Jenkins Talks Nittany Lions

School may be out for the summer, but it doesn't mean Nick Jenkins won't be staying busy. The 6-foot-3, 288-pound defensive tackle prospect from Good Counsel High School in Wheaton, Md. has seen an exponential increase in the number of scholarships sent his way, some of which came from the nation's elite football programs. He will take much of this summer to visit schools all across the country.

"Right now I have just over 30 offers," Nick Jenkins said. "My latest would be Tennessee, Florida, Michigan, Pittsburgh, and South Carolina. Those are my recent ones."

Several months ago, Jenkins indicated to that schools were looking at him as both an offensive lineman as well as a defensive lineman. Now, things have changed. Of the schools that have offered Jenkins, the majority of them are looking at him strictly as a defensive tackle, including Penn State.

"Ever since the Elite combine and Nike combine, everybody looking at me is now recruiting to play defense," Jenkins said. "Ninety-percent of the schools are recruiting me for defense."

Jenkins made it clear that he does not have any favorites at this point in his recruitment, but that he will take the summer to visit many of the schools that have extended offers.

"As far as my favorites go, things are kind of out in the open," Jenkins said. "About in a week or so, I'm going to go out and start taking some trips. I'm going to the northern schools first and then the southern schools."

After Jenkins takes his visits, he said he should have a better idea of a top list of schools. Until then, Jenkins said that he does not have a favorite at the time.

"I really don't have any right now," Jenkins said. "I really couldn't tell you a favorite because I'd be lying to you."

While Jenkins may not have a favorite, he said that he prefers the warm weather down south.

"I like down south," Jenkins said. "I like it because of the warm weather. My brother went through this whole recruiting spiel. But you know when you step on the campus, you're going to know where that's going to be, whether it be Florida or in Maine. I don't know where it's going to be, but I hope it's down south but I couldn't really tell you right now," Jenkins said.

Despite an early preference for the south, Jenkins said that he will visit Happy Valley this summer. The Nittany Lions extended Jenkins an offer several months ago. Coach Larry Johnson has been recruiting Jenkins for Penn State.

"I'm definitely going to visit Penn State," Jenkins said. "I've been up there before for both Nike camps, and camp last summer. I got a little taste of Penn State then, but I want to get an in depth look."

What specifically does Jenkins like about Penn State?

"I like the location," Jenkins said. "I like how everything they do and everything they talk about is family oriented and family based. When I talked to Coach Johnson, the first thing out of his mouth is: ‘how is your family.' It's not just about me. They have always included my family in everything. I like the atmosphere. I like the fact of playing in front of 107,000 fans. I like the Big 10, but mostly, and I just had a strong connection with coach Johnson. He's a guy you can just talk to, but I mean he's just family oriented person. That's what I like about him and Penn State."

Jenkins' preference for the south and his interest in Penn State seem to contradict. When asked about his interest in the south compared to his interest in Penn State, Jenkins clarified.

"It's a good question," Jenkins laughed. "It is too early really. Part of me likes the warm weather. I love Penn State, I really like Penn State, but I do like the warm weather. I'd rather play great football and be in a great football atmosphere for four or five years, than be warm. That's what I like about Penn State."


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