FOS Spring Premium Chat Wrap

Check out what went down in our TAP chat covering Penn State's spring football. Discover what players are making an impact in drills, which young faces are coming to the front at key positions and which offensive lineman has made an important decision regarding his football career.

PlaybookMark: Evening Nitts

psunittany: miss these chats leading up to Feb 1st

psunittany: The one kid who concerns me is Gaines

mxbscout: why?

PSULIONS17: biggest concern by far is TE

psunittany: just don't ever see him being "big-time"...just servicable

futurelion: if TE is our biggest problem, we're pretty fortunate

PlaybookMark: QB: Morelli is much more comfortable in the pocket and is more vocal - he knows it is his team

MrKruger: if our biggest concern is TE then I'd say we are in damn good shape

MEpsuproud: does anyone think quarless will get a decent # of reps?

PlaybookMark: Gaines needs to get consistent, but he has the ability to be the starter

mxbscout: Gaines is only a redshirt sophomore, give him a chance

psunittany: cant we run 6 OL in an unbalanced line sometines?

PSULIONS17: I say that because we have none, it's not our only concern

MrKruger: im not worried about TE.....we can get someone in there to block....dont really NEED a pass catching would be nice but not necessary

MEpsuproud: what's AQ2 up to now weight wise?

mxbscout: Shipley is listed at 297 on latest roster

PSULIONS17: you need to be worried about any position that you can't put a quality kid at

twak1: where is Landolt playing??

PlaybookMark: TE position is an interesting one - you have two decent blockers in Hall and Darling and a pass-catcher in Lyons

SickOLBs: JRZ done?

psunittany: about hyno

psunittany: he seems to really dig PSU

MEpsuproud: sorry, I meant quarless

PSULIONS17: I was most pleased to hear of Ditto's offer

twak1: me too 17

rriva: nittany, he has a great attitude about it when you think about it...

rriva: he understands psu's limited scholarships

PSULIONS17: Hynoski and Marks will both come to PSU if offered

PSULIONS17: no doubt in my mind

twak1: he better jump on board fast

SickOLBs: JRZ not participating this spring?

futurelion: 17, think Ditto pulls the trigger soon ?

rriva: he's not saying, "well they havn't offer me, so i'm not interested"

PlaybookMark: Landolt is third-team RG

rriva: it's quite the opposite

twak1: thanks mark

PSULIONS17: future... I would love to see it, but honestly I have no idea

PlaybookMark: Sic - JRZ is there, but he just hasn't been an impact paley

ickOLBs: at TE or OLB?

PlaybookMark: along those same lines I think it speaks volumes that Farris is behind Brown

mxbscout: Yeah, the only fifth-year scholarship guy not back is Kanuch

PSULIONS17: I think an OL of Brown, Rich O, AQ, Landolt and Cadogan would serve us well now and for the future

futurelion: I want to see Harrison before Landolt

diddy1: what about Farris

mxbscout: Read Mark's comment above on Farris

SickOLBs: i think both Harrison and Cadogen will be starting this season

PSUisBACK: do you see any of the true freshman playing on the OL this year?

PlaybookMark: The starters now (and they are said to be pretty set for now) left to right are Brown, Cadogan, Shipley, Price and Auletta

futurelion: not a chance, pib, and if they do, we're in trouble

rriva: PiB, i think the only one with a legit shot is eliades

PSUisBACK: i agree..........

PSUisBACK: i think they all redshirt

PSULIONS17: I don't see any frosh playing OL, unless there are some serious injury problems

rriva: but he's no guarentee

PlaybookMark: Back freshman starting on the OL? Doubtful - it's not easy to pick up zone blocking consistently

PlaybookMark: I would say the one guy is Eliades

PSULIONS17: someone could possibly grab a backup C spot

SickOLBs: is Price really a better guard than Harrison?


PSULIONS17: I saw all of Price I needed to last year

PlaybookMark: Sick - you got me - observers all around say no

MrKruger: not to mention we have a million young OLmen ahead of the true freshmen

twak1: we'll be ok on the o-line, no reason to start true frosh

mxbscout: Price started the first game of 2005, as well

futurelion: Harrison needs to bust his tail and force the staff to start him out of the gate

PSUisBACK: what about the DL? any true freshman crack that?

