TAP Football Chat Recap

The FOS gang hosted a preseason chat last night covering everything from prospects to practices. Did you miss it? No problem, get a full recap of the myriad of topics covered in the session right here.

mxbscout: Welcome everyone. Starting now, stuff goes in the chat wrap. So watch your language, please

PSULIONS17: lil poz to ND, mark it down

psunittany: &^*%^$&^%*&*&@$@!$

mxbscout: lol

mxbscout: that works Nittany

MrKruger: what about the younger wedderburn kid?

psunittany: Ibet Lil Poz wouldn't be confortbale under his brother's shadow.....

NewYorkNittany: anyone know if we are really still recruiting Watson?

PSULIONS17: So I can't say FP is #$% @#$%^&?

psunittany: that makes sense...him going elsewhere

psunittany: fp & 17 are both &*&%&$$#@%$##@!

PlaybookMark: Evening folks

Ramblewood: Where did the lil Poz rumore come from?? Not that it surprises me.

LexLion: Watson might have trouble qualifying.? He has a 2.2 gpa.? Better do well this year, or knock it off well on the SAT.

restoartheroar: hello mark

nypsupuppet: Mark, when is the nitwits coming back?

mxbscout: In Altoona?

psunittany: all 3 Poz brothers might go to different schools

nypsupuppet: yes...altoona

mxbscout: Aug. 28 we tape the first show

PlaybookMark: oh gotcha

mxbscout: we are working to get the show online this year

psunittany: PSU-ND spread started 15...down to 13...now at 11.... better get in while the gettin's good......

PlaybookMark: Double sessions have had some "healthy hitting" - aggressive particularly among the lines

nypsupuppet: get rid of rudel, and the show would be perfect

LionKing25: snow out for nd hurts.

PBRme: Any word on where Odrick is practicing right now?? Is he at DE?

mxbscout: Also, we tape the first "Huddle Up" show Aug. 30

mxbscout: "Nitwits" is a TV show I do in Altoona with Neil Rudel and Mike Irwin

fp001: odrick is #91..pretty much all u need to know isn't it?

PlaybookMark: Yes Odrick has been at DE - feelings are that he is in the best condition among the frosh DEs

11LinebackerPSU31: Mark or Mark, does PSU have a legit shot to win the National Championship this year

psunittany: Odrick looks like he is 250 lbs...cant believe he's 280...he's an athlete

LionKing25: mark: how has evans looked?

rriva: I know everyone sees Odrick on the OL, but from what I saw in person, he should stay on the DL

futurelion: marks, how much do you think Odrick plays from the get go ?

psunittany: lets just clone Odrick

mxbscout: In my view, there are too many new faces in key places to win a national championship this year

MrKruger: he could make a lot of money at the next level as a OT riva

rriva: I agree

restoartheroar: I say PSU goes 11-1 in the regular season with the loss to OSU I think next year is the year we take a step back

PlaybookMark: 31 - MNC is a long shot in my opinion

NewYorkNittany: do you think mccready lasts the year as the starting safety or will scirotto eventually replace him?

11LinebackerPSU31: how about Big Ten Championship?

LionKing25: i would have though mo evans was in killer shape..

psunittany: I love that FOS photo of the FR class.... Philip Taylor's thigh is about the same size as all of Devlin

attomiclion2: How does Gaines look at DE

LionKing25: but when i saw jo i agree he looks fit and 250lbs..

PlaybookMark: King - Evans has solid findamentals - good pass rush skills - needs to get his conditioning up to par

mxbscout: Taylor is a huge human being

Cafe210: The new FOS mag with DWill & King is unreal - thanks guys

rriva: kruger, I think his heart is on defense (then again, so was Levi Brown's) but I saw Odrick school some touted offensive lineman both from the interior and at end (Odrick embarassed Dan Wenger so many times, it got ridiculous)

mxbscout: Thank you, Cafe

LionKing25: ill tell u that pic of the frosh class is impressive big darn boys for 18.

PlaybookMark: Gaines has work to do on getting low and using his hands

PlaybookMark: Cafe - thanks - that was all Brennan

attomiclion2: Thanks Mark

psunittany: riva - I remember you mentioned that Odrick just ate Wenger for lunch...and supper...and snacktime.....

MrKruger: Is the offers to Muldrow and Barham a statement on where the staff views their OT recruiting?? Both could be considered reaches at this point in time

nypsupuppet: i was suprised to see d williams on kickoff and punt.? no worries about the arm i guess?

PlaybookMark: MrKruger - the coaches have always taken risks with every class

rriva: i think he should shift in to DT, but either way definately stay on defense, i actually think p. taylor would be better suited to make the switch to OL

mxbscout: FYI: Just got a preview of the next SI

PlaybookMark: puppet - no, no worries about William's arm

mxbscout: There is a small feature on Williams in there

mxbscout: very small

mxbscout: they pick PSU No. 19

PlaybookMark: Anyone catch the ESPN feature on Posluszny?

PlaybookMark: His quote on AJ Hawk is what sets him apart...

restoartheroar: yes great article

PennStatePigskin: Is Wiz as solid a PSU lock as once thought.

PlaybookMark: "I watch AJ to get better, I am sure he doesn't watch me." - humility and class

psunittany: I dont see P Taylor on OL.... he'd be unblockable at DT, but might a little slow in pass protection as OL...IMO

psunittany: Bob L said Wiz was a "PSU lock since he was a fetus"

rriva: psp, personally, i don't think anyone is ever a lock, although it would be very surprised not to see him commit to PSU

PlaybookMark: Pigskin, no indications that I have seen to think Wiz isn't a PSU lean - no such thing as a lock

NewYorkNittany: strictly 4-3 defense so far in practice?

altrock78: If pTaylor is to slow to pass protect what makes you think he'll be an impact DT?

psunittany: leans...locks...silent verbals....mystery recruits......

