FOS Premium Chat Wrap

Get the lowdown on what is going on with Penn State football and the program's recruiting from our premium chat wrap.

rriva:: spread is at 16 for the game this week i think

78Lion:: they will find a way to put pressure on Getsy

futurelion:: I just hope to see Odrick get a nice amount of PT against Akron

futurelion:: i want to see what the kid brings tothe table

Alan84:: the only thing preventing us from covering will be the rain

rriva:: when y'all see odrick this year on defense, you'll see why he shouldn't be switched to OT

msj56:: i wanna see james mcdonald and chris bell get some jump balls

Alan84:: if there is a real mudbath I think Akron is shut out

LiverpoolLion:: I want to see Odrick give Getsy fits and ND something to think about

Alan84:: am19 - Akron is better than we want to admit, but I think the D is just waiting to kill some people

78Lion:: I want to see Shaw push the OT into Getsy give ND something to think about

futurelion:: agreed alan. Poz and Connor are going to lay some people out

am19psu:: i'm just thinking we see a lot of cover two with few blitzes

quez56:: Think about it.....Puz has been caged all summer

LiverpoolLion:: psu O>akron D, psu D>>>akron O

quez56:: I wouldn't want to be the first guy he sets his sights on....

Alan84:: agreed on the cover 2 and few blitzes. I think the front four want to make part of that statement as well

PSU42Fan:: my 8 month old daughter and i are ready to go!!!

PBRme:: It's going to be a typical post millenium PSU year. Awesome defense, bad o-line. I just can't ever remember having a good o-line with three redshirt sophomores starting.

Alan84:: bad o-line? This line is going to be awesome by OSU

mrpsu2:: For some reason I think the OLine will be better than we expect.

futurelion:: it won't be great, but it will be adequate

futurelion:: it will be great in 07-08

Maxicat:: 2 seniors and 1 RS junior on OL

78Lion:: same as last year's line but will be better by year end

dwheels02:: hey i got a / for all of you guys about notre dame tickets

78Lion:: / away

PBRme:: I think it will be worse than a lot of fans expect.

PlaybookMark:: Who's ready for some football?

dwheels02:: some guy says he will sell me them for 175-200 ea

futurelion:: as long as Kenney and Anderson here, we will never just 'reload' on the line

dwheels02:: but he has no photo

dwheels02:: of them

mendy4psu:: i haven't seen a pair go for less than a 1000

dwheels02:: and wants to go through ebay square trade is that safe

PBRme:: I worry about the youth and whether or not these guys can physically compete with Big Ten DTs from schools like Wisconsin, Michigan, etc.

mendy4psu:: be very wary of any ebay auctions for ND tickets

futurelion:: you're worried about Ohrny and Ship being able to handle things physically ?

futurelion:: i'm not worried about them physically at all. these are the best athletes we've had on the line in a very long time

LiverpoolLion:: physically compete, yes. Technique, schemes, who knows

PlaybookMark:: This will become one of the more physical OLs PSU has had in a long while

dwheels02:: thank god im going to the akron game and not watching it on tv did you hear pam ward will be one of the announcers

PlaybookMark:: the thing that is good for PSU is they will have some stability at center rather than having senior after senior after senior take over the role

78Lion:: I don't mind the internet delay for audio

mendy4psu:: looks like the wind might be the biggest issue on Saturday

PBRme:: yes futurelion. We always hear great things out of practice at this stage in their career. I remember hearing how Charles Rush was looking so good as a sophomore that they considered moving him to tackle.

PlaybookMark:: mendy I expect a lot of running this weekend, so wether should play into PSU's advantage

PBRme:: I'm just not sold yet that PSU can get o-lineman ready within 3 years.