PSULIONS17: Price will start the season again this year, he will be replaced for good in the 2nd quarter of the ND game

mxbscout: not as starters

futurelion: Evans and Odrick will play

PlaybookMark: Harrison is getting to be "polished" in hs game - he sits low, sets a wide base and plays all out

MrKruger: gotta bet some frosh DE's play

PSUfan88: whats been the news on john shaw so far

PlaybookMark: I like Evans to make an impact early

PSUisBACK: Maybin thinks he's going to play............

PSULIONS17: Evans and Taylor have a real shot

PSULIONS17: Odrick maybe

PSUisBACK: kid is very confident

mxbscout: I doubt Maybin plays this year

mxbscout: he has to fill out

MrKruger: im sure all the true frosh think they will play

PSUisBACK: agreed..........but that is way HE feels

PSUisBACK: some are realistic

futurelion: Odrick will have the body to play, just hope he can learn enough in a few months to be ready to go

SickOLBs: why do you all think PT will grab PT?

PlaybookMark: PSUfan 88 - Shaw is looking good - he is backing up Auletta and Brown at tackle - gets a lot of reps with the first team between both spots

NewYorkNittany: what are the chances landolt and ohrnberger are the two starter OG's?

PSULIONS17: True Frosh that will Play... Quarless, Wallace, Evans, Bell

PSUisBACK: i told Evan Royster's parents ...........

PSUisBACK: he'll be here five years..........

PlaybookMark: Maybin needs a year in the weight program to size up

PSUfan88: i like that all of the lineman seem to have a meanstreak

PSULIONS17: probably ad Taylor to that group

PSUisBACK: Bani too..........

SickOLBs: 17, i'd add odrick to your list before taylor

PSUisBACK: he knows it will be five years.............

SickOLBs: i see us deeper at DT than DE

futurelion: Bani will shirt. would be a shame to waste a year on ST's

PSULIONS17: Taylor is going to be very hard to keep off the field from what I hear

PSUisBACK: he's a great kid........and has packed on some size...........

MrKruger: i dunno...the MD HS coaches said they didnt think ALE or Taylor would play as true frosh....i agree on ALE, not sure about Taylor

futurelion: Bani was one of my favorite in this class, has some serious potential

PSUisBACK: but he needs some thickness.........

PSUisBACK: Bani has some personality...........

PSULIONS17: Bani is a rocket

PlaybookMark: Taylor -- with some experience -- could be the right NT to run an effective 3-4

PSUisBACK: so full of life..........

SickOLBs: Bani redshirts, he's a 200 lb LB

PSUisBACK: he's already 200

PSUisBACK: i talk with his coach everyday.........

PSULIONS17: I'm still not so sure Bani's future isn't at safety

MrKruger: Bowman is getting no hype....i think the kid will be a player....not this year obviously but he has some tools

PSUisBACK: where do the mods see Bani?

mxbscout: Safety

PlaybookMark: Kruger, no hype for Bowman because he is sidelined recovering from his surgery

futurelion: kruger, he's going to be a stud inside linebacker

PSULIONS17: will be interesting to see which of these kids pan out

PlaybookMark: Bowman was a lot like Hayes - a steal that was overshadowed by "bigger" recruits

PSUisBACK: Bowman is a stud..........

MrKruger: i know mark, not saying in regards to practice....just in regards of people talking about our class....everyone kinda skips over him it seems

PSUisBACK: only because he is injured

PSULIONS17: will be interesting to see what a kid like Klopacz does

PlaybookMark: Well no one hyped Hayes and he may be one of the best D players in that class when all is said and done

MrKruger: agreed

mxbscout: I think another overlooked player is Latimore

PlaybookMark: 17 - great point -- could go either way on Klopacz

PSUisBACK: i love Eric Latimore

mxbscout: not for this year but the future

mxbscout: an unreal athlete

PSUisBACK: he's got a great Dad

PSULIONS17: most underrated on my board is Ced Jeffries

PSULIONS17: that kid had some great reels

PSUisBACK: looks more like a Big Ten small forward

PSUisBACK: very quiet...........

MrKruger: i really wanna see jeffries and mcbride....think they could go either way as well

futurelion: Jeffries, i fear, will get caught up in constant position shuffling

PlaybookMark: I think McEowen is an overlooked guy -- early commitment had him lose a lot of hype

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PSUisBACK: Mc has a great Dad as well...............

