Complete Coaches Clinic Coverage

Get comprehensive unique coverage of this weekend's Penn State Coaches Clinic, from notes on Friday's drills and seminar sessions to complete unit and personnel reports on Saturday's scrimmage —only from

Here is a rundown of Fight On State's extensive reports covering the Penn State Coaches Clinic held this weekend. Get complete overviews, analysis and information on the weekend event.

Saturday's Scrimmage

  • Scrimmage Recap
  • Full Scrimmage Depth Chart (TAP)
  • 7-on-7 Drill Report (TAP)
  • Unit Analysis: Defensive Line (TAP)
  • Unit Analysis: Linebackers
  • Unit Analysis: Defensive Backs (TAP)
  • Unit Analysis: Offensive Line (TAP)
  • Unit Analysis: Wide Receivers (TAP)
  • Unit Analysis: Quarterbacks (TAP)
  • Unit Analysis: Running Backs (TAP)
  • Unit Analysis: Tight Ends (TAP)

    Friday's Drills and Sessions

  • Drill and Session Notes (TAP)


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