FOS Chat Wrap: Summer Fun

It may be the off-season, but there is always plenty to talk about regarding the Penn State football program. From recruiting to the Big 33 to the 2006 schedule, get the lowdown on what is going on with the Nittany Lion gridders in our premium chat wrap.

ncNIT: Hello, Is there anybody in here

PlaybookMark: hey Nit

ncNIT: Hello, Mark!

PlaybookMark: WSup Tom and Bob?

BobLichtenfels: sup

WeRPSUPlaybook: Evening folks

WeRPSUPlaybook: did we promote this chat?

PlaybookMark: I just put a post on the premium board for it

PlaybookMark: Brennan and I were talking tonight about setting up a formal chat schedule in the future

BobLichtenfels: i just said bashBob night...They'll flock

ncNIT: Does anybody have any news regarding Sukay?

PlaybookMark: lol - Bob most love you - the vocal few are - well - vocal

WeRPSUPlaybook: lol....

BobLichtenfels: Good job on the Big 33 WeR

BobLichtenfels: lol

PlaybookMark: Yeah nice Big 33 coverage

WeRPSUPlaybook: Gee, a comment like that coming from a Pitt guy? lol

BobLichtenfels: Nit he is going to PSU from what i get

PlaybookMark: Nit seems it could be a PSU-ND battle and I would bet that location wins out for him

ncNIT: Thanks!

BobLichtenfels: I would just like to hear about the rest of the team

BobLichtenfels: ND is out

WeRPSUPlaybook: Hey Mark, Steve Penstone sent me audio from Steve Balboni's pc today.. when should we run it?

PlaybookMark: tomorrow - when is your DEvlin piece going live?

PlaybookMark: hey 56

msj56: hows it goin

PlaybookMark: I was surprised that Sukay went to Pitt with his uncle

WeRPSUPlaybook: I think tomorrow morning - we've put a ton of stuff up today..

PlaybookMark: yeah

PlaybookMark: hey reig

BobLichtenfels: I never figured he'd leave the state

WeRPSUPlaybook: I haven't caught up to McEowen yet.. the teams are at Hersheypark tonight..

reigle9: Haven’t done this in a while, I'm nervous lol

PlaybookMark: Tom - so how would you grade out Devlin so far?

msj56: any chance we offer tony tucker?

PlaybookMark: hey nittany

BobLichtenfels: WET two coaches told me Nix was killin it in practice any truth?

psunittany: hey....

BobLichtenfels: WeR*

psunittany: someone said Nix looked good, but was 'skinny’

psunittany: 17 or marsh

WeRPSUPlaybook: On Devlin, I'd give him a B... potential for earning an A..

BobLichtenfels: He is skinny, I'm tellin you guys that boy is going to be a good one

PlaybookMark: 56 - the staff likes Tucker, but with the depth at LB and end I am not sure they have room for him

psunittany: 17 & marsh said they thought Fields was easily Pitt's most impressive kid there.....

WeRPSUPlaybook: Nix is fast as hell.. he's all over the field.. but he's no match for the bigger guys when they hit him..

PlaybookMark: hey Cory

psunittany: Nix = SS?

WeRPSUPlaybook: He will be very very good if and when he fills out though..

BobLichtenfels: He needs to gain about 15-20 pounds

msj56: whis is this Nix

msj56: who

WeRPSUPlaybook: and it looks like Nix may also be handling the punting duties...

PlaybookMark: I think a lot of folks have overlooked McEowen

PlaybookMark: Can Wagner punt?

psunittany: I feel bad for Malecki....he really seemed to have a HUGE upside.... I hope he gets his shoulder fixed...those injuries stay around......

psunittany: They say McEowen & Odrick aren't blockable

WeRPSUPlaybook: McEowen has been the most solid DL this week.. but he's been overshadowed by what some of the other guys are doing..

WeRPSUPlaybook: Mark, Wagner can punt, but he's not consistent at it...

BobLichtenfels: Odrick when he learns what he is doing could be an AA down the line

PlaybookMark: WeR you'd put McEowen ahead of Odrick?

WeRPSUPlaybook: Odrick has been playing 90% of the snaps on the OL since Malecki went down.. so it's tough to rate them side by side Mark

PlaybookMark: gotcha - Odrick is big, quick and strong, but his attitude is what sets him apart

reigle9: Is the game on live TV? FoxPitt, the Pa channel?

