Linebacker Is Recovering Well

Dethrell Garcia, who sat out his freshman year after undergoing shoulder surgery, is anxious to resume practice and looking forward to earning playing time this season.

Dethrell was one of several current Nittany Lion football players who attended the Big 33 Classic this past Saturday in Hershey, PA.  He currently weighs 227 pounds and looks to be in good shape as the picture below can attest.

"I had surgery on one shoulder in October and the other one in November last year," Dethrell said.  "I didn't practice this spring.  I wasn't cleared yet, but they're clearing me to practice in the fall, so I'm looking to be back.

"They just tightened the ligaments in the shoulders, they were loose.  It was something from high school that kind of just got worse over time.  I played with it in high school.  I didn't think it wasn't that big of a deal and then it kind of got magnified in college.  It was something that we had to take care of before it got serious.

"They're looking for me to be able to practice full go this fall, so that's what I'm looking forward to right now.  They have me at inside linebacker right now."

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