FOS Projected Depth Chart

Check out our forecast of how the Nittany Lions offense will line up AFTER the season-opener with Akron. Since the first pregame depth chart of a particular season is usually the least reliable, we decided to jump ahead a week and let you know how we think the DC will look heading into the Notre Dame game.

Let's face it, the depth chart Penn State releases prior to the season-opener against Akron next week will be next to useless. The coaching staff, unwilling to tip off the first opponent to talented new faces, typically edits the sports information staff's initial DC offering so it looks nothing like the lineup you will see on the field.

That changes in week two, after everyone has had a chance to see the Nittany Lions in action.

The opener is also often the last chance for select upperclassmen to prove they deserve their positions.

With that in mind, it is common to see drastic changes in Penn State's "official" depth chart between weeks one and two. So we decided to offer our prognostication for what the offensive DC will look like AFTER the Akron game.



14 Anthony Morelli
17 Daryll Clark
15 Paul Cianciolo
13 Kevin Suhey
5 Brett Brackett
7 Pat Devlin


26 Tony Hunt
8 Rodney Kinlaw
33 Austin Scott*
22 Evan Royster
32 Brent Carter


33 Matt Hahn
38 Dan Lawlor
82 Mickey Shuler
30 BranDon Snow@


2 Derrick Williams
19 Chris Bell
4 Terrell Golden


3 Deon Butler
84 James McDonald
83 Kevin Cousins
25 Brendan Perretta

RECEIVER (third)

24 Jordan Norwood
12 A.J. Wallace


44 Patrick Hall
88 Kevin Darling
81 Brennan Coakley or
89 Jordan Lyons
10 Andrew Quarless


67 Levi Brown
79 Chris Auletta


76 Gerald Cadogan
58 Greg Harrison
56 Austin Hinton


57 A.Q. Shipley
60 Patrick Weber
69 Mike Lucian
62 Ross Muir


64 Rich Ohrnberger
65 Robert Price
73 Dennis Landolt


78 John Shaw
79 Chris Auletta
71 Mark Farris

* Injured. Status will be updated upon return to full practice. @ Doghouse. Status will be updated upon exit from doghouse.


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