BobLichtenfels: Odrick has that gritty, street attitude

BobLichtenfels: FSN Pitt

BobLichtenfels: and PCN

PlaybookMark: LJ is going to have Koroma work on setting his base wider when he gets to campus

reigle9: thanks Bon, 7pm?

reigle9: Bob

BobLichtenfels: yup

psunittany: How does Devlin look? Those who heard Joe speak said his eyes lit up about Daryl Clark.... so hopefully Devlin gets the RS

PlaybookMark: hey Lex

PSUsuperfan: I heard on a radio program last week leading up to the big 33 week that Odrick was told to get ready, that he was going to see time this year. What do you guys think?

LexLion: what's up?

WeRPSUPlaybook: That would help him Mark.. Koroma has been playing a lot of OL as well.. I haven't seen much of practice since Kates showed up since I can't make the morning sessions..

BobLichtenfels: Anyone know how to set up a Blackberry...Bob-Football...Goood...Bob=Technology...Not good

quickskill: of all the NC players we've offered, who do we have the best shot at? I'd guess Rivers if he hasn't chosen Nc . Most seems like longshots even for a visit at this point

PlaybookMark: The concerns I have with Clark are his style - they are building a pitch and catch offense around him, which may not be the best structure for Clark to run

weRpennST: sup room

psunittany: Mo Evans looks sick in his film...can't believe a 260 lb guy is that fast

LexLion: UNC is recruiting very well this year. I'm not sure I like the matchup vs. the Heels for a North Carolinian this year.

LexLion: Just my opinion

weRpennST: did any of u guys see the hynoski article today? in press enterprise

BobLichtenfels: and they were calling for buntings head last year this time of year

PlaybookMark: Lex - NC is loaded with talent so they have a nice base to work with

PSUrbs: Historically the Carolina boys have always been very intersted in the Carolina schools, North and South included.

WeRPSUPlaybook: that's all anyone has is opinions

LexLion: Yep Bob, they were.

weRpennST: sounds like an offer from OSU is in the mail

PlaybookMark: It's telling that PSU is tossing offers to the carolinas so often

BobLichtenfels: nope on the hynoski

LexLion: Nothing wrong with trying.

psunittany: Paulus was a huge get for UNC...Little likes them too

BobLichtenfels: I will say it....PSU is making a mistake on hynoski

LexLion: Watson likes UNC because of Paulus

weRpennST: By TIM HARE

PSUrbs: Definitely not the only one on these boards that think so Bob.

NewYorkNittany: i'm with you on that one bob

psunittany: Bob...but we only have 16..... do we need a FB?

BobLichtenfels: Great player, great kid, great student, great family

psunittany: Galen wants to see Hyno catch the ball....

weRpennST: It ended a nervous few months for Hynoski, who received his three offers in February and then didn't receive another major offer until now. Iowa as well as Ohio State and Stanford told Hynoski an offer was forthcoming, "but it's nice to finally have the offer," Hynoski said.

BobLichtenfels: who cares about FB he is a player

psunittany: I know...I know...Hyno seems a very solid individual.... he'd be an asset to any program....

PSUrbs: Why? Because we throw so many balls to Snow?

BobLichtenfels: newspapers are not always accurate on recruiting info, they don't follow it closely enough

weRpennST: ill post

msj56: Hey Bob, whats your take nathan stupar...part of me thinks we wasted a scholarship on him

psunittany: i don't know..... I love getting the blue-chippers, but you need some solid citizen / hard worker / blue-collar guys to mix in like Hyno for the team chemistry

PlaybookMark: hey frost

WeRPSUPlaybook: msj.. have you ever seen nate stupar play?

LexLion: wasted scholarship on Stupar?

BobLichtenfels: I love stupar he is balls out every play, every game

reigle9: Bob, assuming Sukay commits soon, who is next? A name we all know or somebody out of nowhere?

weRpennST: i just posted the hyno story

weRpennST: if anyone cares to read

PlaybookMark: Stupar is a force - I think he was a great pickup for PSU

BobLichtenfels: Its a tough call reigle with camp coming it could be anyone

reigle9: Aight, thanks

LexLion: So, is Wisniewski a done deal or not?

