TE Sczerba Talks Penn State

Over the last few years, Delaware has been producing some very good Division 1A prospects, including BranDon Snow and Eric Latimore. Andrew Sczerba appears to be another solid prospect from the state of Delaware to attract the attention of major division 1A schools, including Penn State.

In the last few years, tight ends have been developing into a real weapon in college offenses throughout the nation. Therefore, schools are looking for those players who have the ability to blocke like a tackle and can catch like a wide receiver. Andrew Sczerba is among one of the best tight ends in the northeast region.

At 6-foot-6, 255 pounds, Sczerba is a very good blocker and solid receiver. As a junior, Sczerba was named second team All-State and first team All-Catholic. In the weight room, he has a 300 pound bench press. As far as a squat, he does 315 pounds ten times and couples that with a 4.9 forty yard dash.

Like many student-athletes throughout the country, he plans on employing a speed coach to reduce his forty time. He believes that he is really a 4.7 second forty but his technique needs to be improved.

His abilities have attracted the attention along with scholarship offers from North Carolina, Duke, West Virginia, Virginia, Iowa, Penn State, Maryland, Syracuse, and Rutgers. Since he has not had an opportunity to visit all of the schools that have offered him, he has not developed a list of favorites. However, he did have the opportunity to visit the campuses of Penn State, Maryland, and Virginia.

Sczerba feels the following about some of the schools that he has visited and has offers from:

Penn State: Andrew loves coaching legend Joe Paterno and the tight end position. During his visit, the staff and the players treated him great and made him feel at home.

Maryland: He really likes head coach Ralph Friedgen and the relationship he has developed. The facilities and the campus are beautiful. He feels it's a great school to play football.

Virginia: Probably the most beautiful campus I have seen. I really like the coaches and he has built a great relationship with them. The academics are awesome.

North Carolina: I have not been to the campus but I have heard it is beautiful.

Rutgers: They are my most recent offer and I have only just started to talk to them. But I am really looking forward to see the coaches, talk to them, and learning more about the school

During the summer, he will be taking visits to all of the schools that he has been offered. Towards the end of the summer, he will attempt to narrow his list of schools and plans on making a decision before the season starts. The early decision is to allow him to focus on his senior season.

But he is not looking to rush his decision. Therefore, if he feels that he is not ready, he will delay the decision but he would like to have a decision before LOI day.


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