"Penn State, what else can you say?"

Monaca, Pa. offensive lineman Evan Blankenship (6-foot-3, 300 pound, 5.1/40) claims to have written offers from Pittsburgh and Ohio State. See where the Nittany Lions stand with the Keystone State lineman.

"I have followed Ohio State for a long time," said the Center Area Senior High School (10-2 record last season) prospect. "They were the first to offer me (September 1). I really like how the team is run…really tight. I've talked with Coach (Jim) Bollman a lot through e-mail, phone and letters. I have a lot of family that lives close to the campus so I've been there quite a bit and I know a lot about the program. The coaches have treated me with a lot of respect and that's something you don't forget.

"Ohio State is coming on strong," he said. "They make sure to check in to see what I'm doing almost every week. I talk to Coach (Joe) Daniels a lot too. He told me that they are looking at me for center or offensive guard. I like that they are being so upfront.

"Pittsburgh is recruiting me the hardest. They're actually coming to my school today (March 24). I know a lot about Pitt. I've been there hundreds of times since it's only a 20 minute drive from my house. I've talked to Coach (Bob) Junko, Coach (Paul) Dunn and Coach (Greg) Gattuso a lot.

"I really like Clemson too. They were the first school I got letters from. Also, they were the only ones to come in and tell me what they really wanted and how saw me in their offense," Blankenship said. "They said I have they chance to play early. I talked to the coaches when I was there and they really treated me like royalty. On top of that, who can ask for any better weather? I went down there for junior day and I really liked what they had to offer. I guess the only negative thing is the distance factor. Clemson is about 10 hours away from my house and by time I got down there I was so tired I just didn't appreciate everything the south had to offer.

Blankenship is being recruited by Penn State, Iowa, Michigan State, Ohio State, Boston College, Clemson, Oklahoma, Notre Dame and Kentucky. "Penn State is another school I like. I'm from Pennsylvania and it's Penn State…what else can you say," Blankenship said. "They were one of the first schools to recruit me. I've gotten a lot of letters from them and I went there for camp last year. There is so much tradition there and the campus is probably the most beautiful I've seen...

"I also really like Notre Dame," he said. "I'm not sure what's going on with them right now. I got letters from them but I haven't heard from them lately. My guidance counselor is a big Irish fan and he keeps saying how much I would like it there. I know they are not really looking for offensive linemen--but I really like what Coach (Charlie) Weis has done with the team and the recruiting.

"Michigan has been recruiting me too," Blankenship said. "I've gotten some letters from them and they've come to my school. I've talked to Coach (Scott) Loeffer, the QB coach, and I plan on heading up there for an unofficial visit soon.

"I don't know much about Kentucky, but my friend Ashton Cobb (DB) told me that that they were going to offer me," Blankenship said. "I can't tell you anything more, because this is sort of news to me. I'm interested in finding more about about all this…"

"I can say my strength is my feet. I used to play basketball and I think that's really helped. I can read the blitz really good and I'm a great pass blocker," Blankenship said.

"What I need to work on…speed. Getting up the field, trying to run down linebackers, that's what I'm trying to work on. Also, staying on my blocks. I have a LB coach I'm working with. We're doing a lot of drills that are focusing on my agility and speed."

Bench: 340/Squat: 500

Blankenship reports a 3.0 core GPA/April first time SAT.


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