Chat Wrap: CC Scrimmage

If you weren't online over the weekend, you missed Scott Cole's live coverage from Penn State's Coaches Clinic Scrimmage, which basically served as a play-by-play report. Fortunately, we saved the chat transcript, so you can go back and see went down during the Nittany Lions' first open practice of the spring.

PSU96:: We have connectivity!

rriva: what's up 96

PSU96: I'm in the press box at the scrimmage

rriva: niiiiice

PSU96: I plan on posting near real-time updates

twak1: hey 96---inside or out????

PSU96: in Beaver Stadium

rriva: if he's there

twak1: ok--how cold is it 96---real cold up here

twak1: lots of coaches there???

PSU96: It is freaking freezing here

PSU96: It snowed a little this morning

twak1: lol--i didn't even play golf today

PSU96: The players are on the field for calisthenics right now

PSU96: Not that many in the stands. I imagine the weather is a contributing factor

rriva: nice

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twak1: I remembered from chat the other nite-----riva--so Marks did in fact get his mail

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rriva: he did get the written offer

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PSU96: time to back down from DefCon 5. :-)

rriva: i'll talk to him more about it tonight, he was on a visit to pitt when we spoke earlier, i didn't want to bother him

twak1: good--lots of people panicing---

twak1: remember about 4 years ago--we gave out ships--early--everybody was pissed cause we didn't save any--damned if we do or don't

rriva: yep

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PSU96: position warmups beginning now

PSU96: Joe is stalking at midfield

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PSU96: Spencer Ridenhour passes the looks test big time

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twak1: is he at safety

reigle9: I'll be an All-American if it was based on looks lol

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bigtimefrmphilly: hey boys - been a while - what the topic?

twak1: scrimmage

PSU96: yes, he's warming up the safties

PSU96: with the safeties

twak1: thanks 96

PSU96: philly, I'm reporting live from the scrimmage

rriva: 96, is rokita on the field?

PSU96: no

bigtimefrmphilly: great!

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PSULIONS17: 96... you at the scrimmage

twak1: 17

PSU96: yes I AM

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PSU96: Tony Hunt warming up in full pads

PSULIONS17: cool

psulions12: do u see ridenhour getting meaningful snaps in the fall

rriva: did norwood add any noticable bulk

bigtimefrmphilly: is the scrimmage just getting started?

PSU96: not noticeable Rob

PSU96: QB's warming up with the receivers now

PSU96: Morelli about to throw

bigtimefrmphilly: any of the incoming recruits out there today that you've noticed - sorry if already asked???

PSU96: lazer beam out route to Butler

PSU96: soft touch pass to Hall

reigle9: fire or just smoke off the pass?

PSU96: it was caught by Butler, so no fire, just smoke

Joypa: how about the other QBs?

PSU96: Ridenhour just caught an interception drill pass over the shoulder

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PSU96: Cianciolo's arm looks stronger than last year by far

psulions12: does morelli look around more and not just at his primary target...seems like we have not had a QB look around in along while

Cafe210: that's good news 96

PSU96: There is only one receiver right now lions12. It's just warmups

PSULIONS17: 96.... anyone make you say wow when you saw them

psulions12: ok

PSU96: Ridenhour. He looks huge compared to the other safeties

PSU96: runs fluidly as well

psulions12: i hope he turns into a roy williams shawn taylor type safety

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PSUCrusader: how fast is ridenhour compared to other safeties?

Cafe210: huge, fluid, hard hitter - would love to see Spence start the next three years

PSU96: warmups are over. Team is huddling at midfield

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PSU96: 7-on-7s about to start

Cafe210: 96 - I joined late, but are any recruits there?

PSU96: 1st team O vs. 1st team D

reigle9: it's about to get fun

PSU96: Morelli with a bullet to DWill in front of Davis for a completion

PSULIONS17: 96 thanks for doing this, much appreciated

PSU96: my pleasure

PSU96: i'm stoked

Cafe210: this is awesome - thanks

psulions12: cant wait for the BW game

twak1: I'm getting my usual before game stomach ache

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PSU96: playaction, Morelli looked off his deep receiver, reloaded and hit Williams on an out route at the sidelines for a completion

stagg33: anyone know is comcast is still televising the bw game in nj?