PlaybookMark: NYN? - majority of 4-3 some 3-4 with bringing Shaw/Hayes up as an end on shifts

CarmineSantucciorellicooci: rriva, you like Odrick at DT??

PBRme: Has the o-line started hitting the d-line yet in scrimmages??

MrKruger: To Quote Aaron Maybin on Taylor "something that big shouldn't move that fast"

rriva: carmine, i like him at DT, yes

psunittany: not "too slow" at DT...bull rush...gap controller....

madden1313: how has morelli looked so far?

mxbscout: Yeah, I don't think anyone has said Taylor is slow

CarmineSantucciorellicooci: i've been saying that too..Richard Seymour PATs

lionlover: Odrick will never see DT

psunittany: I just like him at DT.... think he can be a difference maker there....

PlaybookMark: Taylor has the size and footwoork - he just needs a few months in the program to get his endurance up

psunittany: taylor at DT

fp001: the only tackle odrick will see will be ot

MrKruger: don't worry about freshman conditioning, most freshman struggle with it from what I've been told

lionlover: Fp...I roger that...lol

rriva: i think it's a mistake to move Odrick to offense

CarmineSantucciorellicooci: makes too much sense..could really collapse the pocket..not explosive enough to play on the edge

psunittany: AQ2 & Bell....... sound off.....

PlaybookMark: Kruger - yes, it is a good sign that some frosh are doing well - like Odrick and McEowen

PlaybookMark: There's a reason they put trash cans out for the freshmen

futurelion: carmine, Odrick is very explosive. very quick feet

rriva: but that's just my opinion, i think he is a legitimate dominant defensive player

psunittany: this latest freshmen class is just sooooooooooo deep.... sooooooo deep.....

mxbscout: The staff seems to think Bell can be a great one

twak1: justn King interview---upset cause he can't get to Morrilli's out--morelli throws to hard

rriva: in my opinion, he is a 5-star prospect, i saw him first hand dominate some very very good talent

PBRme: Any word on the RB of the future, Royster?

ritcheyk: is there a chance Eliades plays OT?

rriva: rit, i think Eliades stays on the inside

MrKruger: Eliades is a guard or center IMO

lionlover: riva, you are entitled to your opinions...next,,,LOL

CarmineSantucciorellicooci: futurelion, no doubt..but he's a 4.9 guy..could dominate as a 310 pd dt

psunittany: Baby Braylon Edwards = Chris Bell...

ritcheyk: Where is ALE practicing - OT or OG?

MrKruger: if taylor could get down to 315, he'd be virtually unblockable

PlaybookMark: Bell - incredibly fluid and looks the ball in - needs tighter routes and working on creting separation off the line with DWill

PennStatePigskin: Bell does have that rye /confident? smile.

fp001: ale is an OT

PlaybookMark: ALE is OT

MrKruger: and been hanging around Levi

rriva: bell will be one of the fan favorites once he sees regular playign time

psunittany: LE better RS...just doesn't look ready.....

futurelion: Eliades should move to RT imo

rriva: he's got a personality

psunittany: ALE

PlaybookMark: ALE is attached to Levi's hip

psunittany: good.....

madden1313: how bad is austin scotts injury?

psunittany: that class sure passes the "looks" test

fp001: ale looked a bit trimmed down in his photo..good sign perhaps

PlaybookMark: ALE will likely redshirt - he has struggled with the running and endurance drills

MrKruger: not sure he's a left tackle, but he could do a lot worse than Levi

fp001: is FOS going to have anymore photos from media day?

psunittany: RS for ALE & velcro to Levi's hip...best way to spend the year for him......

mxbscout: Are you looking for anyone on particular, fp?

CarmineSantucciorellicooci: maybin at 229..definite RS?

rednecklion: with only 3 or 4 ships left, who gets them?

MrKruger: Maybin was 235-240 last I heard

ritcheyk: Future, why move Eliades to RG - he can stay at LG and move in when Cadlgen moves to OT

fp001: maybe some of the vets..not so much the frosh

mxbscout: There are more than three ships left

psunittany: I heard Maybin was 245, but he seemed super-lean in those photos

futurelion: ritch, i said right tackle.

CarmineSantucciorellicooci: latest roster showed 229

Niftylion: how long will Austin be out?

psunittany: I believe 229

ritcheyk: Future, I agree

mxbscout: fp, we have a ton of images. When I get some time I'll try to get some more posted

PlaybookMark: Maybin is around 235

fp001: gracias

jkkelsey joined

msj56: so whats the deal with marvin austin...are we out of his top 6?

psunittany: AS should RS if he's gimpy..... Hunt + committee can carry the rock

MrKruger: who's the surprise player right now?

futurelion: i think LE could play any of the positions on the line, but we have more of a need at tackle

MrKruger: that could get some major PT that many didn’t expect?

psunittany: Royster if AS cant go

PBRme: No reason Maybin couldn't play at 235 this year as a rush end.? That Wisconsing FR, Shaughnessy was like 225 last year

NewYorkNittany: so who on the kick coverage unit is gonna get the biggest lick on ted ginn?

futurelion: Scott needs to play this year and move on.

rednecklion: From the numbers I've seen on here, it can't be more than 5

mxbscout: It is very difficult for SID include up to the minute info on its rosters

ritcheyk: So, which of the freshman DEs will likely play, not counting Odrick

mxbscout: redneck, they always have wiggle room

psunittany: Bell...Evans..... Wallace.....

