Top Prospects Invade PSU

Hundreds of recruiting prospects will make the trek to Happy Valley on Saturday for the Nike Camp held on Penn State's campus. Among the slew of players in attendance will be some of the top names for the Class of 2007. Find out about how the camp is run and who is expected to make the trip to PSU this weekend.

Many fans ask what exactly happens at a Nike Camp. Well, after a prospect registers their measurements are taken (height and weight). The camp is then broken down into for segments.

Camp Breakdown

Section One: Prospects have the option of participating in testing drills. If they choose to do this they first participate in a warm-up session. Then they test in the following:

  • 40-yard dash
  • 20-yard shuttle run
  • 185 pound bench press
  • Vertical jump

    Section 2: Then the participant can participate in SPARQ (Speed. Power. Agility. Reaction. Quickness.) Training drills. The SPARQ Rating is designed to measure sport-specific athleticism. SPARQ includes cone, ladder and agility drills.

    Section 3: Next the prospect can participate in position specific drills. Each position (QBs, RBs, WR/TEs, OLs & DLs, LBs and DBs) work individually on skills specific to their position.

    Section 4: Finally, the camp concludes with one-on-one passing and non-contact line drills that matchup players.


    Given the sheer amount of football players who attend to Penn State Nike Camp it can be incredibly challenging to get a list that is even remotely comprehensive. However, below is a listing by position of some of the prospects expected to particiate in the camp. Keep in mind this list is in no way comprehensive.


    Pat Bostick
    Bob Bartley
    Spencer Hickoff
    Matt Rodgers
    Tyrod Taylor
    Chris Whitney

    Running Back:

    Henry Hynoski
    Ross Gargano
    T.J. McDuffie
    Lamont Smith

    Wide Receiver:

    Dayon Arrington
    Arrelious Benn
    Toney Clemons
    Jon Ditto
    Duval Kamara
    Chris Lorditch
    Derek Moye

    Tight End:

    Chris Drager
    Rob Gronkowski
    Zach Smith

    Offensive Line:

    Jake Anderson
    Donny Barclay
    Evan Blankenship
    Wayne Crawford
    Mike Dykes
    Gino Gradkowski
    Nick Jenkins
    Dan Matha
    Lamar Milstead
    Matt Ostrowski
    Paul Simkovich
    Josh White

    Defensive Line:

    Josh Allison Marvin Austin
    Jamar Jackson
    Derrick Morgan
    Devon Still

    Tony Tucker


    Devonte Campbell
    Chris Colasanti
    Dane Conwell
    Kevin Hahn
    Pat Lazear
    Aaron Williams

    Defensive Back:

    Dan Collins
    Dominique Herald
    Jayson Nickson
    Daryl Robinson
    Jonathan Wade
    Brandon Watters


    Tim Cortazzo
    Dom DeCicco
    Tony Logan
    Maurice Williams


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