6 Offers For Ohio DB

DeJuan Tribble, Donnie Johnson's high school teammate, now has 6 scholarship offers. The Nittany Lions need to sign a few cornerbacks this year. Have they offered?

Name: DeJuan Tribble
Position: QB / CB
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 182 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.4 (at school), 4.6 (UC Combine - electronically timed)
School: North College Hills High School, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Right now I have 6 offers in writing: Boston College, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Duke, West Virginia and Cincinnati," DeJuan said.

Georgia Tech and Wisconsin have also been in contact.

"My coach said that they were supposed to be offering, but apparently they haven't come through yet."

DeJuan also added that Wake Forest is supposed to be offering as well.

Penn State has been in contact with the outstanding Ohio cornerback prospect.

"I've been hearing a lot from them.  I've been receiving letters from Jay Paterno and Coach Kenney and I think I've received a few emails lately from Coach Bradley.  I think they called [last month].  My mom told me that somebody from Penn State called, but I was at work so I didn't get to talk to them."

The home state Ohio State Buckeyes also have their eye on Tribble.

"I've been hearing a lot from them too.  I plan on going to their camp on Tuesday and Wednesday.  They said they only had a limited amount of offers this year and they wanted to see if I could get the job done at camp before they do offer me."

DeJuan was invited to attend one of Penn State's summer camp sessions as well.

"I was invited, but I lost their brochure so I sent an email to one of the coaches and asked to get another brochure on when the camps would be because I was going to try and make it there for a day or two, but I never received the information."

DeJuan will try to attend the last session which takes place at the end of this week.

"I'll try to make that one.  I have Coach Kenney's number so I'll give him a call."

Tribble is still open at this early stage of the recruiting process.

"I still really don't have any favorites.  I'd like to go out and visit a few more schools before I have a favorite.  I've only visited Ohio State, Penn State and Cincinnati.  My coach and I plan to do a little visiting this summer and go out to see some of the campuses.  I know we're going to try to go to West Virginia and take a trip down to Georgia for the 2-day camp."

High school teammate Donnie Johnson, who is headed to Penn State, is doing his part to recruit DeJuan.

"Yeah, he's always telling me that Coach Kenney is asking about me all the time."

May 21 LionNews article on DeJuan Tribble

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