Lift For Life: Final Teams, Times Set

The final team groupings for the fourth annual Lift For Life competition, to be held on Friday, July 14 from 2 to 7 p.m. at Holuba Hall, have been set. See the team make-ups and when they are set to compete. is proud to be the official multimedia sponsor of Lift For Life. To that end, we are happy to pass along the following information about this year's event. If you have yet to get invoved with Lift For Life, please take a moment to read this information to see what the charity is about.

For more details on the competition visit here.

The Penn State Football season will soon be upon us. But why wait? You can get a sneak preview of your Nittany Lions as they continue a Penn State tradition: the fourth annual Penn State Football Lift For Life Event. This year's competition will be held on Friday, July 14 from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Holuba Hall. You'll not only get a chance to see your favorite team members compete against each other in exercises ranging from a bench press to a giant tire flip, but you'll also have a chance to meet and get autographs from current and former players.

What's more, all of this effort is in support the Kidney Cancer Association. For more information, please visit

Here are the Lift For Life teams and where they are scheduled to compete:

Team Woodward: 2:00 pm

Nick Daise
Brenden Perretta
Brandon Ream
Chris Mauriello

Blood Money: 2:15 pm

Jed Hill
Jay Alford
Donnie Johnson
Jerome Hayes

Fab Four: 2:30 pm

Paul Posluszny
Darien Hardy
John Shaw
Jimmy Shaw

Brother's Grimm: 2:45 pm

Paul Cianciolo
Joe Cianciolo
Jordan Lyons
Greg Miskinis

Get Better, Get Better: 3:00 pm

Jordan Norwood
Mike Lucchino
Bryan Fitzpatrick
Matt Lowry

Pay 2 Play: 3:15 pm

Ross Muir
Pat Mauti
Lee Kuzemchek
Andy Kubic

Live Strong: 3:30 pm

Willie Harriott
Knowledge Timmons
Navarro Bowman
Ed Johnson

The "Mac" Administration: 3:38 pm

James McDonald
Aaron Maybin
A.J. Wallace
Jesse Alfreno

Hammer and Nails: 3:45 pm

Chris Rogers
Greg Harrison
Doug Rheam
Sean Lee

Team Zoidberg: 4:00 pm

Jason Ganter
Kevin Suhey
Pat Weber
Mark Rubin

The Tony Danzas: 4:15 pm

Ollie Ogbu
Wyatt Bowman
Chris Auletta
Steve Roach

Down by the Gbayu: 4:23 pm

Antonio Logan-El
Tom McEowen
Bani Gbadyu
Brent Carter

Been There Done That: 4:30 pm

Levi Brown
Robert Price
Tim Shaw
Gerald Cadogan

Team Ramrod: 4:45 pm

Mickey Shuler
Dennis Landolt
Francis Claude
Kevin Cousins

Wonka's Workers: 5:00 pm

Kevin Kelly
Jeremy Boone
Colin Wagner
Ben Gummo

Team Jesse Katsopolis: 5:15 pm

Dan Connor
Rich Ohrnberger
Matt Hahn
Mike Lucian

Coffee with Creame: 5:30 pm

A.Q. Shipley
Tyrell Sales
Spencer Ridenhour
Josh Gaines

4 Brothers: 5:38 pm

Anthony Morelli
Dan Lawlor
Austin Hinton
Dontey Brown

The Stylistics: 5:45 pm

Josh Hull
Daryll Clark
Anthony Scirrotto
Tom Golarz

Lydell's Army: 6:00 pm

Derrick Williams
Lydell Sargeant
Chris Baker
Phil Taylor

P.O.S: 6:15 pm

Jeremy Kapinos
Patrick Hall
Mark Farris
Kevin Darling

Late Registration: 6:30 pm

Terrell Golden
Tony Hunt
Elijah Robinson
Rodney Kinlaw

Freshman: 6:45 pm

Brett Brackett
Lou Eliades
Cedric Jeffries
Pat Devlin

Another great benefit of this organization is the development of the student-athlete. Lift For Life helps with career development of the college football student-athletes by providing an opportunity to translate what is learned in the classroom and on the field into real-world job experience. The organization also teaches them to be socially responsible and to make a positive community impact.

You can support their effort by visiting, selecting your favorite player, and making a secure donation through their personal page. Please forward this to your friends and family, so no one misses out on this great opportunity!

Thank you for being a part of the Penn State Football family.

Together, WE ARE...Stronger!

-30- is proud once again to be the exclusive interactive partner with Lift For Life. For complete coverage, including results, photos and more stay tuned to Fight On State.

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