Nittany Notes: Fast and Furious

The Nittany Lions are continuing their off-season conditioning in preparation for the kickoff of spring practice March 25. As part of this prep, the players participated in a series of combine-type events. Find out what they did and who were among the fastest Lions.

Monday the Penn State players participated in a combine-style event, featuring a variety of drills to test their off-season progress with speed and agility. Among the drills the players participated in were:

  • 40-yard dash
  • Vertical leap
  • Standing long jump
  • Shuttle run
  • 3-cone drill

    Although the squad had not been tested in this manner in some time, it provided an opportunity to identify who were among the fastest on the team currently.

    Here a rundown of some of the fastest players' hand-timed 40-yard runs, along with some observer comments of the running abilities they put on display in the drills.

    Justin King: 4.34 seconds — "King is great off the line and has consistent acceleration. He has a very smooth motion."

    Knowledge Timmons: 4.37 seconds — "Knowledge is a track guy and has a better running technique than most of the guys. He runs with power and is fun to watch."

    Lydell Sargeant: 4.45 seconds — "Sarge is deceptive with his speed. He is quick and has a fluid stride."

    Anthony Scirrotto: 4.49 seconds — "I don't think many guys expected him to be in the realm of this group. He has speed a lot of folks overlook."

    Derrick Williams: 4.50 seconds — "He didn't have his best run. He is faster than that, but even his weaker runs are pretty impressive."

    Keep in mind that the times observers shared with Fight On State received was limited to certain players, so there may be other players not listed here who have speed within the range of this group.

    As an interesting aside, observers were very impressed with the run of 6-foot-3, 280-pound defensive lineman Jimmy Shaw, who ran a 4.63-second 40-yard dash. "Jimmy is a freak," an observer explained. "He is super strong and has speed. If his game comes together he could be scary on the line."


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