PennStatePigskin: Is Levi the kind of player who pushed himself this off season in spite of all the hype? I thought he could have played better at times last year.

mxbscout: Ask McCready

lionlover: evans

rriva: rit, i'd put my money on evans

PlaybookMark: msj, tough call - Lots of people thought PSU was out for DWill, but thought Walker was a "lock"

CONLAN31: I'm gonna say Ridenhour gets a good shot at Ginn

rednecklion: Hope they wiggle in a rb

fp001: brennan, interested in kids like landolt, etc...kids that redshirted last year, etc coakley, etc

mxbscout: We have Ridenhour video interview ready to roll tomorrow

lionlover: riva...I like your opinion now...lol

rriva: i try LL

mxbscout: I'll check, fp. Good idea

CONLAN31: Sweet, will he see much time in the secondary or is he still adjusting?

PlaybookMark: Coakley has been getting good reports at TE

PSULIONS17: most important question

futurelion: Ridenhour looked very put together

PSULIONS17: is Richard Cheek still on the squad?

MrKruger: spencer played secondary in hs, he's used to being in space, covering guys

fp001: no 17

mxbscout: Cheek is not on the preseason roster

MrKruger: still not sure why he's spent 2 years with LB's

NewYorkNittany: spencers hs coach told me he thought spencer would see some quality time this year

fp001: cheekmonster probably wore out his welcome

NewYorkNittany: i guess we will see

mxbscout: Ridenhour is down to 199

PSUPHAN joined

PSULIONS17: great, now what do I live for

twak1: Cheek transferd to pitt

psunittany: For how smart the staff usually is, they sure do come up with the occasional unbelievebale blunder

fp001: kuzemchack is still there

PSULIONS17: they could use him twak

twak1: lol

lionlover: 199??? are you sure?

MrKruger: fwiw, I really like pitt's pickup of Hynoski

PSULIONS17: nah, I'll find someone new

MrKruger: he'll be a good player for them

fp001: i have a name for u

mxbscout: LL, yes

mxbscout: that's what he says in the interview

psunittany: Hyno will do well in hte Big Least......

rriva: Hynoski is a class act, very intelligent kid, Pitt picked up a good one

Niftylion: who is the best freshman D end, Evans, Odrick, Maybin, or Mcewen?

fp001: fos, anyone at the other DT spot stepping up yet?

PennStatePigskin: Evans

PlaybookMark: Nifty at this point

altrock78: CHeeks looks like hes playing ball at Cheyney U

PlaybookMark: I would say Odrick

rednecklion: But riva who is going to coach him, wanny?

psunittany: Odrick looks ready to go now today

rriva: nifty, evans almost undoubtedly

quez56: whoa my first chat

mxbscout: McEowen will be an inside guy if he stays on defense

MrKruger: thought Ed J and Alford were set in stone?

immikefazz: Who's got the motor for DT? Sounds like that's the issue for ER, EJ and CB

madden1313: ohrnberger looks like the real deal any word on his status ?

rriva: i think mceowen will stay on defense as a DT

PennStatePigskin: Really, Wow

CarmineSantucciorellicooci: McCowen and Odrick wont play de

PSU42Fan: if he stays on defense???

mxbscout: Robinson is getting strong reviews at DT

PlaybookMark: Robinson and Baker are pushing Johnson

psunittany: Ed J & Alford...add 3 LBs....NO ONE will be able to run on PSU between the tackles...NOONE

MrKruger: need depth nittany

rriva: I do think Baker will surprise people

PSU42Fan: good 4 man rotation there

futurelion: Baker, physically, looked really impressive. huge arms

MrKruger: they can't play every snap

PBRme: Good news on the DTs.? We need a rotation going.

psunittany: i know...but it's a great starting point

psualumni: Hello all! Chat is Back...gotta love it

fp001: we need a baker, robinson, and a couple of DEs to step up, if for no other reason than 2007

PSU42Fan: DE's...another story...

madden1313: the front 7 will be even better against the run this year

PlaybookMark: Baker "turned a corner" in the weight room this offseasons

MrKruger: agreed fp.? this defense could be flat out nasty in 07

psunittany: DE worries me.... Baker & E Robinson will be fine at 2nd DT

fp001: baker was the best DT i saw in the bw game

CONLAN31: My biggest concern is the d-line, specifically the ends. whats your guys take on how they are coming together?

Niftylion: How many carries will DWill see a game this year?

psunittany: Gaines is the wild card...needs to step up.....

rriva: conlan, i think it goes without saying that if there is one position where a true frosh will see time it's a DE

PBRme: Royster?

ritcheyk: But, was Baker that good, or Cadogen that ????

futurelion: Odrick will make an impact this year at DE imo. He'll get to the QB if nothing else

Niftylion: Has he seen time with the RBs?

madden1313: levi stated jimmy shaw will be all big ten

quez56: what has the outlook been on gaines?

CarmineSantucciorellicooci: Could Jerome Hayes be used in a role similar to Rich McKenzie back in 92

rriva: i think there's a distinct possibility that psu could give evans and odrick time at DE

psualumni: Has anyone discussed AS's reported injury and its impact?

MrKruger: baker's legit...cadogen will be moved to tackle if I had to guess next year

fp001: baker probably has more ability than any DT on our roster

psunittany: Jimmy Shaw will be 1st day NFL draft if he has any highlight reel to go w/ his freakish combine workouts

PlaybookMark: Conlan -inside the line is solid, outside they need guys to step up among Gaines, Odick, Evans, Maybin, etc.