BobLichtenfels: We found an unknown PSU offer today a RB from NY

BobLichtenfels: I'll have the story up after chat hopefully

weRpennST: bob do you think hyno will end up at pitt, osu or iowa or stanford?

PlaybookMark: RBs should be flocking to Happy Valley

BobLichtenfels: My guess is yes lex, he is playin the game

psunittany: I had a TAP member say Wiz is as much of a lock as you can get.... not telling who said it

BobLichtenfels: I would say Pitt or OSU

LexLion: Thanks Bob

PlaybookMark: nittany - no revelation there

weRpennST: when i talked to him a few weeks ago after Marks press conference

psunittany: true - but Lex asked

BobLichtenfels: he's been a lock since he was a fetus

weRpennST: he was pretty high on pitt

psunittany: lol...fetus

LexLion: LOL

WeRPSUPlaybook: lol Bob

PlaybookMark: It will be very interesting to how the RB recruiting plays out

BobLichtenfels: his embryotic fluid was probably blue and white

weRpennST: ew

LexLion: Derek Moye playing the game as well? Seems like he is very ripe to verbal to PSU.

reigle9: thats gross bob

psunittany: His old man & uncle would kick him if he went anywhere else

weRpennST: at least he didnt say fathers semen

weRpennST: ok i just said it so just as bad

BobLichtenfels: Mo williams, Moye, someone may cancel the other out

PSUrbs: agreed

LexLion: Is it the case of Williams and Moye, the first to jump gets it?

weRpennST: Bob George Curry had his passing camp a week or so back

BobLichtenfels: could be

weRpennST: did u go to it? to scout?

PSUrbs: If nothing else I bet we cool on the other as soon as the first commits

BobLichtenfels: but they also may fit into the best available category

psunittany: Will Tyler to USC loosen up Green??...i think so, but the Big Board guys at rivals say Green to Arkansas...we need to get him here

BobLichtenfels: No i was in vegas

BobLichtenfels: tough to get an Arkansas boy to PA, not sure its ever happened

PSUrbs: I don't see Broderick coming... tough for PSU to pull a guy out of that part of souther country

WeRPSUPlaybook: Yep.. Bob and Brennan have been living it up in Vegas....

weRpennST: Curry said in an article that SCA's Qb Teddy Heitzelman is gonna be big time

BobLichtenfels: Craps baby

PSUrbs: 11 YO

weRpennST: he was a soph this past year

PlaybookMark: rbs, true but he was going to USC

psunittany: I'll take Hughes

weRpennST: 6'4 220 already

WeRPSUPlaybook: Craps... heck, that's what a lot of the guys thought of your top 55...

BobLichtenfels: Hughes is a stud, i think he is under rated

PSUrbs: Understood Mark... but you'd agree USC has some other things going for it.

BobLichtenfels: lol...good one

PSUrbs: HAHA, great burn WeR

PlaybookMark: Rbs - depends what you want - some people love Hollywood, some love State College

msj56: are the rumors about barquell rivers visiting this weekend true?

PSUrbs: If a country boy is going to go country boy, I bet he goes local over PA... If he wants city, he ain't coming to Central PA

psunittany: ha ha....."Bash Bob Chat:"..... I'll tag along w/ you to keystone buy the wings, I;ll buy the beer

PlaybookMark: I'd say the recruiting style of PSU vs. Miami, USC, FSU, etc. - and this is not good nor bad - is Flash vs. Family

BobLichtenfels: done deal

BobLichtenfels: Lumpy is a badass

psunittany: I know he is...but the national guys who had SICK offers behind him...headscratcher.....

PlaybookMark: Lumpy - if he's a "badass" Pitt needs to get him a better nicknam

PSUrbs: Agreed Mark, hence my reluctance to see a USC to PSU jump, they just don't recruit in the same category of individual. Add LA as being a little extra to get them a couple more wild cards

PlaybookMark: Yeah I don;t see Barksdale behind Lumpy

BobLichtenfels: he committed basically the week of signing day and told everyone he was done

BobLichtenfels: A kid like that at a school like KO is not going to get most of his exposure until combines and camps

BobLichtenfels: I would bet my house right now you like the two up and lumpy would win 4/5

BobLichtenfels: line*

psunittany: wow - big words......

psunittany: is it is motor, technique, ?

psunittany: lumpy

BobLichtenfels: he is a leverage kid who is just tenacious. he does not quit

WeRPSUPlaybook: Anyone in here going to the Big 33 game saturday?