Natty:: Mark- what odds you giving of PSU getting B.Green? I say 2%

PlaybookMark:: wind/rain neutralize or at least challenge Getsy

PSU42Fan:: morelli needs to throw

futurelion:: Rush isn't half the athlete Ship or Ohrny are. again, not worried about them physically. all you have to do is look at them

rriva:: natty, i think it's much higher than that

PlaybookMark:: Natty, if they get Green to U-M game that jumps to 30% I think

Rathskeller:: 40%?

trock56:: Rriva what is the deal with wiz

Natty:: mark-thats a big if

rriva:: i can't put a percentage on it (i'm no good in math) but i think that there's legit shot

PlaybookMark:: Wiz apparently had a very good visit to UNC...

mendy4psu:: a reliable USC poster on rivals said he thinks Green is gone

rriva:: trock, i'd be shocked if he didn't commit to psu when it's all said and done

mrfolks:: "So you're saying there's a chance"

futurelion:: i don't know why anyone thinks Green is such a longshot

PlaybookMark:: Natty, he's said he's coming, so it's as good of a situation PSU can expect right now

rriva:: i've said my piece many a time on when kids commit and then take official visits...

PSU42Fan:: he is not going to usc

futurelion:: he's obviously not going to SC, and does anyone think Arky will have even a decent year ?

trock56:: Why is wiz waiting. Chance he is a silent verbal

Natty:: Mark-well I obviously hope he does, but just seems like a longshot to me

PlaybookMark:: The team to beat with Green is Arkansas, he has close ties to it and it's home

rriva:: trock, wiz is a unique kid, he really isn't caught up in the hype, he's way laid back and is really just taking his time and enjoying the process

PSU42Fan:: he doesn't sound in love with ark

trock56:: thanks

msj56:: apparently arkansas took away his tickets to USC game

PlaybookMark:: Natty, getting Wallace to OSU was a long shot too - he wasn't even thinking PSU

BobLichtenfels joined

msj56:: which made him mad

futurelion:: i agree 42. his brother may be there, but that's the only thing giving Arky any shot imo

trock56:: Bob l

PSU42Fan:: bob!

78Lion:: hey bob

trock56:: Bob how far did our recruits drop in latest list?

CharlestonLion:: who will be our next verbal?

rriva:: people just need to remember that a decent number of current PSU freshmen were "longshots" (i.e. wallace) before the osu game

PlaybookMark:: Riva - exactly

BobLichtenfels:: whats up

PlaybookMark:: Penn State sells itself

PSU42Fan:: any idea exactly how many schollies available?

rriva:: bob, i like the picture of you shirtless on your myspace page

Nittanylfan:: hey Bob..

BobLichtenfels:: glad to see some things never chenge and Trock's degree from Phoenix University is serving him well

trock56:: thanks bob

trock56:: Bob why is everyone dropping bostick

msj56:: has the marvin austin ship sailed?

Rathskeller:: looks like a banner crowd here-

BobLichtenfels:: msj I wouldn't say final, Im sure LJ is still working Marvin

CharlestonLion:: who has been standing out on the OL?

PlaybookMark:: I wouldn;t count Austin out yet, but he seems like the wants to head to Miami

rriva:: mark, agreed

msj56:: it just seems like he has not mentioned PSU in forever

PlaybookMark:: Who wins - FSU/Miami?

PSU42Fan:: ugh miami

Nittanylfan:: FSU

futurelion:: FSU

HowardStern:: did McCoy look physically? is he recovered?

PlaybookMark:: Neither did Derrick Williams

78Lion:: fus

78Lion:: fsu

PSUisBACK:: FSU.........easily

BobLichtenfels:: I see him and Ant Davis playing for the "U" unless Coker gets canned, which may not matter if they bring back Butch Davis

futurelion:: Davis will be taking over for Nutt

PlaybookMark:: I am not saying Austin is coming, but two days before he committed Williams said he was considering Oklahoma, Florida, FSU and Texas

PSUisBACK:: D-Will's dad wrote PSU off after the NW game

BobLichtenfels:: LeSean looked great, he was admittedly a little out of shape but the instincts are still there, the cuts are still sharp and that extra gear has not left

PSUisBACK:: but realized that Joe was the only who didn't lie to him

CharlestonLion:: thank god we got DWill

trock56:: Bob not joking why is bostik dropping on all the list and we havent even played yet

Psu96:: DT options are there even without Austin, although you always want the best of course

HowardStern:: good ro hear

msj56:: well we definately need him to visit for the michigan game

rriva:: i think psu has a great shot at tydreke powell

78Lion:: Langley didn't look too ripped in the video

BobLichtenfels:: Dont know what lists I dont read them

Psu96:: Powell would be one heck of a consolation prize

PSU42Fan:: do you think mccoy woul chance another visit?

trock56:: rival

Psu96:: 42, the question is would Penn State allow him to visit again?