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PSU96: Morelli throws underneath to Jordan Lyons but the ball should have been picked off by Dontey Brown. Incomplete

psulions12: is king covering butler

Joypa: Bad hands?

PSU96: deep ball incomplete for Perretta. Tight coverage by Justin King

PSU96: No, he's on the left side. Davis is on the right at the moment'

rriva: 96, who is on the ol

PSU96: poor dump pass incomplete

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reigle9: Wasnt that Perretta he kept launching it to last year in the BW game?

PSU96: no OL right now. Just a center to snap the ball

rriva: ah, 7-on7, yes

twak1: 7 on 7 riva

rriva: pmac, what's up

pmac58: hey rob


bigtimefrmphilly: what????

PSU96: Morelli buys time (probably would have been sacked in reality)

PSU96: And then fires a 45-yard strike to Lyons in the end zone for a TD

PSU96: underneath to Kevin Darling for a completion

Cafe210: niiice

twak1: who was on Lyons

PSULIONS17: lots of air or little air on the ball

PSU96: nobody. Lyons broke wide open. frozen rope kind of throw

twak1: hummm

PSULIONS17: 7 on 7 very tough for D especially if they don't have a time limit

PSU96: Cianciolo in there now

PSULIONS17: WR/TE eventually someone will get open

twak1: even you could get open 7 on 7--17

PSU96: Butler catches a 25 completion down the right sideline against Timmons

PSU96: Tim Shaw is wearing the green cross and will not participate today. Ankle injury not considered to be serious

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PSU96: ugly looking deep ball from Cianciolo down the right sideline out of bounds. Tight coverage by Timmons and a safety

stagg33: any recruits there?

twak1: before I forget--Thanks loads for doing this 96---really appreaciate it

PSU96: doesn't look like it stagg

PSULIONS17: lol Twak

stagg33: how bout incoming frosh?

PSU96: no idea

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psulions12: i see marvin austin is at tenn game...i hope he comes to ours

PSU96: another miscommunication between Cianciolo and a receiver. Williams continued a streak route, but Cianciolo threw a stop route behind him

Cafe210: 96 - who were the first team safeties?

PSU96: Cianciolo throws high to Perretta, not that that's difficult to do. :-)

psulions12: wouldnt surprise me to see clark if he comes back or devlin or brackett get 2nd team qb

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rriva: i'm outta here, be good everyone

PSU96: swing pass to Ausitn Scott who jukes a tackler and picks up about 12 yards

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Joypa: laundry on the field

futurelion: are we getting play by play ?

twak1: 96 is at game future

PSU96: kind of futurelion

bigtimefrmphilly: yep

futurelion: nice

futurelion: so what did i miss ?

PSU96: Suhey in at QB now. His first pass is tipped into the air by the TE and picked off by a LB

Joypa: DE?

bigtimefrmphilly: 7 on 7 drills - morelli did pretty well - ciancolo not - now suhey

futurelion: we need Clark back

PSULIONS17: any db's impressing you 96

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psuthebest: cianciolo looked promising coming out of hs. im disappointed that he seems to be having such a poor spring any thoughts..

PSU96: Swing pass to Kinlaw for a decent gain

bigtimefrmphilly: where are you joypa?

Joypa: not there

PSU96: Cianciolo seems fine throwing short to intermediate routes over the middle, but throwing outside the hashes is a problem area

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PSU96: Suhey misfires to the sideline trying to hit #87, Greg Miskinis

PSU96: Lydell Sargeant has had two passes defensed in this set

futurelion: anyone else gonna watch the OU spring game ?

PSULIONS17: 96.. any sign of Richard Cheek

reigle9: Ah he went to me HS, cant believe he gets reps

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reigle9: miskinis that is

twak1: when future??????

futurelion: in a few minutes on ESPN

PSU96: He's with the linemen in the goal line drill going on at the other end of the field

twak1: didn't know--i am now

PSU96: 7-on-7s are over

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futurelion: we need to get our spring game nationally televised like this. it's great pub

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PSU96: Austin Scott busts a 39-yard run on the first carry of the scrimmage portion

futurelion: 96, how's he look ?

PSU96: first team O vs. first team D

twak1: wow

PSU96: Scott cuts outside for about 4 yards before getting planted by Dan Connor

PSU96: lots of hooting and hollering going on out there

psulions12: whos on 1team O...are guys like levi brown playing

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reigle9: Yeah, who is the 1st team lines today?

