Lions Enter Race for Hughes

Hubbard High School (IL) "do everything" running back Robert Hughes has added more offers. At this pace, all of the Big 10 will find a space on Hughes' offer list. See who has jumped into the race for the 5-foot-11, 227 pound 4.6/40 running back.

"I have new offers from Wisconsin, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Penn State, Georgia Tech and Michigan State. Pretty much all of the Big 10 has offered now," reported Robert Hughes.

Another school from a bit farther south, Mississippi State, offered Hughes some time ago.

"I have some family down there and they gave Mississippi State my tape. I am most definitely interested. I am wide open to the recruiting process," said Hughes. "I am looking to see who all expresses interest in me and I then I will ask the good Lord to show me the road and then I will express my interest in them. Distance is not a factor in my decision at all. If I have to travel a thousand miles away for the right opportunity, that's what I will do."

It is going to be tough to narrow the field with so many options, but Hughes says he has a good idea where to start.

"The depth chart is going to be important. If I could slip right in and be able to make an impact on the field at an early stage that would help. I am also looking at the offense, tradition and the coaches it's all going to play a role," said Robert.

With nearly two dozen offers, fans from around the country will be watching and waiting to see what Hughes does. Will a Big 10 powerhouse emerge in the coming weeks as the leader for Hughes' signature? Stay with to find out.


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