PlaybookMark: Jimmy Shaw is an asset at end

rriva: fp, what you said about baker is not possible, he was a 2-star prospect :-P

CONLAN31: riva should i interpret that as gaines and/or shaw arent playing up to expectations thus far? or that we're short on depth?

MrKruger: how's koroma doing?

rriva: conlon, i think it's more of an issue with depth

psunittany: Wisky wanted Baker bad....Wisky knows DL & OL

rriva: jimmy shaw can play

PlaybookMark: I'd be surprised if Jim Shaw didn't start

fp001: baker was the classic sleeper...major schools knew of him...but knew of him late or only knew of him because he went to their camp

psunittany: Jimmy Shaw is amachine

LexLion: God, I remember the crying when PSU offered Baker.? He was deemed as a BIG reach.? Hope he shuts up his doubters

rriva: josh gaines will come around

PlaybookMark: the question is can Gaines - that is where I think Riva means Odrick and Evans will get an opportunity

immikefazz: Hope so, rriva

madden1313: shaw s a lock at DE

LionKing25: when Baker was at the bw game as an incoming frosh he was outta shape and heavy..now he looks like a tank..

mxbscout: Jimmy Shaw has amazing strength. He just has to get a better feel for DE

psunittany: Shaw should push for All-Conference....

rriva: nittany, i agree

madden1313: shaw runs a 4.65?

NewYorkNittany: any of the preferred walk-ons showing anything so far?

PlaybookMark: Observers feel that the overall work ethic of the team is the gating factor as to why they look better top to bottom - more disciplined

ritcheyk: how is John Shaw doing - he looked awful stiff in the BW game to me

immikefazz: Good ? NYN...anyone see anything from Zug?

MrKruger: let me be the first to ask the obligatory Marvin Austin question...thoughts on the big fella?

lionlover: Baker is an example of what our strength and conditioning program can do if you have the right mental attitude....and the right body chemistry to grow

Joypa: Who projects as possible AAs?

psunittany: Morelli - will PSU start out with Hunt & DWill driving the offense & let Morelli settle in...not have to do too much???...or will there be footballs flying immediately?

PlaybookMark: Ritch - we put up an OL report today - Shaw and Auletta competing at RT

PSU42Fan: and rriva...what are you hearing re:Broderick Green?

nypsupuppet: if you know, could you run down the typical practice week..how many days, hours..ect?

MrKruger: Poz, conner, alford, levi if I had to guess

futurelion: nittany, they need to come out and let Morelli sling it against akron imo

Niftylion: Is Morelli for real?? Is he commanding the huddle yet?

futurelion: let him build some confidence heading into ND

psunittany: Green to PSU-Michigan for official...per comm

LionKing25: i gotta say im not a proponent of HIT..especially OL...but lookwise we pass the test..

rriva: 42, not a lot outside of the fact that he's taking an official visit, which is a good thing for PSU

CarmineSantucciorellicooci: I like J Hayes rushing the passer..no reads--just attack, and you play to his strengths

MrKruger: maybe King, Williams, and Morelli potentially

PBRme: Are there any worries on this team coming out of practice?

PlaybookMark: puppet - right now they are in two-a-days which alternate

leftcoastpsu: I think body chemistry should be left up to Floyd Landis and boys at Balco

PSULIONS17: FOS, were you surprised we didn't make Austin's final six?

LionKing25: big to have Greene to the michigan game..its our osu game of last yr..

madden1313: AA s? levi , d will pozz, connor, alford ..........longshot hunt, king , butler

rriva: plus, i'm of the camp that says when a kid commits and then takes official visits....he usually goes elsewhere

PSU42Fan: next...what about Little...any shot there?

MrKruger: We didn't 17?

PSULIONS17: no we didn't

rriva: 17, if that is in fact that case, i'm stunned, i still want to see what happens

PlaybookMark: 17, personally I think Austin has Miami written all over him - just a feeling I have always had

mxbscout: I think Austin's "final six" is going to change about 15 times between now and LOI

LexLion: Austin hasn't officially announced his five.? I wouldn't take an article from Terptown seriously.

rriva: agreed brennan

psunittany: 17 - that was a biased article by a Twerp writer

MrKruger: let me guess, maryland was in the final 6

psunittany: yep

PlaybookMark: Kruger - good call

MrKruger: hahahahaha

PennStatePigskin: Whick Frosh get PT at RB?

psunittany: that article was horsedung

mxbscout: Austin is a kid who is loving the publicity. He is going to milk this for all it is worth

ritcheyk: yes, the only report was the terp guy - no credibliity to me

LionKing25: well i think austin is going to miami..but maryland fans and writers seem dillusional.

PSULIONS17: it may be, but the writer said on the national board it was a direct quote from Austin

lionlover: 17- we need Miami to implode a little more :O)

psunittany: "direct quote"...whatever

madden1313: larry sr will wooo austin to happy valley

LexLion: yes, LK, we know your stance on this (LOL).

MrKruger: anyone see that jared gaither is suspended?

LionKing25: lex sorry..

psunittany: Gaither...yep

immikefazz: Really?

immikefazz: what'd he do?

LexLion: No way

MrKruger: grades I think

PBRme: We need Austin to get up here again before we have a chance

fp001: man, we could sure use gaither

PSULIONS17: I didn't think we would get Austin, but I thought we would make the final cut

immikefazz: i see...gaither is a beast...one of the biggest misses in the past few years

psunittany: I think PSU is still in play for Austin...that was 1 article in August...too much happened before...too much left to come

LexLion: 17, it's not over with Austin

rriva: lex, i agree

PlaybookMark: Lex - totally

psunittany: Austin still in play.....

LionKing25: im psu through and through so much so i tend to doubt every move we make..

madden1313: how bad do we beat notre dame!!!!!!!!