BobLichtenfels: very good base and strength, just a real tough kid

psunittany: Austin..... I'm gonna say it is PSU - Miami - USC - FSU at the end..... some say we are in great shape, dispite the national interviews reports......thoughts?

BobLichtenfels: I'm not , Im hitting the camp circuit

BobLichtenfels: I will say Tenn will be a player for marvin

PSUrbs: One of the many things I miss since having left PA.

PlaybookMark: rbs - in fariness Tony Hunt was almost a Trojan

PSUrbs: Fair enough, no wonder Joe's butting heads with him :)

PlaybookMark: Some kids are ga-ga over the Flash then they realize what is important later in life

psk114: Who is "lumpy" I joined a little late.

BobLichtenfels: jacobson

PlaybookMark: Lumpy is Jacobson - Pitt recruit

PlaybookMark: Hey Turf

psk114: thx

PSUrbs: Bob, favorite Pitt player in the last decade?

PlaybookMark: What I tend to find interesting is that we often don;t go head to head against certain teams you would think we would

BobLichtenfels: Fitz hands down

PlaybookMark: Like Virginia Tech for instance

BobLichtenfels: Tough to get VA kids

PlaybookMark: Bob - favorite PSU player in last decade?

BobLichtenfels: laVar... or scott Paxson

PSUrbs: The T-Rex

PlaybookMark: Bob - PSU regularly gets VA kids - Hell the 2005 squad was filled with them

PSUrbs: Interesting pick

BobLichtenfels: Paxson was a beast who never got press

LexLion: Bob, favorite Thiel player from the last decade?

PlaybookMark: Robinson, Kapinos, Golden, Hunt all Va kids

WeRPSUPlaybook: lol Lex

BobLichtenfels: lol

BobLichtenfels: I haven't been to a game this decade

PlaybookMark: Levi Brown, Deon Butler - Va kids

weRpennST: bob, what ever happened to dustin pichatti

PSUrbs: Uh Oh, you got Mark started.

weRpennST: from CB west?

PlaybookMark: Hell the 2005 offense would be nothing without Virginia

BobLichtenfels: Bum

PSUrbs: Somebody sedate him.

WeRPSUPlaybook: Mark the walking PSU encyclopedia...

weRpennST: were they recruiting him as a FB?

BobLichtenfels: had post conscussion syndrome and ended up playing DE at like Rhode Island

weRpennST: did anyone here ever see the beca cb west game at lehigh university

weRpennST: with gregorick from beca and pichatti from cb west bruising it out

PlaybookMark: I'd say Virginia has been the best state to PSU in recent years second to Pa. and N.J.

ncNIT: Back to the NC boys, does PSU have a chance with Little?

PSUrbs: Would that not make it 3rd?

PSUrbs: Great on the encyclopedia, slow on the math

BobLichtenfels: somebody has to reasearch this now

PlaybookMark: rbs - lol - yes

BobLichtenfels: no, not that i see

PlaybookMark: I was not a math whiz

WeRPSUPlaybook: lol

PlaybookMark: Little seems like a long shot

BobLichtenfels: PSU offered a NY RB and he is interested, at least he claims an offer

ncNIT: Name?

BobLichtenfels: Doug hogue

reigle9: Bob, I know you don't like him as a RB, but is Houston as much of a longshot as Little?

PSUrbs: Hell... at this point I'd rather hold it till next year. Just a weak year for us and RB.

PSUrbs: Shame "Shady" turned out to be such a punk.

PlaybookMark: Bob not in the DB

BobLichtenfels: From Roosevelt High in the bronx 6-3/210/4.5

BobLichtenfels: Just found out about it

BobLichtenfels: yes reigle

PlaybookMark: who else does he claim offers from?

WeRPSUPlaybook: Shady could have been great.. what a self destruction act he followed..

BobLichtenfels: Cuse, Md

PSUrbs: It's tough to be so young with so much talent... Some just can't handle it.

LexLion: Why does it seem like PSU isn't attracting a major RB with real genuine interest this year?

WeRPSUPlaybook: would have thought after the injury that he would have focused on the academic side..