PSULIONS17: Jeffries WR footage is very very impressive IMHO

LaJollaLion: agree Mark

SickOLBs: i think troutman will get moved around a few too many times

PSUisBACK: love to see the size of him in his new workout program

futurelion: Troutman will be an OT

MrKruger: everyone wants to push mceowen to the OL....i like him as a DT....of course I liked John Shaw at DT too

PSULIONS17: Koroma is another kid that will shock people

SickOLBs: i liked charles rush at DT

PlaybookMark: It is surprsing that with all the Western Pa. hype the two Big 33 POY are Eastern guys -- headed to PSU

PSULIONS17: Well we know where the WPA hype came from

SickOLBs: why's Rubin still at safety?

twak1: where 17?????

PSULIONS17: saw a rumor Pinkston is out of the Big 33

PSULIONS17: no idea if it's true

twak1: saw that too

PSULIONS17: FOS staff, what is the coaching staff's biggest concern at this point of spring ball

futurelion: has commented on have to do with Pitt recruits ?

mxbscout: Scoop coming from Mark

MrKruger: is the staff planning on utilizing these weekend spring practices to bring in more recruits???

mxbscout: shortly

mxbscout: PlaybookMark, not me

Ramblewood: Hint?

PlaybookMark: Breaking News -- Trent Varva quit the team

Ramblewood: Whoops, that's better than a hint.

PSULIONS17: good move for Trent

twak1: is that true mark

futurelion: and there's the key for Farris getting to stay on the team this year

PlaybookMark: twak -- yes

SickOLBs: with all the quality safeties we got, will we see a rotation at one of the spots like we had with guman and harrell in '03?

twak1: hummm--i know he's been sick

PlaybookMark: Varva has been sick and got frustrated with not seeing more PT

PSULIONS17: Varva is the perfect example of why you can't base things off of a kid's HS video

PSULIONS17: his footage was unreal

MrKruger: is he transferring or just quitting football

PSULIONS17: pancake after pancake

psunittany: I know Gaines was just a RS freshman last year, but I hope he keeps improving....

twak1: probably best for both--hope he can transfer if he wants to continue playing

psunittany: Varva?..... illness?

PlaybookMark: Kruger -- all we were told he is quitting -- no mention of a transfer, but not out of the question

PlaybookMark: Rubin is still at safety

PSUisBACK: i think that is where he stays...........

mxbscout: As far as Rubin is concerned, I'm sure the staff knows what he can do at WR

LaJollaLion: yep and BJ was at DB his soph year,,,not buying it

PSUisBACK: not going to see much time at wideout

PlaybookMark: Well the word is Varva may not be as sick as was originally conveyed -- may have been a stroy related to his quitting

mxbscout: and is seeing how he does at another position

beastofeast: How has knowledge Timmons looked at practice so far?

SickOLBs: he got a pick yesterday

Ramblewood: Hard to imagine Rubin not ending up back at safety. He looked awfully good two years ago.

Ramblewood: Whoops, WR

SickOLBs: agreed

PSULIONS17: Mark... a black eye kind of story?

mxbscout: That may depend on how well the redshirt frosh play

mxbscout: at WR

mxbscout: But Rubin is a solid wideout

diddy1: How is Chris Baker looking!!

SickOLBs: too many safeties as it is: hardy, mcready, donnie, scirotto, ridenhour

PlaybookMark: Beast - Timmons -- super fast -- needs to work on control of his speed and wrapping up technique

futurelion: wasn't Cousins supposed to move to safety

mxbscout: no comment

PlaybookMark: future -- file that with Butler heading to corner

Ramblewood: Cousins is kind of a long strider. Can't see him at safety.

mxbscout: Yeah, he is every bit of 6-3 and right at 200

mxbscout: very lean build

PSUisBACK: How bout DC's James McDonald?

Ramblewood: Are Butler and Norwood going to put on any weight this off-season? I mean if DMoney can put on 10 lbs . . .

PSUisBACK: How has he looked?

jgl107: Who has looked better in practice so far...Cousins or McDonald?

LaJollaLion: yeah...but now DWill is too slow to play

LaJollaLion: LOL

EagleEars: How as Mickey Shuler Jr. looked in spring ball so far?