Rathskeller:: I remember that Mark- people were ready to jump off bridges. heh

mrfolks:: better ? is would they invite him to visit

JsT10:: I think Penn State has a great shot at Wesley Saunders too

PlaybookMark:: PSU's recruiting Come (to PSU) and they will build it (a future)

PSU42Fan:: if they want him...

BobLichtenfels:: Like I said before there's some swollowing of the pride that needs to happen first

mrfolks:: i don't think they do

CharlestonLion:: who do you all think will be thE MVP of the offense on Saturday?

PSU42Fan:: really? saunders?

mxbscout:: Tony Hunt

78Lion:: hopefully the right side of the line

trock56:: dwill

PlaybookMark:: Charleston I would go with Hunt

trock56:: dwill return for a td

futurelion:: Robert Price

PSU42Fan:: lol

Psu96:: Hunt will get 20-25 carries if the game is close into the second half

futurelion:: oh, you meant for PSU, sorry

rriva:: future, stop it :-P

BobLichtenfels:: My guess TRock is most people put too much stock into the Elite 11 for QB's

CharlestonLion:: I can't wait to see Bell

trock56:: thanks bob

HowardStern:: you know anything about Jr DT Brandon Ware from Harrisburg?

PSU42Fan:: 2 things i am looking for

Psu96:: I'd like to see Bell make a big play this week so that he gets that monkey off his back going into South Bend where he's bound to be nervous

PSU42Fan:: 1. the ol

PlaybookMark:: I doubt Bell gets a lot of reps vs. Akron - the passing game will run basic routes (curls, posts, etc.)

BobLichtenfels:: I heard bad reports about Dev last year from that and I knew it was ridiculous, anyone that has seen him throw knows how good he is

PSU42Fan:: 2. when freshmen play and who

BobLichtenfels:: Not yet Stern, but I do have Harrisburg on my scouting schedule this year

PlaybookMark:: Who wins Cal vs. Tennessee?

mrfolks:: he's committed, so Bostick falls on some lists, name of the game

PSUisBACK:: TN............

twak1:: Tenn

Psu96:: Cal should win, but it's at TN so the Vols will figure out a way

LexLion:: TN only because Cal's QB situation is a mess for the first game

PSUisBACK:: Fulmer's job is on the line.........

am19psu:: can someone explain to me why cal is a darkhorse candidate for the mnc this year?

Nittanylfan:: I pick CAL

futurelion:: Cal will win even wih Ayoob

LexLion:: otherwise Cal would/should win

Psu96:: Marshawn Harvey and DeSean Jackson

YearoftheHeisman:: Bob, wghat's your predicition on PSU's las 5 recruit?

futurelion:: Cal's D will shut UT down

78Lion:: am, they are the only other team in Pac 10

Psu96:: Ayoob is Booya spelled backwards

StevisInHSV:: Cal..hopefully I hate Tennessee

Nittanylfan:: USC or Arkansas ??

mxbscout:: Look for Penn State to get more than five more recruits

78Lion:: usc without McFadden

rriva:: are we on Mad Money now with the booyas :-)

PSUisBACK:: USC.........they are still loaded........

mxbscout:: as many as seven

LexLion:: McFadden out = death to Arkansas

Psu96:: I don;t think the Pac-10 plays defense futurelion

futurelion:: Booty is dumb as a brick

am19psu:: really mark??

BobLichtenfels:: thats tough with them taking a few kids I would not have thought they'd take

futurelion:: USC will struggle this year

YearoftheHeisman:: OK, MORE THAN 5, who?

