Pro Day Showings Part II

Yesterday, brought the Nittany Nation exclusive insight into Penn State's Pro Day, including the seniors' measurements and workout results. Today we provide another report on the players' showings, including some key 40-yard dash times.

40 Times

The seniors each ran at least two 40-yard dashes for the NFL personnel in attendance, which included Matt Millen, Herman Edwards, Carl Petersen, Jerry Angelo and Bill Cowher, among many others.

Here is a rundown of how the players ran:

Michael Robinson: 4.50 seconds
Ethan Kilmer: 4.38 seconds
Tamba Hali: 4.63 seconds
Lavon Chisley: 4.71 seconds
Matthew Rice: 4.8 seconds
Anwar Phillips: 4.45 seconds
Calvin Lowry: 4.50 seconds
Alan Zemaitis: 4.58* seconds

*Reports on Zemaitis' 40-time have varied, but they have consistently been in the high 4.5 range. We are working to verify the exact time.

Robinson's Workout

Michael Robinson had the opportunity to workout for the crowd, which included personnel from the NFL, CFL and Arena League. The consensus among observers from the PSU program is that Robinson did "very well."

Of the 35 or so passes he tossed he "only had two or three that got away from him." Robinson was "fluid" with his mechanics and "consistent" with his release.

He passed to Ethan Kilmer and Isaac Smolko during the drill, both of whom did "great" with their receptions. "Smolko surprised a lot of [Penn State] guys with his perfomance," one observer shared. "He showed good consistency with his hands."

The highlight of Robinson's performance was a 65-yard strike on a roll-out, hitting Kilmer "right in stride."

People close to the Penn State program thought it was a strong showing by Robinson. As one observer explained, "He did everything he could to prove he deserves a shot at quaterback at least."

Whether the NFL scouts on hand agreed remains to be seen.

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