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futurelion: this chick needs to throw some strikes, get this thing over with

PSU96: 1st team DL - Jim Shaw, Ed Johnson, Steve Roach, Josh Gaines

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PSU96: 1st team LBs - Dontey Brown, Sean Lee, Dan Connor

reigle9: I assume Alford is in the same boat as Levi (Editors Note: Jay Alford missed the scrimmage due to a death in the family).

futurelion: interesting that Robinson isn't in there

PSU96: 1st team DBs - King, Davis, Ridenhour, McCready

futurelion: DJ in the same boat as well

reigle9: I hope thats the reason

PSU96: 1st team OL - Auletta, Cadogan, Shipley, Price, Shaw

reigle9: I dont think he's as penciled in as Jay and Levi though

PSU96: 1st WRs - Norwood, Butler, Williams

psulions12: i hope price isnt a starter again this yr...he wasnt impressive last yr

futurelion: reigle, i guarantee DJ starts

PSU96: Scott getting booted now by Joe

reigle9: yeah

reigle9: whys that 96

PSU96: he was hesitant on the previous play and got stuffed

PSU96: Now the defense is swarming Morelli and forces an incompletion

PSU96: ball is inside the 20 at the 17

PSU96: Kinlaw in for Scott

psuthebest: any word on lawlor. i remember some concern that he might have a career ending injury.

reigle9: Dumb question, but Morelli cant get touched can he?

PSU96: Ball tipped at the line of scrimmage by Johnson and incomplete

PSU96: Morelli on the scramble and gets belted to the turf by a LB

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reigle9: Guess so

PSU96: end of series

PSULIONS17: OL doesn't sound like it is doing to well

PSU96: After the first run by Scott the defense rose up

twak1: 96-----They can tackle Morelli???????

PSU96: if he scrambles apparently

twak1: wow

PSU96: not in the backfield

PSU96: he didn't slide and initiated contact

twak1: hummm

PSULIONS17: I think that is a bad idea

PSU96: Morelli lowered his head

PSULIONS17: we can't afford to lose AM

PSU96: and hit the LB

PSULIONS17: but it's football

twak1: agree---hand off him

PSU96: 2nd team vs. 2nd team now

PSULIONS17: If AM initated the contact.... well then lay wood on him

PSU96: Kinlaw fumbles on the first play but offense recovers

psulions12: is Hayes playing

PSU96: hang on guys

PSU96: trying to square away my depth chart

psulions12: ok

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PSU96: Golden wearing a cross jersey today and out

PSU96: Kinlaw running hard this series. most carries start inside and then bounce outside

PSU96: McDonald caught a swing pass for about 7 or 8 yards

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PSU96: Cianciolo got Lyons killed by throwing high over the middle

PSULIONS17: who killed him

PSU96: Kinlaw gets the ball on a fake reverse and gets stuffed

PSU96: don't know 17

PSU96: sorry

PSU96: Cianciolo finds Perretta open across the middle for a 20 yard pickup to the 18 yard line

PSU96: McDonald takes the swing pass to the 10

psuthebest: whos the fb?

futurelion: 96, are both coordinators calling plays off the top of their head or do they know what's coming (is this scripted) ?

PSU96: Right now it's Lawlor with Matt Hahn in at TB

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PSU96: end of series. neither offense has scored yet

PSULIONS17: OK has an interesting way of keeping score for their spring game

PSULIONS17: I like the way they do it

PSU96: JRZ catches a pass as the 3rd team TE

bigtimefrmphilly: will the first teamers get back on the field to day - do they rotate - how does this work???

PSU96: from Suhey

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PSU96: yes they will scrimmage again philly

PSU96: Lawlor stood up and dropped in the hole

bigtimefrmphilly: thanks

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PSU96: Perretta drops a low throw that would have gone for a 20 yard completion

futurelion: ugggly throw

PSU96: We have a Mickey Shuler sighting!

PSU96: Shuler caught a 15 yard pass at the sideline

PSU96: Suhey with a deep ball overthrows McDonald by 15 yards

twak1: cool

bigtimefrmphilly: has he added some size???

futurelion: when should we expect Coakley to start practicing again ?