PlaybookMark:: The situation with the special teams seems solid heading in - that could mean a big difference in close games

PSU42Fan:: yes they will not be as good

HowardStern:: if we have a PR who can make a play

futurelion:: CJ Gable is no Bush or White, not even close

PlaybookMark:: HS - Lowry's dancin shoes have been hung up...

BobLichtenfels:: I think Muldrow will commit, I'd expect one more OL. I would assume they may get one of the two PA WR's either Moye or Williams/ Maybe they can wow Broderick Green

Psu96:: Scirrotto is very fast, although I'm guessing he'll need a good seam in order to break one. Still I expect a North-South runner there which is better than dancing around and getting dropped for a loss

LexLion:: That other OLman better be Wisniewski

HowardStern:: finally mark

YearoftheHeisman:: Thanks Bob

futurelion:: Muldrow needs to head south.

HowardStern:: but i fear Scirrotto will be more of the same

BobLichtenfels:: yup Wiz is one, unless he pulls a stunner

PlaybookMark:: Scirrotto was an outstanding returnman in HS

PSU42Fan:: any recruit like wallace that may look our way if things go good (besides austin and other known names)?

futurelion:: i could see Anthony Davis giving us a look if we have a really good year

PSUisBACK:: the AJ / Austin analogy is a good one..........

HowardStern:: so was Lowry

Psu96:: Wallace was off the radar until after OSU, so that's a tough one to predict until a big game atmosphere like Michigan happens

msj56:: o'dowd too

BobLichtenfels:: If PSU gets out of the gate fast it could sway some kids, obviously the Michigan game will be huge

futurelion:: O'Dowd will be really tough to get from USC

PSUisBACK:: AJ didn't have us on his list either............till OSU............just like Michigan will win over Marvelous Marvin............

rriva:: future, i think OSU has a better shot at O'Dowd than USC

BobLichtenfels:: I cant see O'dowd out here in PA

PSU42Fan:: that's why you guys get paid

futurelion:: we'll see Riva. the USC guys I've talked to have said they fully expect to land him

msj56:: we need to be at least 3-1 heading out of columbus or i think kids like austin or davis will not visit for michigan

78Lion:: be more specific Bob

Psu96:: Austin would have to come to the Michigan game first PiB

BobLichtenfels:: Marvin's situation is different he listed PSU all year then supposedly dropped them, AJ didn't do that

futurelion:: they aren't going after Summers Gavin because they think ODowd will end up at SC

trock56:: so when does snow make his first appearance

rriva:: future, it'll be interesting to see how O'Dowd's recruitment works out, i don't think he's sold on any one school yet

mxbscout:: Game 4 on Snow

mrfolks:: seems austin is concerned about playing early

PlaybookMark:: future - USC guys expect to land Green too

78Lion:: OSU trock

PSU42Fan:: 4?

CaveLion:: I think that O'dowd is just using us to get a bigger signing bonus from OSU

Rathskeller:: What's the latest on Walker Ashley?

mxbscout:: Joe said at least two games

Nittanylfan:: Game 4 ?/?

YearoftheHeisman:: I have predicted Austin/Davis tandem is ours. You heard it here first. No inside info, just my willd prediction for the year.

futurelion:: disagree mark. most every USC fan who has voiced an opinion thinks Green is as good as gone

BobLichtenfels:: O'Dowd is a west coast kid, whats to be specific about. Watch where Everson griffin goes that could be a ppackage deal

PSU42Fan:: crap

Psu96:: Ashley is enrolled at USC I believe

Nittanylfan:: will Austin Scott play on Saturday ??

Rathskeller:: Is he on the depth chart there?

PSU42Fan:: 3rd string at usc

HowardStern:: Ashley is like 3rd team DT at USC

PlaybookMark:: Asley is at DT

PlaybookMark:: Ashley

Rathskeller:: thanks..

LexLion:: If O'Dowd comes east, he will be in Columbus.

trock56:: What is the latest on logan

mxbscout:: Scott playing sounds like an iffy proposition

rriva:: lex, i think you're right on that

mxbscout:: in the opener

PSUisBACK:: Scott won't play..............

rriva:: at least as it stands now

Rathskeller:: havn't heard much of him lately

PSU42Fan:: reshirt?

