Donnie Johnson Update

Ohio running back Donnie Johnson, who signed a letter of intent with Penn State back in February, plans on competing for a job in the Penn State backfield this year.

Donnie is leaving tonight (Sunday) for State College.  "I had to get in an All-Star game first," Donnie said.  "I was supposed to be up there on June 15, but the All-Star game was the 13th.  When I was there [at the All-Star game], I hurt my hip.  I didn't want to go up to Penn State hurt, so I just rehabbed my hip.  I had a hip flexor, but it's good now."

Donnie is currently 6'0" and a solid 205 pounds.  He finds himself with an excellent opportunity to contribute as a true freshman.  Behind senior running back Larry Johnson, redshirt sophomore running backs Mike Gasparato and Pete Gilmore have only 1 career carry between the two of them.

Although Donnie admits that he is a little nervous right now, he is not lacking in confidence.  "I feel I'm ready to play honestly.  They told me that I'm going to come in and compete for a starting position."

Johnson will be working hard this summer to do just that.  "I'm basically going to be working out with the team and working at a construction job, because I have to pay for my room and board until my scholarship kicks in."

Like the rest of us Nittany Lion fans, Donnie is eagerly awaiting the start of the season.  "I can't wait until we play Central Florida in that first game."

Notes: He will be rooming with Reginald Walker.  What number will he be wearing?  "I asked them for #21, but I think a cornerback already had #21, so I don't know what my number is going to be."

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