PlaybookMark: Back -- we had this in our depth chart report

PlaybookMark: On the other side, observers expect a battle between Golden and McDonald. "Terrell has an experience advantage over Mac, but otherwise he's been giving him [Golden] a real run in drills."

PSULIONS17: I wonder if Marks got his scholie in the mail

PSUisBACK: wonder about McDonald's DC he friends with Benn and Austin?

futurelion: I just hope the staff follows through with theur supposed changes, and plays the best players available

futurelion: if they do, we'll be very good next year

PSULIONS17: I think we probably have little to no shot with Benn

PSUisBACK: that will change once we crush ND

PSULIONS17: concentrate on Kamara, Robinson

SickOLBs: anyone know how hard we are recruiting Caleb King?

PSUisBACK: never say never..........we were a non-factor in the Vidal derby at this point as well.

Ramblewood: Our RB recruiting seems a bit of a mystery at the moment.

futurelion: Little and Green are the only RB's i can think that we're recruiting

PSUisBACK: puts a lot of pressure on Royster and Carter

PSUisBACK: as redshirt freshmen a year from now

diddy1: 2nd request, how is Chris Baker doing?

PlaybookMark: Too bad Davis got sidelined - he has received stellar reports all around

SickOLBs: don't forget...we still have kinlaw and sargeant and hahn

SickOLBs: if ricky upton can play TB for us why can't hahn

twak1: hope we shirt hahn

futurelion: unless we get a stud in this class at RB, 07 will have a lot of RB by committee

SickOLBs: we really should twak

Ramblewood: Stop with the Upton talk.

mxbscout: I have not heard anything (positive or negative) about Baker

SickOLBs: i was a ricky upton fan just for clarification

LaJollaLion: so Hahn is the same as Upton

diddy1: thanks

LaJollaLion: don't see it

PSUisBACK: TWO defensive linemen recruits in the next class.........if you had to bet...........who will they be?

PSUisBACK: Austin and ?

futurelion: Austin and Trattou

PSUisBACK: the kid from Good Counsel?

twak1: right fut

Double06: Trattou / Cameron / Tucker - probably in that order

futurelion: Jenkins is a guard prospect, i think

PlaybookMark: Here is how the TE spot currently breaks down: Hall, Darling, Lyons, JRZ -- Claude and Mickey

PSULIONS17: yikes

Ramblewood: Wow . . . how far JRZ has fallen.

PlaybookMark: Coakley will be in the mix when he is healthy

PlaybookMark: Someone asked about Baker -- the quote that seems the consensus is "good when he wants to be"

virbert: Brennan, would be the 6' 4" junior who had a knee injury?

PSULIONS17: Mark... any idea on how many offers came out ot junior day??

LaJollaLion: any ideas on who may be attending the BW game,,,I know it is early

PSUVA92: how tall is harrison last year listed at 6.5 this year 6.3?

PlaybookMark: 17 -- good question -- not exactly sure, but Riva has a better read on that than I

PSULIONS17: I won't be able to make it Lajolla

PSUisBACK: elevator spikes...........

LaJollaLion: Fletch hair UVA

SickOLBs: SickOLBs will be there

EagleEars: Mods- Do you think Ditto or Marks will pull the trigger soon now that they have written offers?

PSUVA92: 6.8 with the fro'...

PSULIONS17: I have a couple of D-1 kids here in my new area that I am going to scout this fall

futurelion: Marks still doesn't have, i don't think

PSULIONS17: one is name some will remember from last year's Nike camp

futurelion: they 'put it in the mail'

PSULIONS17: Nick Trice

alexvansmelt69: what is the defense end status I thought that would be a wide open position this spring but I havent heard much other than battles for the second team spots

PSUisBACK: Trice would have to wear #3

twak1: lol

mxbscout: Jimmy Shaw is going to be tough to beat

alexvansmelt69: what about gaines

PSUisBACK: who was #22 in the cover pic shot?

alexvansmelt69: i thought he played well at times last year

SickOLBs: do either Toney Clemons or Shamaar Coates have PSU offers?

PSUisBACK: i thought 22 was an open #

mxbscout: Darien Hardy

PSUisBACK: that kid is a beast

mxbscout: he had a pick in the scrimmage

PSUisBACK: impressive physique

SickOLBs: any chance hardy gets a look at nickel?

