Poz vs. Poz: Pick the Next FOS Magazine Cover

Ever wonder what it is like to be at the editorial controls of a school-specific sports magazine, to make the kind of crucial decisions that will impact what thousands of fans will find in their mailboxes and on newsstands? Well, here is your chance to be a part of the process.

OK, so maybe we exaggerated just a tad when we called these types of decisions “crucial.” But sometimes they are kind of tricky.

Take choosing a photo for our 2006 Penn State Football Preview Issue. We recently conducted a photo shoot with Penn State All-American linebacker Paul Posluszny. Of all of the outstanding shots FOS contributing photographer Mark Selders took, two jumped out at us as cover material.

One is Posluszny in uniform with a dark background. The other is of the senior wearing shoulder pads over a grey shirt against a white background. You can see them both here:

Posluszny tangled up in blue.

Posluszny shouldering the load.

The debate among the staff over which image will work better has been split down the middle, with the dark cover group saying the headlines stand out better and the light cover camp saying the shoulder-pads look will give us something different from every other magazine that features Posluszny on the cover.

Being able to agree only that we disagreed, we decided to leave the final decision up to the people who matter most: The folks in the FOS community.

Follow THIS LINK to our message board, and in the right hand feature column you will see a poll asking for your input on which 2006 Penn State Football Preview Issue cover design we should use.

Please note, these are rough mockups. Once you choose the photo, we'll produce a more polished version of the cover.

Meanwhile, we would like to thank Penn State Athletics for providing access to an athlete who is receiving an incredible number of media requests. We would especially like to thank Paul Posluszny for taking time out of his busy spring schedule to participate in this FOS photo shoot.

Speaking of the 2006 Penn State Football Preview Issue, if you want to make sure you get a copy, be sure to sign up for an annual Total Access Pass to FightOnState.com as soon as possible. The deadline for receiving the Preview (which is part of the free magazine subscription that comes with the Annual TAP) is rapidly approaching.

You can sign up for a TAP account (or upgrade your monthly package) by clicking THIS LINK or calling 888-501-5752. Magazine-only subscriptions are also available.


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