LionKing25: im pissed at snow..

rriva: i can only say that up until that point, i heard nothing but positive things re: austin and psu

PSULIONS17: perhaps Riva or Bob could give MA a call to clarify if that is indeed his final six

LionKing25: sorry but he is a senior and he gets suspended pisses me off..

rriva: 17, will do

PlaybookMark: Well if Austin is serious about the NFL - LJ is a great catapult

CONLAN31: so is Miami

MrKruger: mark, if you can play, the nfl will find you, regardless of where you go

PSULIONS17: how about Still's comment about DL and the NFL

psunittany: PSU - ND.... line down to 11...get in quick!

lionlover: conaln...I ditto the Miami

PSULIONS17: LJ needs to send him a list

mxbscout: LK, you think the kid is not ticked at himself?

PlaybookMark: Conlan, Miami has a lot to prove this year - we'll see

LionKing25: thing is austin said he wants to start day one..does he here?

Cafe210: agree 17

MrKruger: if coker has a 3 loss season this year, he's gone

mxbscout: He knows he screwed up. Let him pay the price and move on.

psunittany: Coker is gone...IMO

rriva: i think it's interesting....

LionKing25: no scout im sure he is..but he made bad choices to get him there u know..

madden1313: miami is in big trouble cokers gone soon

PSULIONS17: Austin? is good enough to go into just about any school and play immediately

rriva: recruiting will not turn out like everyone thinks

lionlover: PM....Owe need MIAMI to IMPLODE!

PlaybookMark: Butch Davis could go back to Miami

rriva: there will be someone who commits to psu who nobody expects or has already written off, it happens every year

psunittany: Derrick Morgan..... tea leaves tell me PSU

madden1313: miami has already impolded

LionKing25: true rriva..

MrKruger: nah, their offensive coordinator, a former TE is the favorite

Joypa: FB is not a big part of O this year---re Snow

PennStatePigskin: If Lloyd has a three lose season, he's gone

MrKruger: I forget his name

michmcc left

rriva: it's funny, some have short and/or selective memories about last year where certain guys (i.e. Wallace) had no interest in PSU until the Ohio State game

lionlover: madden....we need MORE Imposion :O)

psunittany: rriva...exactly......

LionKing25: well if we beat michigan at home..we probly land every kid who visits that night.

psunittany: also...Hazelton just "showed up" for Purdue game...and we almost got him

rriva: i think this year's Ohio State game will be the michigan game, and if PSU can generate that sort of atmosphere, just wait to see what happens

CarmineSantucciorellicooci: we need to get some top juniors up for michigan

LionKing25: im basing this assumption on the osu effect.

PlaybookMark: Lots of Class of 2006 members were "long shots" - Taylor, Wallace, ALE, Devlin

madden1313: miami is done will lose to fsu and louisville early

LionKing25: rriva i think the michigan atmosphere tops osu.

lionlover: madden...I like your thinking

rriva: mark, wallace tols me in San Antonio that he had little to no interest in PSU until that OSU game

psunittany: Michie game will set things for 2008 class...... since we will only have 4 +/- spots left for 2007 class

LionKing25: and i assume this because the osu game you had a shot at tix..i got em off ticketmaster you cannot even sniff mcihgan tix this yr.

PennStatePigskin: Pretty tough to beat the OSU game

PlaybookMark: Which is why visits are so important

rriva: exactly

madden1313: trust me miami will lose at least 4 games maybe more absolutely no offense

LionKing25: pigskin..

lionlover: TheMichigan game WILL BE THE MOST HYPED GAME EVER !!!

rriva: which is also why the names that are thrown around today will change

LionKing25: the difference is we want michigan bad..

psunittany: PSU was 88% for landing kids w/ Visits.....

LexLion: With the suspensions, unless FSU players go awry, there is no chance Miami beats FSU

PennStatePigskin: Yes LK

LionKing25: we havent beat them in so long i expect the atmosphere to be more riled up and more hostile than osu..

PennStatePigskin: Agreed

psunittany: PSU needs ot be better than 4-2, IMO for Michie

LionKing25: i agree with LL

lionlover: Reallll Hostileeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

lionlover: :O)

madden1313: miami o line? is bad , wr , rb no depth

ritcheyk: I personally don't think we beat scUM - they are loaded this year

PennStatePigskin: So far I've scored 4 tix

mxbscout: There is also now an expectation the fans have of themselves to make a difference

LionKing25: although some of the fans at the osu game were insane.

CONLAN31: Hows Daryll Clark looking since his return? Surefire #2?

LionKing25: and plus you couldnt sit for the whole osu game..

madden1313: we will be 6-0 before the michigan game

PennStatePigskin: Agreed

LexLion: Michigan was loaded last year and lost 5 games

PlaybookMark: Conlan - seems like the odds on favorite - got some second team reps yesterday

Cafe210: if we are somehow undefeated going into the scUM game, the Beav will be ridiculous

Driver2006: Should be interesting going into the Shoe

BWW71: Mich still doesn't know how to play D? ritchey

rriva: LK, he can't be good though, he was a 3 star prospect :-P

ritcheyk: Michigan had a young secondary last year

PSURaven: who's got the inside track for DT next to Alford?

mxbscout: Key for Clark is he was able to run Drill 6 throughout the offseason

LionKing25: see i think michigan will be darn good..

leftcoastpsu: what was the deal with Dwayne Jarrett and that USC OLineman?

psunittany: I think we could start 3-1, run the table, and sneak into a nice BCS spot because everyhting is WIDE OPEN this year

Niftylion: What's our record this year?? 10-2, 8-4, 12-0?

