Camp Report: Michael Robinson

Doubts are nothing new for Michael Robinson. Facing and addressing them throughout his college career, he now seems to be well on his way towards doing it again at the professional level. Granted, it's early, but the reports out of 49er camp so far have him impressing observers.

In the early goings of San Francisco's practices Michael Robinson's play has reflected his time at Penn State, performing as a jack-of-all-trades in camp and showing he has the strong potential to be a versatile player at the next level for San Francisco.

Running Around

Through mini-camp and the early sessions of rookie camp, Robinson has focused a lot of his reps in the backfield, taking snaps at both tailback and fullback, a position the 49ers initially drafted him for. Observers say he runs with "focus" and "determination," showing "a good first step" and good vision in drills.

The versatile PSU product stepped right in at running back from the start of drills and "displayed impressive athleticism, power, speed and polish" at the position after playing quarterback exclusively during his senior season last year.

Showing Versatility

Aside from being a possible threat on the ground, Robinson has shown he has the skills to possibly be a multi-threat player for the 49ers.

In the early goings of camp, aside from running the ball, he has played some wide receiver and quarterback. As Coach Mike Nolan said, "He did a very good job. He handled himself very well and it was evident because he was in on a lot of plays. He played a little quarterback, a little running back. We split him out on some things."

Defining His Role

Although the San Francisco coaches appear to have Robinson pencilled in at running back, they are starting to realize that he has the potential to move around as a utility weapon, pulling in passes and maybe even tossing a ball or two. Aside from this he has participated in some special teams drills as well, putting his feet and moves to work returning punts.

Whether he ends up as a running back, wideout, punt returner or even possibly the team's third quarterback remains to be seen, but he has made an early impression for the 49er coaches, and answered some of those initial questions.


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