PSU96: 3rd team OL having trouble getting holes open

PSULIONS17: 96.... any thoughts on Harrison, Cadogan, Rich O?

PSULIONS17: Landolt

PSU96: pick off by Willie Harriott on a deep ball at the 2 to end the series

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futurelion: nice

Cafe210: love Willie

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PSU96: sorry for the delays. I'm almost finished with the entire depth chart

PSU96: 1st team O vs 2nd team D

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PSU96: Morelli with a perfect throw to Butler on an out route for 20 yards

reigle9: Music to my ears

PSU42Fan: first down!!!

Cafe210: Morelli for Heisman

psulions12: lol

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psulions12: national championship babbbby


twak1: god would that tick pitt off----I'm lovin the sound-

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bigtimefrmphilly: 96 - is morelli impressing you??

PSU96: ok, we're back. Swing pass to DWill out of the backfield was too far in front of him and incomplete

FurnaceB: any recruits present 96?

reigle9: It's a shame Antnee cant read

PSU96: Scott stuffed for no gain

psuthebest: i do worry about not having an effective backup qb.

futurelion: Clark needs to get back

PSU96: 2nd team DL - Lucian, Cheek, Baker, Rogers

Cafe210: Clark or Devlin should be 2nd string in the fall

PSU96: Morelli throws to the left sideline incomplete looking for Darling

twak1: 17----a Cheedk mantion-

futurelion: Clark at least gives us an athletic guy back there

PSU96: 2nd team LB - Cianciolo, Hayes (MLB), Sales

twak1: Cheek mention

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PSU96: Strong throw to Norwood for a first down at the right sideline for a gain of 12 or so

Cafe210: move the chains

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PSU96: 2nd team DB - Timmons, Scirrotto, Rubin, Fentress

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PSU42Fan: rubin at safety

PSU42Fan: lol

PSU96: Fentress with excellent coverage on DWill in the end zone. Incomplete. Ball was overthrown slightly as well

PSU42Fan: when will that end?

Cafe210: 96 - any 3 or 4 WR sets run yet? Sounds like the TE has been in most of the time

futurelion: I expect Fentress to play the nickel

PSU96: Quick pass to Williams for a pickup of 5 or 6

PSU96: 3 WR sets have been the norm. Very little use of teh FB

Cafe210: thanks

PSU96: 2nd team O vs. 3rd team D now

NewYorkNittany: Rubin at safety makes very little sense

PSU96: Kinlaw bursting through the right side for a gain of 3

PSULIONS17: I’m sure Cheek has been very disruptive

PSU96: 2nd team QB - Cianciolo

futurelion: does this mean the 1st team O wil go against the 3rd team D ?

PSU96: 2nd team RB - Kinlaw

twak1: lol

futurelion: 1st team D, 3rd team O **

PSU96: 2nd team WR - McDonald, Perretta, Cousins

PSU96: 2nd team OL - Bowman, Ohrnberger, Weber, Harrison, Farris

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PSU96: Cianciolo throws a little behind McDonald, but he adjusts and makes the catch for a 5 yard gain

bigtimefrmphilly: i like this mcdonald...

PSU96: Perretta beats Fentress down the sideline and would have caught the ball but Fentress interferes and saves a TD

FurnaceB: c'mon Fentress

PSULIONS17: that is why Fentress is running second team

PSULIONS17: still have no clue why he played last year

PSU96: 3rd team defense

PSULIONS17: real questionable decision there

PSULIONS17: 3rd team.... daman

FurnaceB: agree 17

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PSULIONS17: why in the hell did he play last year

FurnaceB: quite frankly I wonder the same about Morelli two years ago

twak1: to protect for king after dw injury

PSU96: DL - Hill, Cheek, Kuzemchak, Golarz

PSULIONS17: Morelli playing was a very bad decision as well

PSU96: Elijah Robinson is not playing for whatever reason

PSU96: Awful throw by Cianciolo over the middle picked off by Nick Yocum at the 5 yard line

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PSU96: he threw high and behind his intended target, TE Jordan Lyons

PSULIONS17: when you are getting picked off by Nick Yocum you aren't going to the 2nd string QB

PSU96: 2nd team O stays in there with the ball at the 30

FurnaceB: need Clark to come thru this

PSULIONS17: if Clark or either of the two frosh have a pulse they will be the 2nd QB

PSU96: Quick throw along the LOS to McDonald for a 2 yard gain

PSU96: end of series

PSULIONS17: I think Paul like James

PSU96: 3rd team O vs. 1st team D

futurelion: this is going to be painful for the O

PSU96: Matt Hahn breaks a tackle and picks up 5 on a draw

FurnaceB: Lawlor running second team?