PlaybookMark: Not to cut the kid, but I am baffled with the Slocumb situation

PlaybookMark: Lex - I am shocked with it personally

PSUrbs: His story always reminded me of Booby on "Saturday Night Lights"

psunittany: BWI is saying Ben Martin has a written PSU offer.....

psunittany: but I think he is OSU-ND

LexLion: Glad I'm not the only one Mark

BobLichtenfels: wake, UNC, ECU, Clemson, South carolina, and louisville

PSUrbs: I was waiting for him to snap to it like the Boob, never seemed to happen.

PlaybookMark: PSU's situation should have every major back looking very closely, particualry with the QBs, WRs and OL PSU is adding

LexLion: yep

BobLichtenfels: martin is the best kid in Ohio he probably does

PSUrbs: I know it's been asked a million times... Who's in the RB pipe for next year... bonafide RB pipe

WeRPSUPlaybook: agree Mark, but maybe they are thinking that PSU is switching to feature the pass..

PlaybookMark: with the way PSU is likely to pass the ball it should open up moster running lanes for backs

LexLion: yep again Mark

psunittany: Funny...OSU offer Morgan & PSU offer Martin....anything in the tea leaves here?...or just coinincidnce?

PlaybookMark: WeR - PSU passed a ton this year and Hunt still picked up 1000+ yards - PSU will always run

PlaybookMark: Pete Carroll even says that

WeRPSUPlaybook: lol..

JoePaTurfShoes: Anyone hit BOB with a tire iron yet?

BobLichtenfels: lol

PSUrbs: It's been civil.

PSUrbs: But I'm only on my 3rd...

PlaybookMark: I loved that comment "Son, Penn State runs the ball alot, no wide out wants to go there - never mind that USC's nickanme is "Tailback U."

reigle9: Did you guys see PiB's thing about not being surprised if Austin redshirts? What's you guys thoughts on that?

LexLion: too funny Turf

psunittany: Bob's ok.....the thing that has me BEWILDERED is Wiz is 3* on rivals.....that's the WORST one this year

PSUrbs: Insert Lumpy comment <now>

BobLichtenfels: marvin Austin?

reigle9: scott

PlaybookMark: Bob - Austin Scott

BobLichtenfels: oh

nitnut: Is austin still hurt?

BobLichtenfels: that would be a tough call

JoePaTurfShoes: Well I don't care how many stars he is as long as we get him and he can play. But you are right kinda strange.

BobLichtenfels: I dont want to bash, but ask any HS coach in PA how many people they've met from the other place

PlaybookMark: If Austin is not 100% it is not beyond the realm

BobLichtenfels: its all about getting out and seeing players

PSUrbs: Couldn't agree more Bob.

JoePaTurfShoes: If I was Scott I would consider it, return next years as the feature back. I don't think he will get much NFL running behind Hunt all next year.

spud358: hey all, good to see everyone

PlaybookMark: hey spud

nitnut: how's hunt's injury

BobLichtenfels: I cant wait for Coolidge and Dunbar this year

PlaybookMark: Hunt is fine

PSUrbs: I never read a post from staff over there about when I saw him in so and so

PSUrbs: It's always "I hear" or "my sources"

BobLichtenfels: DC at night takin the kevlar and my

nitnut: Will Snow be sitting out Notre Dame game?

WeRPSUPlaybook: his sources.. you mean Bob... lol

PlaybookMark: nut - I would bet

BobLichtenfels: lol

BobLichtenfels: No comment

reigle9: Bob, I'd definitely be going heavy for that game

reigle9: I didnt even think they hadn ight games that way

PlaybookMark: By the way which one of you is Coach Paterno?

JoePaTurfShoes: I guess no chance on anyone revealing what Snow did to get in Joe's dog house eh?

BobLichtenfels: I'm pretty in down there so i'll be alright, wearin all G-Unit gear to that one no stuff

PSUrbs: nitnut, from what I understand it's all up in the air... patience will sort that out.

reigle9: lol

PlaybookMark: When Brennan had dinner over the Paternos he said there was a brand new laptop sitting in Joe's den

nitnut: thanks for the heads up

psunittany: Bob..."the other place"?

PSUrbs: No kidding, must have been left by a player getting tutored.

WeRPSUPlaybook: Did Brennan reset the home page to FOS? lol

PSUrbs: Anybody ever imagine Joe trying to get into the computer like Luke Olsen on Zoolander?