LionKing25: rriva..well if he is good is yet to be proven..

PlaybookMark: Raven - Johnson but Baker and Robinson are pushing

PennStatePigskin: I'm going to my cardiologist before the SCum game just to be sure

CONLAN31: Hows he stack up with MRob as far as throwing the ball?

madden1313: psu offensive line will be stronger more athletic and meaner than 2004 2005 o lines

rriva: Michigan will be good, but i think Henne has had issues in the past with hostile away crowds

leftcoastpsu: something about getting pulled over in a car recently?

LionKing25: but hes a monster..

rriva: which is why it wouldn't surprise me if PSU beats UM at hime

psunittany: HV at night....Michigan doesn't leave alive

MrKruger: Henne's first and only college game in PA...we haven't beaten Michigan since 96...and it's under the lights?

madden1313: last year we surprised .........."THIS YEAR WE SHOCK AND AWEEEE "

PlaybookMark: lol

LexLion: Henne's success is predicated on a healthy Mike Hart.

PSU1GRR: Henne has never seen anything close to the Beav

lionlover: Riva...Can you pssibly imagine any away crowd being MORE HOSTILE to HENNE than PSU???

PennStatePigskin: I hope we have our special teams sharp from game 1

PSURaven: I remember Robinson looking pretty good in his freshman year, I think we'll see 4 guys getting action at DT this year

PlaybookMark: I am not sold on Hart

madden1313: WE ARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

psunittany: ST - the speedsters be returning for PSU?

PlaybookMark: Raven - LJ loves rotations off the line

Cafe210: I'm grinding my teeth right now thinking of Henne at the Beav

MrKruger: Mike Hart is a good back Mark

LexLion: Hart is good, but seems very fragile for some reason.

MrKruger: he's very much like Hunt

michaelpsu1992: play...who will be our safties for 06 ?

LionKing25: im thrilled we are putting burners back on kr and pr..

rriva: hart needs to stay healthy

MrKruger: quiet and does his thing

PBRme: Henne having problems with hostile away crowds might having something to do with being a tFR or tSO starter


CarmineSantucciorellicooci: How heavily was Elijah Robinson recruited out of HS? Any big offers?

ritcheyk: I see some new Tshirts for the scUM game

PennStatePigskin: Our biggest problem on D was having Michigan run it down our throat and fatigue

PSU1GRR: They will get hin

PBRme: I expect Henne to be one of the top QBs in the land this year.

LexLion: Yep, Riva.? If he isn't, Michigan's offense doesn't work as evidence of last year.

rriva: carmine, tulane....trying to think of others

LionKing25: i thought robinson had a miami offer?

madden1313: robinson had grade issuess

PSURaven: Mark - Who's winning the saftey battle next to DJ? McCready or Scirrotto?

PennStatePigskin: Will Anthony have thick skin if needed?

mxbscout: I think it is too early to tell, Raven

lionlover: MIchigan reprotedly is having MORE injuries to their OL...that will not help Henne

CarmineSantucciorellicooci: Tulane would be considered a lower echelon d1 program, just curious

mxbscout: they were very close in the spring

fp001: robinson had offers from iowa, purdue, etc...not the elite schools but pretty muc heveryon else

PlaybookMark: Raven - too early

CONLAN31: Anybody catch Henne's ESPN interview the other day?

madden1313: Mark? it seems joe really likes this team ! does ole joepa know something the pollsters dont?

lionlover: Conlan...no. What did Henne say?

nypsupuppet: i noticed that too madden

LionKing25: RRiva..for the record my beef isnt always with taking 3 star kids its coming after our stellar yr going after lesser talent kids this early..

apollopark: I heard that Bracken is the fastest QB

PlaybookMark: Joe is high on this squad because of their attitude and work ethic

madden1313: personally I love our talent across all 4 classes

mxbscout: Bracken is slow

CONLAN31: Not much, he’s terrible in front of a camera, almost painful to watch

mxbscout: Brackett can run

PSURaven: I'm nervous about our lack of pass rush from the DE position.? We'll get the push up the middle from Alford but Gaines and Shaw have not impressed me as pass rushers off the edge.

rriva: lk, i know, you're fine

fp001: lol brennan

PSU1GRR: Brackett has good feet

CONLAN31: Praised Manningham a lot though

cdplayer570 left

nypsupuppet: does devlin still have mono-is he going to redshirt?

CarmineSantucciorellicooci: raven, watch the orange bowl again

PlaybookMark: Devlin will RS

LionKing25: oh please redshirt devlin..

psunittany: devlin should RS

LionKing25: if i see him take one snap i will go postal..

madden1313: I believe our overall depth is superior to 2003 /2004 teams

PennStatePigskin: Conlan, who are you talking about

apollopark: Bracken is faster than Clark

lionlover: Conlan- Ok...it makes me feel better that Henne sounds like a bumbling illiterate

LionKing25: Brackett can run..

psunittany: madden - way to go out on a limb w the 03-04 teams

mxbscout: folks, it is "Brackett"

mxbscout: we are joking about "Ron Bracken," a writer for the CDT, not being able to run

CONLAN31: Henne had a 5 minute interview on ESPN the other day, if you missed it picture Christopher Reeves meets Paris Hilton

Ramblewood: Who's on first?

PennStatePigskin: LOL

psunittany: ha ha ha ..."Dan Conners"

PSURaven: Carmin - what did? I miss in the orange bowl?

PSUSmitty: Brennan - maybe they think Ron Bracken is suiting up for us

apollopark: Thanks

lionlover: Conlan....lmaooooo

nypsupuppet: lol

mxbscout: He's scrappy

madden1313: brackett? 6 6" 235 runs well great athlete in high school .....looks like futrure TE !

