Punter Breen Talks Commit

Clarkston, Mich., punter Ryan Breen officially made his verbal commitment to Penn State Sunday. The Oakland (Mich.) Press had previously reported that Breen had committed to Penn State but that was not completely accurate, according to the prospect.

>“I just committed to Penn State this afternoon,” Ryan Breen said Sunday. “I was pretty sure before that but I didn't get a chance to actually talk to anyone at Penn State until today.”

Breen was being recruited by Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa and Ohio State.

“I only had an offer from Penn State,” Breen said. “Michigan did call me today because I camped there this past week and they liked me. Michigan State talked to me but I didn't go to their camp so that sort of dropped off. Iowa was pretty interested. Ohio State also said they liked what they saw in me but they really didn't have a need for a punter.”

Breen is very confident in his decision to attend Penn State.

“My whole family got together and we talked about it. Penn State just seemed more humble than the rest,” Breen said. “Penn State was more like a campus than just a city. The campus was really nice and the coaches are great.”

Breen talked a little bit about those coaches that made the difference for him.

“Coach [Ron} Vanderlinden recruits Michigan for Penn State, so he was my recruiter and he was a great guy,” Breen said. “I also spoke with Coach Larry Johnson and he was a great guy as well. Coach Johnson will be my position coach at Penn State so that was the reason for talking to him”

Breen has also circled one date on his calendar for a possible visit back to Penn State.

“I would love to get to the Penn State-Michigan game,” Breen said. “I think it is going to be a great game. Both are excellent football teams and it will be a night game. It should be a lot of fun.”


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