LFL Draws Record Total

Eighty-eight football players competed, but the winner was the fight against kidney cancer, as the fourth annual Penn State Football Lift for Life raised more than $53,800 to assist in the fight against the deadly disease.

Riding on a strong and inspired effort, the "Coffee with Cream" team, comprised of A.Q. Shipley, Tyrell Sales, Josh Gaines and Spencer Ridenhour set the standard, taking first place overall in the contest which features 11 events designed to push the strength and endurance limits of the participants to their limits. Indeed, the desire to perform well in Lift for Life pushes some players to exceed their limits, as was the case with Evan Royster and Brent Carter, who did not complete the grueling challenge — dropping their team to 21st place in the 22 team field.

"Team Zoidberg," paced by Lift for Life co-organizer Jason Ganter, held the lead for much of the afternoon before being overtaken by the eventual winners. Team Zoidberg finished in second place, followed by "Blood Money," "Been There Done That," and "Pay 2 Play," a team comprised of non-scholarship walk-ons Ross Muir, Pat Mauti, Lee Kuzemchak and Andy Kubic.

Holding the distinction of capturing the last place ranking is the aptly named team "Get Better, Get Better." Jordan Norwood, Travis McBride, Mike Lucchino and Matt Lowry struggled, but completed the challenge to finish 22nd.

Complete Team Rankings

1. Coffee with Cream - A.Q. Shipley, Tyrell Sales, Josh Gaines, Spencer Ridenour

2. Team Zoidberg - Jason Ganter, Kevin Suhey, Mark Rubin, Pat Weber

3. Blood Money - Jed Hill, Jay Alford, Donnie Johnson, Jerome Hayes

4. Been There Done That - Levi Brown, Tim Shaw, Gerald Cadogan, Robert Price

5. Pay 2 Play - Ross Muir, Pat Mauti, Lee Kuzemchak, Andy Kubic

6. P.O.S. - Jeremy Kapinos, Kevin Darling, Mark Farris, Pat Hall

7. The Stylistics - Josh Hull, Daryll Clark, Anthony Scirrotto, Tom Golarz

8. Team Jesse Katsopolis - Dan Connor, Matt Hahn, Rich Ohrnberger, Mike Lucian

9. SHAWshank Redemption - John Shaw, Jim Shaw, Drew Shaw, Darien Hardy

10. Hammer and Nails - Chris Rogers, Greg Harrison, Dough Rheam, Jared Odrick

11. Late Registration - Terrell Golden, Rodney Kinlaw, Elijah Robinson, Tony Hunt

12. DLCC - Derrick Williams, Lydell Sargeant, Chris Baker, Chris Bell

13. 4 Brothers - Anthony Morelli, Dan Lawlor, Austin Hinton, Dontey Brown

14. Brothers Grimm - Joe Cianciolo, Paul Cianciolo, Jordan Lyons, Greg Miskinis

15. Team Rambo - Mickey Shuler, Dennis Landolt, Francis Claude, Kevin Cousins

16. The Tony Danzas - Ollie Ogbu, Wyatt Bowman, Chris Auletta, Steve Roach

17. Fresh - Brett Brackett, Lou Eliades, Maurice Evans, Cedric Jeffries

18. Wonka's Workers - Kevin Kelly, Jeremy Boone, Colin Wagner, Ben Gummo

19. "MAC" Administration - Aaron Maybin, James McDonald, A.J. Wallace, Jesse Alfreno

20. Snappers Delight - Nick Daise, Brendan Peretta, Brandon Ream, Chris Mauriello

21. No Quarrels About It - Evan Royster, Tom McEowen, Andrew Quarless, Brent Carter

22. Get Better, Get Better - Jordan Norwood, Travis McBride, Mike Lucchino, Matthew Lowry

Fight On State will present the results of the second annual Lift for Life Fantasy Challenge tomorrow, so be sure to come back to find out where your fantasy team ranked right here at FightOnState.com. -30-

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