BobLichtenfels: other network

PlaybookMark: WeR - actually ScottPa used to say Playbook was always on their coffee table

BobLichtenfels: owen wilson

PSUrbs: haha

WeRPSUPlaybook: Well, we always sent a couple copies there.. so Sue could read it... ;)

PSUrbs: I really farted that one up

PlaybookMark: I think Joe's technology ignorance is an act to a large degree

BobLichtenfels: classic flick...Blue steel

PSUrbs: damn country music in the background

PlaybookMark: Penn State is in Zoolander...

msj56: yea his dad calls then state

BobLichtenfels: really

PSUrbs: I would agree Mark, but it still makes for great comedy

msj56: them*

PlaybookMark: When his dad is watching TV in the bar it is a PSU game - you can see Wally Richards on and when he asks who winning he says "Stat"

WeRPSUPlaybook: No question that Joe knows more technology than he will ever admit to.. it's a well designed front..

PlaybookMark: State

BobLichtenfels: damn...never noticed that ncNIT: "Snap!"

psunittany: So Joe can download peanut butter.....huh

PlaybookMark: Well it was set in the coal mines of Jesery - PSU country!

Joypa: I'm gonna go read my mag.

PlaybookMark: Everyone catch Brent Wise is expected to wrap up his career?

BobLichtenfels: Is Brennan drinkin 40's of Olde E with sammy Sosa

psunittany: Staff:..... Who do we pull from NC...we have a lot of offers in that state

Ramblewood: Most surprising post of the day: Bernie thinks we will only lose one game this year!

BobLichtenfels: 8-4

PSUrbs: That was something... BUT not an actual Bernie post.

reigle9: Time for the bashing

PSUrbs: That's what Bob, at least 3 more than Pitt? frostlion: who the four losses Bob?

BobLichtenfels: that probably means 11-1

WeRPSUPlaybook: it was actual Bernie though rbs.. I was there..

PlaybookMark: PSU seems to have a solid shot with Saunders

BobLichtenfels: ND will be one

msj56: what about greg little

PSUrbs: I believe it was said by Bern... Just wish he'd stop by to post it.

BobLichtenfels: OSU at the shoe

BobLichtenfels: Michigan

frostlion: wisky?

BobLichtenfels: Wisconsin is at madison right? frostlion: yup

PlaybookMark: I am not sold on Wisky without Alvarez

BobLichtenfels: there you go

oldlioness: We will not lose at home!

PSUrbs: Really going out on a limb there Bob, picking all the teams that will be favored.

BobLichtenfels: lmao

psunittany: PSU will beat ND...... we only have 1 bad match-up......

PSUrbs: Any other *bold* predicitons ;-)

BobLichtenfels: ND is stacked

msj56: no way....7-0 at home this year

PlaybookMark: Not on defense

MrKruger: wiscy will be garbage...they lose 8 starters on offense and they have a new coach that is young Ramblewood: ND is Overrated. Sorry.

WeRPSUPlaybook: PSU beats Michigan in a night game that overtakes OSU as the greatest game at Beaver Stadium

PlaybookMark: ND has major issues in the secondary and linebackers - their offense is satcked

psunittany: I will be at PSU-Michigan

BobLichtenfels: see what i started

psunittany: ND lacks speed & athletes on D PSUrbs: HAHA, it was only a matter of time.

NittanyLions: ill be there

reigle9: Bernie must've been before my time. Who is he?

PSUrbs: Civility is a short lived luxury

BobLichtenfels: I'm like gas on a fire

MrKruger: u could sell me on PSU losing to Purdue or MSU easier than Wiscy

msj56: notre dame game might be a shootout

PlaybookMark: ND boosters are downright frustrated with the secondary - which was HORRID last year and they all return

Ramblewood: ND will be a good game, but if our offense can click early in the season, we'll win that one.

psunittany: You can;t coahc speed - ask Wanny

PSUrbs: "We need to run faster"

MrKruger: but if Williams and Zbikowski get their helmets knocked off and have to box for the football Tommy Z will take DWill down

PSUrbs: I think ND is all about the pressure we manage to get on Quinn

PlaybookMark: I like the PSU D vs. the ND O - CBs will be tested, but Bradley will toss a variety of blitz packages at Quinn

psunittany: ND gains 450+ yds, but stall inside 20s.... PSU scored TDs & ND scores FGs...that's why PSU wins

