Top PA OL Working Hard

Joel Holler, from McCaskey High School in Lancaster, PA, is considered by many to be the top O-Lineman in Pennsylvania. He talks about his summer and names his current favorites. Is he still interested in PSU?

Name: Joel Holler
Position: OT
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 335 pounds
40-yard dash: 5.4
Bench Press: 300 pounds
School: J.P. McCaskey High, Lancaster, PA

Joel weighed in at 348 pounds this past April at the Nike Camp.  Despite his huge frame, he performed very well, especially in the footwork drills.

"As soon as I hit that 348 I thought 'I can't play both ways like that'," Joel said.

Holler has been working hard to shed the extra weight.

"We're in our 4th week of workouts right now, but I just started watching my eating, running, doing track and some crazy workouts.  I'm feeling good right now.  I'm running great.  I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life right now.  Last year, I was around 325 pounds and I'm in better shape right now than I was back then."

Although he did not attend any summer camps, Holler has been busy this summer visiting several schools.

"I went out to Ohio State, then went up to Notre Dame, then went to Michigan State and Michigan and then we stopped by Pittsburgh for a couple of hours on the way home."

He has previously been to Penn State, Maryland and Pittsburgh.

He now has received 16 scholarship offers from teams including "Penn State, Pittsburgh, Maryland, Ohio State, Michigan State, Illinois, Syracuse, West Virginia, Vanderbilt, Cincinnati, Duke." 

Those are all in writing.  UConn and Virginia Tech have also offered.  He received a verbal offer from Miami many months ago although he has yet to receive it in writing .

Penn State sent Holler a written offer back on May 1.

"They had a big class last year, I think they want like 4 or 5 (offensive linemen).  They're just stocking up.  Coach Kenney said they need linemen, they're losing a lot this year."

Being from Lancaster, PA, Joel grew up rooting for Penn State.

"Yeah, I grew up Penn State all the way."

What does he like about the Nittany Lions?

"I liked watching them when I was young, how they play and the coaching staff.  Meeting the coaching staff, all I knew was the team, but when I got to visit them, their coaching staff is real cool."

Holler has been to Penn State several times including a camp 2 years ago, most of the home games last year, the Blue-White game and Nike Camp this year and at least one unofficial visit and tour in early April.

One of the many home games he attended at Beaver Stadium last season was the Ohio State game.

"I was right on the field when they were carrying JoePa off.  My dad was there too.  He said he never thought he would do that.  He said he could've reached out and touched him."

Although the Hollers are fans of the Nittany Lions, Joel plans to continue checking out other schools.

"Right now, I'm thinking I'll probably take my visits because I don't have the money to see places and if I don't get to see places, I'm not being true to myself."

He listed Penn State, Pittsburgh, Maryland, Ohio State, Illinois, Virginia Tech, Miami, Michigan and Michigan State as his current favorites.  He added that those are not in any particular order and subject to change.  Michigan has not yet offered.

April 26 LionNews article on Joel Holler

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