Ramblewood: Who threw the interception? LOL.

PlaybookMark: alex: Shaw and Gaines have the early edge -- Hill and Lucian need to work on their fundamentals -- Rogers could make an impact -- he looks good early on

MrKruger: hardy is a great ST player

psunittany: Hardy is an awesome ST player

keukapsu: no chance that AS reshirts ?

psunittany: talk about Lucian....

alexvansmelt69: thanks mark

psuKinger: seems like reports on Gaines have been... lukewarm

PlaybookMark: Darien Hardy has received strong prasie for his athleticism since he was a frosh

psunittany: I'm waiting for Gaines to step up

PlaybookMark: Kinger -- fair assessment, but Gaines has the abiltiy just needs donsistency -- use it every down

NewYorkNittany: can anyone elaborate on the WVU defense that psu is supposedly considering?

MrKruger: moment of silence for Anna and Kris Benson getting divorced?

NewYorkNittany: whats the alignment?

LaJollaLion: Gaines will get his shot...see what he does with it

SickOLBs: are they not moving Jed Hill back to FB because they refuse to accknoledge they took three FBs in the same class???

PlaybookMark: NYN -- WVU runs a 3-4 sdtacked D -- honestly if PSU uses it it will be situational -- simialr to how the nicel is used

PSULIONS17: Pitt's Oline looked great last year in their spring game

LaJollaLion: PSU has talent, no doubt, can they come together...we'll see in 6 months

psuKinger: sounds like Knowledge is really impressing with Tony out...

PSULIONS17: of course a junior high OL would look good against their DL

psuKinger: I'm no doctor... but can Tony really come back within a couple of days with a fracture that went through the skin?

LaJollaLion: depends on what he is doing

PlaybookMark: Kinger -- yes and no -- Timmons has speed and can keep up with anyone, but...

psu81: Tony Davis?

PlaybookMark: he needs to control that speed -- Williams knocked him off a route with one "shimmy' move

LaJollaLion: I don't see speed as a real issue with any of the CB's

PpsuKinger: hah nice... thanks Mark

PlaybookMark: Kinger -- not sure, we don't have a status of the injury

Ramblewood: LaJolla, I agree. We have speed in the secondary, but how's their tackling.

psuKinger: sounds... *gruesome*... if his bone went through his skin

MrKruger: well he cant be teaching Kelly how to kick in the clutch, thats for sure

PlaybookMark: Timmons needs to wrap up guys and not tackle "loose"

LaJollaLion: time wil tell ramble

LaJollaLion: when you are playing with a Poz,,,you better tackle

PlaybookMark: Kinger - it was described as "nasty" and "horrible"

psuKinger: yuck

psu81: Who had the injury - Tony who?

psuKinger: alright thanks for the knowledge about Knowledge, Mark

mxbscout: Tony Davis

MrKruger: lol ramblewood

PlaybookMark: 81 --

laybookMark: D81-- Tony Davis -- check out the report on our front page

SickOLBs: is Kapinos ready to step his game up and be a star?

diddy1: Mark, how is King doing?

PSUisBACK: let's hope Kapinos has limited opportunities

PlaybookMark: OLBs-- kickers haven;t really done much in practice other than keep their legs warm

psu81: Ouch - haven't caught up on the news for the day - thanks

ritcheyk: Are both Donnie Johnson and Ridenhour competing for strong safety?

MrKruger: Kapinos definitely had an off year compared to prior years

EagleEars: Is Timmons the only one taking Davis' reps, or is Harriott seeing a few first teams reps also?

futurelion: what i don't get is that the supposed knock on Fentress is his size, yet Harriot is what, 5-8 ?

LaJollaLion: watching the OSU game right now, Tony Hunt isn't just an average blocker...he is pretty impressive picking up blitzes

mxbscout: We'll have a King video Q&A tomorrow

SickOLBs: thanks mark

LaJollaLion: AM is lucky to have Hunt and Snow back there

PlaybookMark: diddy -- we have an etensive report coming on the secondary practices -- King is more confident and sure of himself

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diddy1: thanks Mark

PSUisBACK: AJ and Big Phil were at practice the other day...........

PSUisBACK: what other incoming freshmen have been there?