PSUrbs: If he's forced to throw some passes our speed in the 2ndary should jump some

frostlion: wanny's biggest problem: the double screen when the qb tucks it and takes off

PlaybookMark: Although I am not sold on NDs running game

psunittany: If PSU can pressure Quinn & force a few INT...lights out

psunittany: with PSU front 7, ND won't gain more than 75 on the ground

JoePaTurfShoes: I think we win close at ND

PSUrbs: agreed psunittany... we need pressure from all sides and the middle... the front 4 need to be on

WeRPSUPlaybook: It's a big game early with a lot of new faces on offense, including Morelli.. it;s going to be up to the defense..

psunittany: sriously - PSU speed & D inside 20s....PSU wins...ND settles for FGs

PlaybookMark: they key will be pressure from the ends - Bradley will bring up Poz or a corner blitz to offset Quinn's checkdown ability

WeRPSUPlaybook: It helps to have the best linebackers in the country

psunittany: LBs need a HELLUVA game vs ND

MrKruger: hopefully tressell backs off his offense like he typically does against PSU....if they unleash all of their WR's on us the secondary will be confused and give up some easy points

msj56: is ed johnson gonna be the real deal...or is the year off gonna hurt him

psunittany: I don't give PSU a chance in Columbus PSUrbs: I think EJ is off and on all season

PlaybookMark: Well Morelli has a GREAT supporting cast around him to toss to

PSUrbs: Rough start

BobLichtenfels: how bout those Bucco's

psunittany: lol Bob

PSUrbs: He's gotta be in 3-4 games to get the real feel back

PlaybookMark: 56 - EJ could be awesome

PSUrbs: Strong 2nd half for EJ

Ramblewood: Bob, trying to quell the flames.

reigle9: Didnt they get contracted yet BOB?

PlaybookMark: Plus PSU has probably the most underrated back in the conference to take the heat off

psunittany: Elijah Robinson...Jimmy Shaw....Look out

BobLichtenfels: they are playing well

PSUrbs: If you want to talk NL Central, I'd be happy to start talking about my Reds... despite dropping 5 of the last 6 ;-)

MrKruger: Cuban will buy the Buccos....mark it down!

reigle9: That would be nice Krug

PlaybookMark: The big issue on the OL - weakside protection is looking good

psunittany: Starvin Marvin...consensus Final 5 of PSU, Miami, Tenn, USC, FSU........

BobLichtenfels: and return to glory days

PSUrbs: They had glory days?

BobLichtenfels: 1979

PlaybookMark: PSU, Miami, Tenn, USC, FSU == Family, Flash, ???, Flash, Flash

reigle9: 1971

WeRPSUPlaybook: I miss the glory days of the Buccos...

PlaybookMark: What is Tennessee?

PSUrbs: Sorry Bob, I guess nobody told you. That's the land before time

Ramblewood: Where's Omar Moreno when you need him? psunittany: Tenn -= Jail

PSUrbs: The world was actually created in 1980.

BobLichtenfels: he is very good friends with Rico McCoy tellin u watch tenn

psu81: Buccos had some "almost" glory days in the early 90's - damn Braves!

PSUrbs: I'd hate to see him go to the Vols... Can't stand that crooked program.

psunittany: Austin is good freinds w/ EVERYBODY...Benn...Davis...McCoy....Logan El....Maybin

psunittany: yawn

BobLichtenfels: Sid Bream that bastard still gives me nightmares

PlaybookMark: Fulmer better pull it together

PSUrbs: He only called one "his boy" in the last update.

PSUrbs: McCoy

Ramblewood: Yeah, Stan Belinda blew that one against the Braves. I used to play against him in State College.

MrKruger: its the curse of sid bream

MrKruger: people will be calling it that in 90 years psunittany: Tenn...FSU...Miami......USC...... yuck W

eRPSUPlaybook: agreed bob.. the slowest guy on that Braves team too..

BobLichtenfels: That was a killer

Ramblewood: Sid Bream's from Carlisle, right? psunittany: Bonds throw was upline...Spanky tried his best w/ the tag

WeRPSUPlaybook: tell me about it.. I was there...

psu81: Spanky? Wow...