Nittanylfan:: will Scott play at all this season /??

PSU42Fan:: redshirt?

Psu96:: Hunt, Kinlaw and Hahn will get the carries from what it sounded like today

HowardStern:: hopefully Scott plays this year

PSUisBACK:: if Royster appears on Saturday.........and I think he will...........

trock56:: What is the latest on LOGAN?

PSU42Fan:: wait and see with royster?

mxbscout:: Logan-El?

Psu96:: Joe definitely made it seem like he won't redshirt Scott. Might be a sign that he wants AS to get on with his life’s work as Chuck Noll used to say

PlaybookMark:: I am still not convinced Scott is fully recovered from the spring knee injury

BobLichtenfels:: Yoth if you get that prediction right, I'll hire you the next

PSUisBACK:: he's back to practicing...........doing well............

Nittanylfan:: I talked to someone that knows AS and he thought Scott would play this season

PSU42Fan:: i can see that

HowardStern:: sounds like a plan to me 96

rriva:: from CNN: Hurricane watch lifted for all of Florida, but remains in effect for coastal areas of Georgia and the Carolinas, National Hurricane Center Says.

rriva:: let's see if ernesto makes it up to PA

PSUfan88:: what will be the percentage of one-back formations we will see the first couple of games

YearoftheHeisman:: thanks, Bob I may take you up on hat

mrfolks:: hope not, i'd like to see morelli get some reps in

Rathskeller:: we got enough rain here the last 2-3 days, for sure

trock56:: Rriva what is the latest on logan

Psu96:: 88, I would imagine PSU will use the one-back set quite often and have 3 WRs on the field.

Nittanylfan:: the Hurricane changed it track again ???

PlaybookMark:: Here's an interesting practice note - they have run a formation with Morelli and Williams as "split" QBs under center

am19psu:: no, nittanyfan, it jsut never restrenghtened

Psu96:: Anthony Morelli talked today about exploiting Akron's rover, a hybrid LB/safety that is often matched up with the slot receiver, which is DWill in PSU's case

HowardStern:: thats a ND formation

rriva:: trock, other than the clearinghouse issue, nothing really

Nittanylfan:: darn.. I'm hoping it doesn't rain Friday

Nittanylfan:: and Saturday

trock56:: is clearinghouse close to being cleared up

PlaybookMark:: 96, that size mismatch against a Bell/McDonald type could be a big advantage

mxbscout:: nobody knows, trock

am19psu:: it really could be anywhere from friday afternoon to saturday night

Psu96:: Direct snap to DWill. The Steelers ran this play several times last year. Ben would pretend like the snap went over his head and Randle-El would take the snap and run

PlaybookMark:: HS - oh yeah - never see that in Akron

am19psu:: it all depends on the strength of a high pressure system in canada

BobLichtenfels:: The clearinghouse is still backed up, it's very strange this year how they are handling things

mrfolks:: 96- they first ran that with Kordell Stewart

HowardStern:: i dont recall the NCAA ever being so messed up this late

Psu96:: they're affecting lives of kids by putzing around like this

Rathskeller:: That's out of Joe's Brown U. playbook..

HowardStern:: they are seriously hurting kids now

NewYorkNittany:: these kids should file a lawsuit against the ncaa

PSU42Fan:: yespsu wins will be telling us all "i told you so"

mxbscout:: Clark’s situation was messed up into the spring of his freshman year

PSUisBACK:: I'll find out the specifics on ALE's academic situation Saturday morning...........

psulions12:: hey, just got here, whats new

BobLichtenfels:: well Stern they are really cracking down on prep schools, cyber schools and home schooled kids so that has caused a back up

PSU42Fan:: hopefully he'll knwo more than walton

bhunter:: tv saturday? network?