PlaybookMark: Eagle -- word is Timmons is getting Davis' reps, but Harriott has seen some first-team reps on the rotation

SickOLBs: would it be an accurate assumption that donnie johnson will be a full-time starter and mcready and scirotto will most likely split time to start with???

mxbscout: add Ridenhour to that mix

PlaybookMark: ritch -- right now yes, Donnie Johnson, Spencer Ridenhour at SS and Nolan McCready, Anthony Scirrotto at FS

MrKruger: how is spencer doing at SS?

Double06: how are the TE's looking? Everything I've read so far is that no one has been that impressive and none have distanced themselves... Also, when's Coakley due back?

ritcheyk: Thanks Mark

SickOLBs: is AJ wallace an almost "lock" at nickel or will it be a backup safety???

PlaybookMark: Spencer has trimmed down (minus 15 pounds por so) -- he plays "like a psycho"

mxbscout: Paterno did not sound very confident that Coakley would do much in the spring

westy: Any word when the coaches clinic and scrimage will take place?

mxbscout: April 7-8

mxbscout: scrimmage on the 8th

PlaybookMark: Double - TEs: Hall, Darling, Lyons, JRZ ... then Claude and Shuler

westy: thanx mark

PlaybookMark: Back -- only Phillips and AJ have been mentioned as being at practice

SickOLBs: does hall look good? he's a 5th year sr right?

MyBloodisBlue: brennan do we have any shot at pryor now that he is wavering?

PSUisBACK: there goes their PERFECT ATTENDANCE awards for this quarter...........:D

Ramblewood: With Clark out for the spring, should we pencil Cianciolo in at #2 on the depth chart to start the season?

PlaybookMark: Hall is a good blocker, which is what they are looking for first and foremost -- not a strong receiver

mxbscout: I'd be shocked. But who knows

mxbscout: he was on the sideline at a PSU football game last season wearing Penn State gear

MyBloodisBlue: love to have him

mxbscout: for what it is worth

PlaybookMark: RAmble -- that is the smart money -- Suhey is not pushing him that hard

futurelion: only way we get Pryor is if it's for football

futurelion: which isn't happening

mxbscout: I think DeChellis might like to snag him, too

SickOLBs: are we in trouble if cianciolo is our #2 for the season?

westy: Ive been concernef as to why JRZ hasn't gotten more PT. He was a beast out of HS. Thoughts?

PlaybookMark: Sick -- Clark is expected back after the spring

mxbscout: some kids don't pan out at the college level

PlaybookMark: westy -- some guys just don;t make the transition to college well (classes, studying, practices, discipline, etc.)

ritcheyk: Is the feeling that Coakley will be OK for fall practice?

PlaybookMark: alex -- Baker is good...when he wants to be

SickOLBs: between alford and ed johson and elijah (who i think will be good), will we really see PT getting PT?

PlaybookMark: ritch -- I think that is a fair assessment -- he is expected back in the fall

psunittany: Has Kinlaw already used a RS?

PSUVA92: time to be concerned about jrz was 2 yrs ago

PlaybookMark: Sick -- doubtful -- at least not in my opinion

SickOLBs: any word on who our next punt returner will be?

psunittany: Paskorz....... I heard Bradley wanted him to attend a spring practice all by himself...will that happen?...paskorz never mentions PSU

PlaybookMark: Jeremy Boone is the current backup

PlaybookMark: at punter

ritcheyk: I can't imagine someone other than Scirrotto returning punts

SickOLBs: i'd like to see D$ on punt return but take him off of KR

SickOLBs: Kinlaw for KR

PlaybookMark: sick - why punts and not kicks? Punts are much harder

SickOLBs: because you can get hurt on KRs

PlaybookMark: Sick - you can get hurt on punts too

SickOLBs: not if you score everytime you don't fair catch the ball

PlaybookMark: lol

diddy1: I love to see Harriot as KR & PR

SickOLBs: i can't believe it took the DW injury to get kinlaw on KR

MrKruger: i find it hard to believe they might put DW on KR again

SickOLBs: he almost won us the purdue game back in 04

PlaybookMark: Someone asked about punt returns - they haven't practiced punts -- so not exposure to that right now

ritcheyk: Is Rubin practicing only at Safety or is he finally practicing at WR?

PlaybookMark: safety

PlaybookMark: see ya guys this was a blast!

mxbscout: thanks for stopping by everyone


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