PSU96: Lawlor is the 3rd team FB right now behind Snow and Hahn

PSU96: Suhey flushed out of the pocket and crosses the 40 for a first down. Pushed out by Connor

PSU96: sorry 1 yard shy of the first

futurelion: mark, any idea if this is scripted ?

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PSULIONS17: come on 96

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PSULIONS17: get with your spots

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FurnaceB: any chance Suhey passes Paul C. on the depth chart?

PSU96: Hahn leans forward and gets the first

PSU96: inside handoff to Hahn and he gets racked up by Sales

cgiam311: who's the Oline starters?

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PSUisBACK: Hello Everyone...........

PSU96: Suhey misfires into tight coverage

psulions12: auletta cadogen shipley price shaw

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PSU96: 3rd team hasn't moved an inch in the last 3 plays

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cgiam311: when does Harrison beat out Price?

futurelion: Akron game

FurnaceB: 2nd qrtr ND game

PSU96: Long out route to McDonald is almost intercepted and Ridenhour decks McDonald

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cgiam311: is Shaw our RT by that time too?

futurelion: Price starts Akron, Harrison takes over at halftime and starts for ND

PSU96: Gaines leaps onto Hahn's back and hauls him down for a 1 yard gain

NewYorkNittany: harrison better be in the lineup at the start of the ND game

PSU96: I'll remind anyone just joining us that the only TD so far was scored in 7-on-7

FurnaceB: can't count on that, makes too much sense

PSU96: Gaines sacks Suhey

FurnaceB: any recruits present 96?

PSU96: after significant pressure up the middle from Johnson

PSU96: end of series

psuthebest: price may surprise a lot of us. apparently he came into spring ball ready to play.

futurelion: I'm really not worried about our defense at all. As long as we can get some production and time from one of the frosh DE's

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PSU96: 1st team O vs. 3rd team D

PSU96: Morelli skips a pass off the turf in front of Norwood incomplete

cgiam311: how's Morelli looked?

PSU96: dump pass to Norwood over the middle on a crossing route and he gets to the first down marker

PSU96: Morelli completes an out route to Butler for 9 yards

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PSU96: Morelli throws low to Butler incomplete. Would have been a 17 yard gain

PSU69: 96er: who are the 3rd team LBs?

futurelion: sounds like Morelli spreads it around pretty good, not forcing it to anyone

pennstaven: 69- LB - Kubic, Hull, Yocum

PSU96: pitch to Kinlaw good for about 6 yards

PSUisBACK: is the weather as bad there as it is in Maryland?

PSU96: it is freezing cold here

cgiam311: good, get used to FB weather!

PSUisBACK: I hope it warms up for BlueWhite........

PSU96: false start

PSU69: Thanks, staven

PSUisBACK: I'm not as young as I used to be........ :->

futurelion: on who 96 ?

pennstaven: 69, follow the link


PSU96: unknown futurelion

PSU96: Morelli flushed from the pocket and picks up 4 yards

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PSU96: Morelli rolls left and fires behind Norwood incomplete

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PSU96: Morelli is off-target unfortunately

PSU96: swing pass to Scott complete for a first down

PSULIONS17: sounds like it 96

PSUisBACK: 65% completion prediction.........sounds unlikely.........

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FurnaceB: wet ball maybe

PSU96: Morelli throws a post pattern complete to Jordan Lyons for a first and goal

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PSU96: about a 25 yard pickup. The throw was low. Lyons made a nice catch

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PSU69: First time for Morelli in front of a thousand or so coaches. Maybe some nerves.

