3 Teams Impressing NJ Lineman

John Rochford, from Mainland Regional High in Linwood, New Jersey is currently seriously considering 3 teams. Does any one team stand out from the rest?

Name: John Rochford
Position: OL, DL
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 290 pounds
40-yard dash: 5.2
Bench Press: 295 pounds
School: Mainland Regional HS, Linwood, NJ

Rochford, who has previously taken visits to Penn State, Miami, Maryland and North Carolina, does not have any other trips planned at this time.

"I still like Miami and Penn State.  I also like Iowa a lot too because of their head coach, Coach Ferentz.  I think he's a really good coach and I like their coaching staff a lot.  I've talked to them on the phone and he's real good with offensive and defensive linemen, interior linemen and that interests me.

"I just talked to the Penn State coach, Coach Norwood, the other day on the phone.  I called him on his cell phone.  I just talked to him about what I'm doing this summer, lifting and stuff.  They kind of sent me my offer a little late, and he just said that was because they were on vacation and that they only have 18 scholarships to give out this year so they're being real picky about it, but it's not that they're not interested in me.

"Coach [Larry] Johnson called me back in May and told me that they were going to offer me and then recently he said that they were sending the offer.  My coach received it.  I think he got it a couple of weeks ago.  They told me back in May that they were going to offer me and I hadn't heard from them in a month and then finally they came through I guess because of all the stuff that was going on.

"They're looking at me more as a nose tackle, but they're still keeping an open mind about offense.  They said they're giving out 4 scholarships for my position."

Has John talked to anyone on the Miami coaching staff recently?

"Not too recently, the last time I talked to them was when I visited them in May.  But, my dad has been in contact with them.  He talks with them a lot.  He likes talking to them and seeing what's going on.  He likes doing that kind of stuff.  He calls all of the coaches (at the different schools) up and just talks.  He has conversations with them and asks them a lot of questions."

John may need more time to make his decision.

"I'm really having a tough time trying to decide.  I've been doing a lot of thinking about it, but I really don't know yet.  I was planning on making a decision before the season starts, but I might even move that back a little bit.  I'm not sure yet.  We'll make the right decision, it just might take longer than I thought."

June 28 LionNews article on John Rochford

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