CarmineSantucciorellicooci: shaw's pass rush skills

LionKing25: Devlin can run well too.

psunittany: IMO - PSU pass rush determines W or L at South Bend

PSUSmitty: Shaw will be fine at D End

nypsupuppet: will paretta see any action this year?

LionKing25: nittany agreed..

Niftylion: who will start at Safety this year??

LionKing25: Quinn has all day they win.

psunittany: someone hide Paretta's jersey fro any B10 game

PennStatePigskin: Agreed

PSUSmitty: nittany - turnovers will decide? ND game

nypsupuppet: lol

PSUWonka: Brackett is over 6'5".? He's an athletic OT in 2 years!

PSU42Fan: where is YesPSUWins to diagram the pass rush for us?

psunittany: turnovers caused by pass rush!

PennStatePigskin: Well miss BranDon in South Bend

PennStatePigskin: we'll

Natty: 42fan-they couldn't fit YES's ego in the chat room

psunittany: protect Morelli - get after Quinn...PSU wins

PSU1GRR: Last year, everytime Paretta came in the game we threw deep to him and it was incomplete

PlaybookMark: Pressure on Quinn is key, but I am not sold on their secondary/backers

LionKing25: Snow acts as an extra ol to protect morelli to an inexperienced line.

PSU42Fan: you think he send those diagrams to JoePa?

NewYorkNittany: anyone can

PSUWonka: BranDon will be missed on a few crucial blocks but its not a massive blow to the O.

psunittany: ND has LBs??...you're KIDDING!!!

madden1313: i PREDICTED 11-1 LAST YEAR ................SO 12-0 THIS YEAR

PSUSmitty: PB Mark - ND is in for a world of hurt if we can protect Morelli

PennStatePigskin: Little things win

PSUWonka: of course, but Hahn and Lawlor can block as well

nypsupuppet: agreed smitty

LionKing25: Guys nd will put up at least 30s.

PSU42Fan: i think we need to establish the run and eat some clock

nypsupuppet: protection is the key

psunittany: ND's LBs would be 3rd string at PSU

Natty: so does anyone think PSU has a shot at little, green or austin?

MrKruger: 42, we're going to be 3 and 4 wide 80% of the time

LionKing25: gree yeah..

Ramblewood: You mean Travis Thomas wouldn't start for us?

Driver2006: 30's??

LionKing25: austin nah.

LionKing25: 30s..

psunittany: Broderick green official at Michigan game

BWW71: I like our projected OL, all of them bring attitude

rriva: natty, i think they have a legit shot at both

PSU42Fan: doesn't matter

LionKing25: yeah i believe 30s..

Driver2006: i don't

PSUSmitty: 20% shot at Austin

madden1313: ND is hurting badly with starting and backup linebackers

MrKruger: we're not going to just pound and pound with the speed and athletes we have on the outside

CONLAN31: Nothing is certain until the UM game

rriva: i just htink it's too early to say for certain where they end up

CarmineSantucciorellicooci: The sad thing is one of NDs LBs will be locked up on Dwill when he lines up as rb

psunittany: LK25 - your glass is half-empty again

PSU42Fan: we can't control the line of scrimmage we lose

MrKruger: Morelli will bring the 12 yard out back into the gameplan

LionKing25: nittany..not really just nd has a proven offense..back..

PSURaven: who do you guys see as our nickleback?? Fentress?? He will be key in the ND game.

MrKruger: if nd puts a lb on dwill, they may as well give us 40 pts

LexLion: I can tell you something LK, PSU could score in the 40s in SB.

NewYorkNittany: exept for fasano and stovall

NewYorkNittany: 2 MAJOR parts of their offense

madden1313: and also lost a OT OG and TE

CarmineSantucciorellicooci: in certain formations..there will be a lb on him

leftcoastpsu: Hunt is a decent pass blocker as well...all it takes is for our speed to get behind the d-backs and they can do that quickly

CONLAN31: Who sees more time this year, Sargeant or Ridenhour?

psunittany: madden...what did ND lose?

madden1313: ND HAS ALL THE PRESSURE , PSU will throw everything at ND

MrKruger: outside of abriami and zbikowski, no one on their defense strikes me as good enough to hang with us

psunittany: I got PSU +13 vs Notre Dame...I'm a RICH MAN

PSU42Fan: joe is not going to let morelli have that much on his shoulders in his first road game

apollopark: Ridenhour

LexLion: Stovall is a loss.? Fasano was overrated

LionKing25: i guess my rubin idea which went over well is out?l out o?

nypsupuppet: did you guys sell a lot of packages for the nd game?

PennStatePigskin: Has Scott learned how to pass block yet?

madden1313: ND lost its OT , OG and all american TE

nypsupuppet: i noticed it's still advertised

rriva: lex, did king (te from Vtech) go after fasano in the draft?

mxbscout: ny, we did well. there are still packages left, though

leftcoastpsu: so true madden

psunittany: I got $100 on it

LionKing25: Stovall does hurt them..

LexLion: AA TE?? Fasano wasn't an AA was he??

madden1313: TRUE FRESHMEN "YOUNG " from florida might start at OT for ND

Nittanylfan: hi

PBRme: Don't downplay ND's offense.? Quinn really is a heck of a QB and would have been a top 10 pick if he entered.

Nittanylfan: did I miss the chat ?

madden1313: FASANO MADE SEVERAL aa teams

CONLAN31: Madden is that true?

PSUSmitty: yeah, they won't take my credit card

LexLion: many better TEs last year than Tony Fasano

CONLAN31: About Sam Young?