PSULIONS17: ahh Morelli has played infront of 100K+

PSULIONS17: I doubt it's nerves

PSU96: Morelli fakes the handoff to Scott and takes off around the left side inside the 5, blasts into Mark Rubin who forces Morelli to fumble, recovered by the defense on the 1 yard line

PSU96: The offense was given the ball back on the two. Austin Scott takes the pitch and goes in for a TD

cgiam311: Morelli has to hold onto that ball

PSU42Fan: uh oh

PSU96: But, remember the 3rd team D forced a turnover there

PSU42Fan: rubin's making plays

PSU42Fan: i never want to see that play in a real game

PSU96: Morelli lowered his shoulder but Rubin did a nice job of holding his ground and then stripping the ball

PSU42Fan: those were mrob specials

cgiam311: 96, overall how is Morelli with taking care of the ball?

PSU42Fan: not for tony

FurnaceB: we definitely have to be better in the redzone

PSU96: end of series

PSU96: 2nd team O vs. 1st team D

PSU96: Cianciolo throws deep to Cousins in tight coverage. Incomplete, overthrown

PSU96: Davis on the coverage

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psuthebest: does morelli look slow when he runs.

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PSU96: No, he doesn't look slow

cgiam311: probably since we're used to MRob

PSU96: not fast either, but he's mobile enough to buy time

PSU96: Cianciolo flushed out of the pocket by Shaw and Johnson, scrambles for a 1 yard gain

futurelion: sounds like Johnson has come to play today

cgiam311: how have the DE's looked?

PSU96: Middle screen to Hahn who is hit hard by Ridenhour

cgiam311: Ridenhour 1st team?

NewYorkNittany: who looks more impressive ridenhour or scirotto?

PSU96: Gaines looked good against the 3rd team line, but I haven't seen a lot of pressure from any of the ends overall

cgiam311: thanks 96

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futurelion: pressure is going to have to come from up the middle this year

PSU96: Cianciolo tries to sneak it for a first down, but the DL stops him short on 3rd down and inches

cgiam311: looks like Odrick and Evans can make a difference

PSULIONS17: sounds like Spencer is playing well back there

PSU69: How has Hayes looked, 96er?

PSULIONS17: he might be hard to keep off the field

PSU96: Joe gives the 2nd team a first down anyway so the series can continue

cgiam311: agree 17

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NewYorkNittany: could mean donnie to FS

PSU96: Shaw comes bursting in on Cianciolo but he is out of control. Paul C rolls outside and throws a nice ball to McDonald who makes a leaping catch at the sideline for a first down. Nice play all around.

cgiam311: make that play Shaw!

PSULIONS17: McDonald has had a ton of catches

PSU96: Kinlaw gets the handoff and is tackled for a yard gain by Gaines

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PSU96: Sean Lee busts up the middle on the blitz and sacks Cianciolo

cgiam311: kid can play!

NewYorkNittany: lee is a terror

PSU96: McDonald looks smooth as silk

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FurnaceB: we need Chris Ganter back

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PSU96: Very physical looking receiver

cgiam311: ha!

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cgiam311: 96, is Clark coming back in the fall or summer?

PSU96: Farris gets thrown into Paul C's lap by Johnson but he escapes and finds Kinlaw on a dump off for about 5 yards

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PSU69: Clark returns after spring semester ends.

cgiam311: thanks 69

cgiam311: does Clark automatically move back up to 2nd team?

PSU96: Cianciolo fires left on a post to Cousins, but King is in perfect coverage and gets his hand on the ball right before Cousins can catch it. Incomplete

PSU96: McDonald catches a swing pass and gets to the 30 yard line for a first down

PSU96: end of series

NewYorkNittany: McDonald = MVP

FurnaceB: I hope Cousins works hard, sounds like a kid who can contribute someday

PSUisBACK: James is our McDonald's Player of the Game

playdrums: was Clark ever at 2nd team?

cgiam311: I thought he was, drums

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PSU69: Clark is expected to be 2nd team for pre-season. At least that was the word during winter workouts.

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PSU96: 2nd team D vs. 3rd team O now

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PSU69: If that happens, I would be surprised to see Cianciolo transfer.-

cgiam311: that's what I thought I heard, does he stay down now after the academic problem?

