LenDale White, among others.

The main reason for this is control. Rather than working out in a foreign location with unknown personnel, these players feel they have greater control back on their own campuses. Robinson will instead will work out at Penn State's Pro Day on March 16 back on the University Park campus.

This is a gamble though. Robinson will have his own set of receivers to showcase his passing skils and will also have PSU coach Mike McQueary to throw to him to display his receiving ability. However, with a presumed smaller audience at the Penn State event, Robinson will have a dramatically smaller NFL group to perform in front of, thus possibly reducing his opportunities with certain teams unfamiliar with his skills who opt out of attending PSU's Pro Day.

What's confusing is that Robinson told he wants to "prove himself as a quarterback at the combine" and feels his game reps are the "thing holding him back as a quarterback." Opting out of the workout drills helps to improve neither point.

Robinson will still participate in the combine interviews with the 32 NFL teams, go through physical and medical exams and possibly workout in the weight room to assess his strength. However, that may not be enough to spark interest with some NFL observers.

"If this was last year, I'd probably be out there," Robinson explained. "But this is the best way. We're going to have a great Pro Day. We're going to put on a real show."

However, as National Football Scouting executive director Jeff Foster told the Orlando Sentinel, "I think it's disappointing to everyone involved. At no other location are you going to have all 32 coaches, all 32 GMs. I liken it to the lottery: The more times you play, the more chances you have to win."

Robinson hopes that victory comes with his one shot at home on March 16.


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