Another Trip For Georgia Back

Sensational Georgia running back Jason Evans took a trip to Penn State this past weekend. He talks about the visit and where the Nittany Lions rank among his favorites.

Name: Jason Evans
Position: RB
Height: 6'1 1/2"
Weight: 185 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.4
Bench Press: 260 pounds
School: Harrison High, Kennesaw, GA

Jason Evans will begin his senior year as a 4-year starter at running back and a 3-year starter at corner back.  He will play running back in college.  Last season, he averaged an amazing 10.7 yards per carry and totalled 1,350 yards rushing with 15 touchdowns.

Jason has nearly 30 scholarship offers including one from the Nittany Lions.  He and his mother took their first visit to Happy Valley this weekend.

"I liked it a lot, it's a great campus," Jason said.  "It's really not what people say, it's in the middle of nowhere, but it's a great town.

"We went yesterday (Saturday) and we stayed until this morning (Sunday).  We had breakfast with Coach Paterno this morning.

"Yesterday, Coach Carter and a graduate assistant took us around and showed us the town, the facilities and the weight room.  We met the coaches, I talked with my position coach, it was real nice.  We sat down [with Coach Ganter] and he talked to me about what they needed out of me and what I can get from them, and he talked to us about how long he's been there.  It was real good.

"We got to eat dinner at a few places, it was pretty good.  The new facilities are great.

"There were a lot more people than I expected for it being summer.  There were a lot of people there.  It's a pretty big town for where it is."

Coach Kenny Carter is recruiting Jason for Penn State.

"He seems like a great guy.  He seems to be really proud of what's going on there.  They're going to try to get two [running backs].  I think that's what they said."

Jason is a good student and academics will play a key role in his decision making process.

"I saw the head business guy and we talked.  He explained everything and he told me how good the education was.  I got some papers for the communication majors and everything."

Prior to his this weekend, Jason took unofficial visits to Texas A&M, Boston College, Stanford, Northwestern, Maryland, North Carolina and South Carolina.  He may make a few more visits.

"We're not sure yet.  We might head up to Notre Dame or maybe Oregon, maybe."

Jason would still like to make a decision before the end of the summer.

"It's still the plan.  I'm trying to [make my decision] before the first game.  Our first game's in mid-August."

Stanford was Jason's favorite heading into the weekend.  It seems as though they now share that role with Penn State.

"Stanford and Penn State, they're really up there and Texas A&M, Boston College and Notre Dame.  All except for Notre Dame [have offered] because I guess they're still deciding on what they have, but they're saying they'll be sending it anytime now."

Anybody have a lead?

"After today and yesterday, I couldn't really say.  It might really be between those two."

Jason grew up liking Michigan.

"I really haven't heard much from them.  They've dropped off.  It seems like they don't have an interest."

Have the Wolverines offered?

"I have yet to receive it."

So, did Penn State make a good impression?

"A real good impression," Jason answered without hesitation.

April 30 LionNews article on Jason Evans

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