Combine Shifts for Lions

Every year at the NFL combine pro teams want to see certain players tested and drilled at positions different than the ones they played at the collegiate level. Get a look at the alternate positions that NFL coaches and general managers want to see the Nittany Lion players practice at.

Of the seven Penn State players at the combine in Indianapolis, NFL personnel are interested in seeing three drill and workout at other positions. Here is the run down of what the NFL coaches and GMs would like to see:

Tamba Hali: The defensive end originally started his Penn State career at defensive tackle, however the NFL teams would like to see his 6-foot-2, 275 frame not only see ation at the end spot, but also workout at the linebacker position.

So far NFL teams have been impressed with the interviews given by Hali. He has shown great confidence and is very well spoken. He has spoken at length his difficult upbringing, time at PSU and dodged no questions from NFL staffers or the media.

Matthew Rice: Rice measured in at the combine at 6-foot-4, 271 pounds. Like Hali, he is expected to work out at linebacker, as well as his PSU position of defensive end.

The consensus around the NFL personnel is that Rice is built as a defensive end given his sheer size, however they are curious about his abilities playing back as a linebacker and want to see how his speed handles his large frame.

Michael Robinson: At 6-foot-1, 226 pounds, it is not surprising that NFL coaches and GMs want to see Robinson at a variety of positions. Although Robinson reportedly opted out of the quarterback drills NFL personnel expect him to work out at running back, defensive back and wide receiver.

Robinson appears to be open to this saying, "Obviously, I have to envision myself in that type of role. There are too many teams telling me that, 'Mike, you can help us out in other ways."

Although Robinson has repeatedly stated that he wants to be a quarterback at the next level and is focused on that role, he seems to be willing to play whatever position he needs to in order to succeed in the NFL. As he explained, "First and formost I want to play in the NFL. And I want to get there anyway I can. Coming in being a backup quarterback. Being a third down receiver, a third down back, whatever it may be I'm willing to do, as long as it helps my team win."


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