Marks: Decision on Horizon

A decision is not far off for Josh Marks. Marks, the 6-foot-4, 285 pound four-star offensive lineman from Southern Columbia Area High School in Catawissa, Pa., has begun the finals stages of his recruitment and soon will select the school of his choice. Find out when he plans to decide and where he is in the process.

"Nothing is really new lately, other than I think that I'm going to be making my decision in the very near future," Josh Marks said. "I would say, no later than probably sometime in June. I'll give it until the end of May, and I think that things just clicked. It's kind of become clear and I think within, at the most, month and a half, that I think I'll make my decision."

With a decision coming in the not-too-distant future, Marks indicated that he plans on taking a couple additional unofficial visits.

"I'm definitely probably going to take a visit to Penn State and a visit to Pitt, other than that we don't have anything planned," Marks said. "Definitely a visit to Pitt and a visit to Penn State."

As such, is it fair to say that Marks has narrowed the list down to Pitt and Penn State?

"Things just became clear to me," Marks said. "I would say that Penn State and Pitt are the top two on my list right now. I'd say that there are a couple of other schools that have a chance. Unless something changes, Pitt and Penn State are at the top of my list."

Both Marks and his family will likely take a trip to Happy Valley within the next few weeks. Marks said that he may stay for an addition day or two with one of Penn State's football players.

"My dad had talked to Coach McQueary and he said that within the next couple of weeks, my family is going to go down there for the day," Marks said. "None of that is for sure yet."

At this time, Marks has not decided on whether he will hold a press conference to make his choice public. He said he will wait until he comes to his decision, and then will discuss the options available with his family.

"I don't know," Marks said. "People said things to me about a press conference," Marks said. "I got a letter from ESPN-U, and they asked if I would announce on-air. My parents know I'm close to making a decision. I think once I'm positive of the school, after that we'll decide how I'm going to announce it."


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