Penn State Grayshirt Update

Penn State clearly has to make some moves to get to the NCAA scholarship limit of 85. In order to get under the limit, the Nittany Lions can either have some veteran players depart early or some incoming freshmen delay their enrollment, a tactic known as grayshirting. Here is an update on the latter tactic with the Class of 2006.

Although Penn State has seen some veterans depart the team since the close of the 2005 season, like J.R. Zwierzynski, Brent Wise and Trent Varva, the Nittany Lions still need to make some moves to maintain their scholarship count at the NCAA mandated 85 limit.

According to a source close to the situation, one of the moves the PSU coaches have decided to make is to delay the enrollment of Eric Latimore, the 6-foot-6, 250 pound, defensive end from Middletown, Del.

The main driver behind the grayshirt decision is seemingly to allow the time to have a full recovery from his injuries. Latimore sustained disloacations in both his shoulders last season, which he continued to play with.

He received surgery to correct both shoulder injuries earlier this off-season and has since been tackling physical therapy head-on. In mid-June, FOS caught up with Latimore to discuss his recovery, to which he said he was "almost 100%" and "feels good."

However, the coaches are looking to avoid any possible injury reaggrevation with participation in conditioning and drills with a summer enrollment with the rest of his recruiting class. Latimore will take the delayed enrollment period the greyshirt provides as an extended time to recover.

Latimore is expected to enroll at University Park this coming August 12 on a part-time basis.

Stay tuned to for further developments on Penn State' scholarship situation.


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