Powell Visits Happy Valley

Susquehannock, Pa. defensive back/running back Chaz Powell visited Penn State this past weekend for an unofficial visit and came away pretty pleased. Powell talks about his visit with the Penn State coaches and where a PSU offer satnds currently

"The visit went well," Chaz Powell said. "I visited the stadium, the locker room, and all the facilities. I also got to meet a few of the players like Austin Scott and Tony Hunt. I had lunch with Coach (Larry) Johnson and I also had a meeting with Coach (Joe) Paterno."

Powell has yet to receive a written offer form the Nittany Lions, but he was hoping he would hear some magic words during his meeting with Coach Paterno. "Coach Paterno told me that they like me a lot and if it were up to them, I would have an offer. The academic end is holding the offer back right now because I had to take a test for them on Friday, so they had yet to find out the results.

"Hopefully I will hear something by next week," Powell said.

Powell also set up some plans for later this month as well. "I will probably be heading out to Ohio State next Friday unless something happens with Penn State," Powell said.


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