LionKing25: but can our dbs stop Jeff S? i hope..i think we need to flush quinn outta the pocket..they also run sneaky screens as well..they will be tough.

madden1313: is what true?

rriva: lex, i thought king from vatech was better, i think fasano should have stuck around for another year

CONLAN31: Sam Young possibly starting?

LionKing25: PBR..im with yOU>>Quinn is tough to hit..hes big hes pretty nasty.

PSU42Fan: btw...sean mchugh running first string TE in detroit

psumtnman: Good evening everybody.

LexLion: Davis, Pope, UCLA's dude for starters

PennStatePigskin: At least we have some tall WR's to practice against

madden1313: young is fighting for starting OT position

PBRme: OSU fans said Notre Dame's offense was frustering to stop because they pass all over you and run with draw plays.

lionlover: Sam Young and Gaither were the two players I wanted most on the OL....:O(

leftcoastpsu: Our backers will sniff out the screens

NewYorkNittany: fasano was the 2nd TE taken in the NFL draft after Davis

LionKing25: left probly right.

LionKing25: screens dont work well on us..

LexLion: That doesn't mean anything to me

NewYorkNittany: Fasano was outstanding for them

madden1313: yes , young fighting sr mattes and redshirt soph turkovich

PSU42Fan: i hope the gtech game gives us a good look at what nd will do

LionKing25: our dl runs really well..

michaelpsu1992: which feshman is most likely to get significant playing time ?

Cafe210: DWill almost made Gaither happen... would have been nice

LionKing25: but guys 2 brand new corners scares me.

PennStatePigskin: I think GT, pushes ND

apollopark: Chris Bell

LionKing25: i understand king is the next great one..but that takes time.

LexLion: I saw maybe six or seven better than him last year.? As Riva stated, VPI's dude was better.

PennStatePigskin: Those southerners HATE ND

lionlover: LK25- Justin King is NObody to worry about

LionKing25: LL...i worry about everything..

madden1313: our 2006 corners are faster more athletic than phillips and zematis

PBRme: No matter what, ND's receivers aren't going to beat us deep.? They will dink us to death though and control the clock.

psunittany: LK25 - tell us about Rubin on Jeff S. some more

lionlover: Lk25...true ;o)

LexLion: Really KK?? Didn't know that

leftcoastpsu: I'm sure Bradley would love to see Young start

LionKing25: nittany..i still to this day dont tihnk its a crappy idea..

lionlover: psunittany...that sounds kinky

CarmineSantucciorellicooci: as long as we give them fgs instead of td's thats fine

LionKing25: i mean rubin is comparable in fram and speed and knows route running..

LionKing25: as a nickel or a shadow dont think it was a dumb idea..

madden1313: our defense led by 7 good linebakers and 3 very good def tackles is going to be fantastic

PennStatePigskin: What Frosh get playing time at RB

madden1313: none

rriva: psp, i don't think any will

psunittany: JKing will eliminate 1 WR....hopefully McKnight vs ND

PennStatePigskin: Some must? for next year

Natty: if hunt or morelli go down, big trouble

psunittany: will Bradley play King man & everyone else zone?

PSU42Fan: there are only 2 frosh rb's

PSUSmitty: Riva - you think our new TE recruit might be headed to Tackle?

PSU42Fan: carter and royster

rriva: smitty, i think it's possible

BWW71: Smitty I do

lionlover: Who would you rather see play the corner opposite Justin King....Davis or Wallace?

Natty: I really hate our OL recruiting

PSU42Fan: davis (this year)

madden1313: freshmen rb will redshirt...........d-will to see time at rb

LionKing25: davis..

psunittany: Davis in 06...Wallace in 07

LionKing25: wallace isnt ready..

PSU42Fan: i can see wallace st safety in '07

LionKing25: what yr is davis?

PSU1GRR: Shipley is another one that we can't afford to lose to injury

mxbscout: redshirt sophomore

PSU42Fan: he's tall

LionKing25: davis if he wins out this yr likeley wins out next..

psunittany: well- Davis might really surprise...he's looks stacked & fast

LionKing25: I think wallace moves to safety too

PSU42Fan: he ends up 6'1" 195-200

psunittany: Didnt Toy Davis have a Michigan offer?

PennStatePigskin: Wallace is sk

PSU42Fan: nice size for a free safety

PSUSmitty: Natty - agree on the OLine recruiting

lionlover: Where do you see Timmons in the DB?

madden1313: pollesters dissing penn state ..............pozzzzz isnt happy about it ................makes me happy !

PSU42Fan: he'll bulk up some

PSU42Fan: timmons could be the nickle

CONLAN31: I gotta roll, but before i do, big ups to Matt Rice -- 3 sacks!! later guys

psunittany: PSU 34....ND 27

lionlover: later conlan

PSUSmitty: Brennan - any thoughts on DeChellis extension?

madden1313: rember u heard it here ..............12-0 !? ? 13-0 !? ? WE AREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !

mxbscout: I would have waited to see how they played this year before making that move

fp001: think 2004 offense

mxbscout: but I like ED

Natty: so hoops team is playing at the meadowlands again?

PSUSmitty: i kind of agree - liked the turnaround this past year

mxbscout: from what we hear

Natty: cool

PSUSmitty: but this did seem like jumping the gun

mxbscout: thanks for stopping by. We intend to make this a weekly feature in the season

lionlover: LAter guys...thanks FOS staff, this was fun

nypsupuppet: thanks for all the great info

Nittanylfan: Brennan.. good idea

PSUSmitty: bye lover

mxbscout: thanks LL

PennStatePigskin: FOS ROCKS....Where is my buddy Bob tonight?

h2o22: did we start yet?


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