PSU96: 2 running plays go nowhere following a false start

playdrums: I didn't know he'd moved past Cianciolo

PSU96: the defensive tackles have done a good job overall

PSU42Fan: he probably will be down because he will have missed time

PSU42Fan: makes sense

PSU69: I meant I wouldn't be surprised to see Cianciolo transfer.

playdrums: there's been a lot of posts about him "competing for 2nd."

cgiam311: Clark's ineligibility was due to a clearinghouse issue, right?

playdrums: but I didn't know it was a done deal

playdrums: right

PSU96: Reverse to Derrick Williams picks up 7 yards and a first down

cgiam311: not his fault

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PSU96: third team O has the first team WRs

PSU42Fan: joe c may not transfer if the clark situation is unclear

cgiam311: but can anyone throw to them?

PSU96: Suhey throws complete to the sideline to Butler for 8 yards

cgiam311: guess that answers that

PSU42Fan: paging pat devlin...paging pat devlin

futurelion: we'll see some transfers this year

cgiam311: Devlin = RS

PSU42Fan: yes, most likely

PSU42Fan: but he's our 2nd best qb

cgiam311: best thing for him and the program

PSU96: 3rd team OL - Matt Lowry, Austin Hinton, Ross Muir, Dennis Landolt, Joe Toriello

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diddy1: just like Morelli did!

cgiam311: Landolt 3rd team? I thought he was making apush late last year

PSU69: I hope Landolt moves ahead of Price and behind Harrison by August.

PSU96: Mike Hart throws complete to Norwood for a first down. Gain of about 6

jimh74: 96, what defense are they running against?

cgiam311: 2nd team

PSU96: Mike Hart throws a lollipop deep ball that gets picked by Nolan McCready who takes it back about 75 yards for a TD

PSU96: the throw looked like a punt kind of

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futurelion: haa

PSU96: Suhey back in there now throwing a quick pass to Perretta who picks up 9

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cgiam311: 96, thought you said it was 1st team WR's

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PSU96: they switched after the INT

cgiam311: ok

PSU96: There's a lot of mixing and matching going on now

cgiam311: ok, thanks

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PSU96: Looks like we're ending with 1st team vs. 1st team. Should be the last series

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PSU96: Two minute drill

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cgiam311: should be interesting

PSU96: Morelli almost gets picked by King throwing to Williams

PSU96: They move the ball to the 40 to keep the series going

PSU96: Screen to Scott gets the ball to midfield

PSU96: Morelli complete to Williams to the 41

PSU96: two hand touch on this series

jimh74: 96, you need a cap cam

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PSU96: Morelli complete to Norwood at the sideline to the 35

PSU96: Morelli throws a perfect pass that DWill drops at the 25

futurelion: is the D in the prevent ?

cgiam311: come on Derrick!

PSU96: Perretta makes a catch at the 20

PSU96: Ball is placed at the 10 yard line

PSU96: Throw to Butler at the goal line is too far in front of him. Good coverage by Davis

PSULIONS17: are thos Michigan refs spotting the ball???

PSU96: End of series

PSU96: They kept putting the ball wherever the pass would have been caught or the player was touched down

PSU96: 2nd team vs. 2nd team D

PSULIONS17: just being sarcastic 96

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cgiam311: later guys

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PSU96: Kinlaw takes the draw, spins out of a tackle and gains 10

PSU96: Deep pass to Perretta lands out of bounds

PSU96: Dump pass to Kinlaw to the 42

jimh74: who is QB Sugey?

PSU96: Cianciolo

jimh74: oops Suhey?

jimh74: thx

PSU96: Out route complete to Williams at the 30

PSU96: Overthrow on a pass to Darling, but Norwood was 10 yards behind everyone and Cianciolo didn't see him

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PSU96: Williams with a nice catch in traffic over the middle at the 15

PSU96: Cianciolo throws a nice fade route to Norwood in the EZ for a TE


PSU96: That's it! Scrimmage is over

fp001: thanks 96

Joypa: thx 96

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futurelion: nice job, 96

jimh74: yeah, thanks

jaypea99: 96, you rock. Thanks for all these updates.

Alan84: great coverage 96!

PSU96: One offensive TD scored the entire scrimmage

PSU96: ending the scrimmage with 100 yard sprints

twak1: Cheek get outstand D line men award for linemen named Cheek

NWNittany: lol

psuthebest: enjoyed it--thanks very much 96!

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FurnaceB: any high school prospects in attendance 96?

PSU96: thanks for stopping by everyone

twak1: Thanks 96---Great JOB


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