More Offers For PA LB

Paul Posluszny, the highly recruited LB from Hopewell in Aliquippa, PA, now has 11 scholarship offers. Is Posluszny interested in the Nittany Lions? Has Penn State offered Paul?

Name: Paul Posluszny
Position: LB
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.62
Bench Press: 16 reps of 185 pounds
School: Hopewell SHS, Aliquippa, PA

In recent interviews with Paul Posluszny, Penn State has been noticeably missing from his list of favorites.  Apparently, this was due in large part to what appeared to Posluszny as a lack of sincere interest in him from the Nittany Lion coaching staff.  Paul, however, recently got in touch with Coach Tom Bradley to find out exactly what Penn State's level of interest in him is.

"Coaches from other schools were starting to call my head coach, Coach Vestal, and say 'things are starting to get kind of tight, it's getting close, so try to talk to Paul and see what he wants to do about committing'," Paul explained.  "One thing that I've always said before was that I like Penn State.  So, my coach said 'what's the deal with them' and I said they haven't really contacted me, the last time I talked to Coach Bradley he said I was getting a scholarship but I never got it.  I was obviously worried about that and then he said 'just give them a ring and see what's up', so I called them.

"I first called them about 2 weeks ago.  I talked to Coach Bradley who is my recruiting coach and he said that the recruiting process was just slowed up a bit because of the tragedies in the Penn State family and that a scholarship should be in the mail shortly, so I was pretty excited about that.  He said I should be getting it in a couple of days so I'm expecting it pretty soon."

Paul is also interested in the Boilermakers.

"I just came back from Purdue on Saturday.  I loved it.  I thought it was a great campus.  It's a real nice school and it's Big 10 football so I enjoyed it.

"Around here it's like 'you have to go to the Big 10'.  Where I live, everyone thinks that (the Big 10) is the big thing."

Posluszny has several scholarship offers from which to choose.

"Right now, I have offers from Pitt, Penn State, Purdue, Northwestern, Maryland, Iowa, Wisconsin, Kansas, Boston College, West Virginia and Temple."

He plans to visit Michigan State either this Saturday or next.  He will also visit Penn State sometime towards the end of this month.

"I don't have an exact date to be honest with you.  A good guess would probably be July 27.  I talked to Coach Bradley and he said that would probably be a good day to come down.  He called Coach Vestal on Friday and said 'have Paul call me' so I called him up and we talked about that and made sure everything was squared away and he said 'whenever you want to come visit, just let us know and if you need a date, July 27 would probably be a good one'.  So, I'll probably shoot for that."

The Nittany Lions appear to have made their way back onto Paul's list of favorites.

"Right now I would have to say my favorites are Pitt, Penn State, Purdue and Northwestern."

June 18 LionNews article on Paul Posluszny

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