Freshmen Join Lift For Life

With the Lift For Life competition coming up fast, the Class of 2006 members are getting in on the action and have started assembling their teams. Get an update on the freshman teams from Lift For Life's exclusive interactive media partner, Fight On State.

Last week we revealed the player teams for the 2006 Lift For Life event, to be held on Friday, July 14 from 2 to 7 p.m. at Holuba Hall.

We'll the field of competition has just expanded as the incoming freshmen from the Class of 2006 have started to assemble their teams for the event.

Here are the Class of 2006 members who have joined teams so far ([f] incates true freshman):

The Mac Administration:

James McDonald
Aaron Maybin [f]
A.J. Wallace [f]
Jesse Alfreno [f]

The Freshies:

Brett Brackett [f]
Lou Eliades [f]
Cedric Jeffries [f]
Pat Devlin [f]

Da Chosen #1's:

Ollie Ogbu [f]
Wyatt Bowman
Chris Auletta
Steve Roach

Tommy's Tenors:

Antonio Logan-El [f]
Tom McEowen [f]
Bani Gbadyu [f]
Brent Carter [f]

Some added notes:

  • Freshman tight end Andrew Quarless is filling in for Justin King on Team Two. It is unclear as to why King is not on the team, but FOS is trying to find out.

  • As initially reported J.R. Zwierzynski is not competiting in the event given his plans to transfer from Penn State.

  • BranDon Snow is not expected to compete in the event.

  • Anthony Morelli is currently signed up to be lifting with Dontey Brown, Dan Lawlor and Austin Hinton.

  • The coordinators of the event are expecting more freshmen to join or assemble teams in the near future.

    Stay tuned to Fight On State, the official interactive media partner of Lift For Life, for updates and reports on the upcoming event.


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