Return of the PSU Scholarship Table

At this time of year there are always questions concerning how many scholarships the Nittany Lions have available for their next recruiting class. To better track the number of grants Penn State is using at various positions and in different classes, we are relaunching a spruced-up version of the popular scholarship table that fell by the wayside when we took over the old Lion News site.

Get a closer look at Penn State's current scholarship situation with The FOS Scholarship Table. This table breaks down the current scholarship count by position and year.

Keep in mind that there are several factors which can impact this number, including greyshirts (prospects who delay their enrollment) and early departures like Trent Varva, Jim Kanuch and J.R. Zwierzynski, all of whom recently stepped away from the program before their eligibility expired, thus opening scholarship positions on the roster.

It is expected that the PSU coaches may have to further leverage either of these tactics considering the team appears to be three scholarships over the limit with the newest recruiting class joining the team in late June.

Also included is a table breaking down the departures by class to help illustrate the impact various classes have had on the program recently.

The FOS Scholarship Table


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