MrKruger: too bad bonds wasnt juicin back then BobLichtenfels: was spanky catchin then or was it slaught

PlaybookMark: Coker better pull it together too psunittany: Spanky

MrKruger: it was spanky

BobLichtenfels: Thats hilarious when they show the Bonds pirate photos and bonds now

psunittany: If Coker gets fired, & UM staff is out, Austin CAN'T go there....

LiverpoolLion: Bonds and Bonilla - greatest choke duo in playoff history

psunittany: it breaks the whole recruitment

PlaybookMark: Coker, Fulmer and Groh all cleaned house to save their necks - it could really bite them

WeRPSUPlaybook: great outfield, but didn't have it in that series...

psunittany: IMHO - If Coker & staff gets fired, no way Marvin goes to UM

Ramblewood: I'm not sure Fulmer and Groh have enough right now to turn their fortunes around. Coker, he does.

psunittany: sorry Bob...hope Mich St stomps Pitt

BobLichtenfels: Groh starts off with Pitt that could be telling for both teams


PSUSem: who's kyle wright gonna throw the ball to? not much other than olsen if i recall

PlaybookMark: UVa vs. Pitt a must win for both

BobLichtenfels: yup

psunittany: Why the early verbals by Top PA kids??? it because PSU & ND are hot & they don't want to be "left out"?

BobLichtenfels: its a trend, these kids are beginning to hate recruiting by the time the season starts

PSUrbs: Been fun... Till next time

BobLichtenfels: No Pigskin tonight i am disappointed

psunittany: I think Stupar was told his spot might dry up, if he waited

BobLichtenfels: he usually tracks me down

WeRPSUPlaybook: lol bob

psunittany: Bob....Morgan........ PSU - Michie - Ohio ST..... comment?

BobLichtenfels: He said he really likes OSU

BobLichtenfels: NC State could be a player there also

coachbuttemaker: Bob you know anything about OJ Woodard from NJ?

psunittany: I think it is WEIRD that OSU offers Morgan & PSU offers Martin within the same 7-10 days

BobLichtenfels: PSIU is stacked at DL, that will scare some kids away

BobLichtenfels: The big WR from NJ

coachbuttemaker: yeh

BobLichtenfels: Nice looking kid from what I have seen

Ramblewood: You think Kamara was worried about depth here?

psunittany: Karama liked the Krispy Kremes that Weis gave him

coachbuttemaker: ran some decent track timess in 100...11.1 kind of stuff

BobLichtenfels: ND never let the kid breath they wanted him and were relentless

coachbuttemaker: I didn't think he was that fast

BobLichtenfels: i dont think he did any combines

psunittany: Chris Bell - did you guys see those hurdle times....WOW

coachbuttemaker: no he didn't

psunittany: ND was relentless w/ Kamara as they were Sam Young it sounds

psunittany: Benn might slip to Miami

BobLichtenfels: I need to contact his coach, he has been on my list for a while

coachbuttemaker: first D1 recruit i ever recall from Pompton Lakes HS

msj56: have we stopped recruiting lansford watson. i remember at one point he said he really liked psu, but havent heard much from him sense.

psunittany: Lansford isn;t into PSU anymore

PlaybookMark: Latimore says the speed on the team is scary - to hjim

BobLichtenfels: lansford changed a lot after USC offered

psunittany: our LBs are freakish fast

psunittany: That play that Jerome Hayes made on Hunt in B-W game...that's all you need to know about our D speed.... that play from the 2nd string LB

PlaybookMark: Amazing when you think about Hayes is likely the fifth best Lb on this team

psunittany: some insiders say Hayes is #3 or so

BobLichtenfels: altight folks..Time to watch some movies with the little ones...have a good weekend and drink a few brews for me...peace

psunittany: Hayes has MOVING on that play...Hunt thought he was in

msj56: will tyrell sales ever see game action

psunittany: thx Bob

psunittany: how's your health?

Ramblewood: Thanks for spending a little time in chat, Bob.

WeRPSUPlaybook: time for me to bail as well guys... thanks for the chat..

BobLichtenfels: good, I wouldnt die and let you folks be miserbale without me

PlaybookMark: nittany - eventually, but the experience the others have give them an edge over Hayes at this point

psunittany: Mark - true...

psunittany: Love those fast LBs

psunittany: Bob left...JACOBSON SUCKS!!! HA HA HA


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