Hali Rookie Camp Report

Tamba Hali is participating in the Kansas City Chiefs Rookie Camp and early reports on the All-American defensive end have been impressive. Get the rundown of how Hali looks in practice from K.C. camp observers.

Day One: Morning Practice Session
Mike Nugent: Warpaint Illustrated Writer

Rookie defensive end Tamba Hali is even quicker and more explosive in person than he appears to be on film. He's very impressive with his technique and spped off the corner.

I'm going to wait until I see everyone next week to fully assess him, but I think he might be the quickest defensive lineman the Chiefs have, even quicker than Wilkerson, who I thought was the Chiefs most explosive off the line last year.

Day One: Afternoone Practice Session
Nick Athan: Warpaint Illustrated Publisher

Hali really showed off his speed in the afternoon session. His speed is second to none along the defensive line and once he learns to use his hands, he'll be a tremendous addition to the defensive pass rush.

It will be interesting watching him face some better talent next week when the veterans report. But at the rookie level he's far ahead of the young offensive line that the Chiefs have assembled in this rookie camp. Stealing an expression from an old coach - 'he's the real deal'.


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