Psu96:: ESPN2

BobLichtenfels:: ESPN2

PSUisBACK:: ESPN deuce

Psu96:: Pam Ward and Mike Gottfried on the call

HowardStern:: yeah...but not all these kids are from prep schools etc

Nittanylfan:: LIVE inside the Beav

BobLichtenfels:: But that has caused the back-up so others are suffering the brunt of it

PSUisBACK:: Pam Ward is the female Lombardi............her knowledge is overwhelming

PlaybookMark:: With Getsy I suspect well see some press coverage from the secondary

PennStatePigskin:: 3 Days, 19 Hours, 10 Minutes

Maxicat:: So, is there one coaches challenge

bhunter:: lets ROCK

LexLion:: I hope you are joking PIB

PlaybookMark:: Who wins ND vs. GT?

Nittanylfan:: Mark .. Blitz coming out tomorrow ???

Nittanylfan:: ND

psubart1:: So are Maryland High Schools that bad or is it our admissions department

PSU42Fan:: telemundo rules

Psu96:: yes one challenge but you have to take a timeout to throw the red flag

PlaybookMark:: ntnyfan: we're working on it...

PSUisBACK:: oh...........Pam Ward...........i thought you said Charlie Ward............

Psu96:: you get the timeout back if the call is overturned

Maxicat:: Joe has a red flag!!

78Lion:: don't blame all of Maryland, Just PG county

Nittanylfan:: thanks Mark

psubart1:: Ahhh, PG county, I guess if you make it out alive, you are on the right track

NewYorkNittany:: we win the toss what do we do?

twak1:: defer

PlaybookMark:: Tony Davis should be a solid corner

leftcoastpsu:: defend

78Lion:: defer

bhunter:: amen on defend

Maxicat:: If out of time outs you can't utilize?

LiverpoolLion:: How many TE's see pt? any chance of seeing quarless?

Nittanylfan:: good question - who gets "upset" this weekend ????

Psu96:: I think the program has the luxury of redshirting Quarless

leftcoastpsu:: UT beats Cal

psubart1:: UVA or Pitt?

trock56:: who gets first int of season

bhunter:: u all pick any scores yet for our game

PSUisBACK:: Davis.............

78Lion:: pitt should win UVA sucks

PlaybookMark:: Liver - I doubt we see Quarless Saturday unless it's a blowout - he needs to work on his blocking, which they are concerned with for Morelli out of the gate

Psu96:: They don't need him to catch passes, so let Quarless bulk up and work on his blocking

psubart1:: But Al Groh is a genius

PennStatePigskin:: Broderick Green ? for the experts. Is there fire where there's smoke?

rriva:: davis, from a build standpoint, reminds me a lot of rashean mathis, stocky legs and long arms

78Lion:: bart lol

rriva:: psp, so long as green takes his official visit, i give psu a legit shot

restoartheroar:: FOS should have a season long pick em for college football games, with prizes of course

leftcoastpsu:: how many does USC win by?

PSU42Fan:: less than a TD

PlaybookMark:: Pigskin - if they get Green to U-M is a new ball game

leftcoastpsu:: 42 that would be great for us

leftcoastpsu:: with BGreen

rriva:: psp, i'm a stong believer that when a kid commits to a shcool and then takes officials, more often than not he ends up elsewhere

PennStatePigskin:: Ok...The coaches are really trying.

leftcoastpsu:: rriva - how much evidence do you have to support that?

trock56:: Rriva I think logan would not agree with you. oh yes he would

mendy4psu:: Green will not end up at USC

rriva:: you bet

Nittanylfan:: chances of Odrick playing are ???

leftcoastpsu:: very good

trock56:: odrick good

rriva:: nittany, pretty good chance

78Lion:: 100%

mendy4psu:: how about Evans?

trock56:: less

leftcoastpsu:: maybe not immediately but soon

PSUisBACK:: how does a kid like Odrick look so lean and ripped at 290?

mxbscout:: don't think Evans plays this week

Nittanylfan:: very good question - is the field covered ???

rriva:: PiB, good question, he's just been blessed

PSUisBACK:: he could be 320

PSUisBACK:: and not have an ounze of fat

BobLichtenfels:: PIB yopu should see Bruce Campbell he is 280 and has a six pack

PennStatePigskin:: I thought he was 280

restoartheroar:: what is the over under on yards traveled by Joe Paterno on the sidelines?

leftcoastpsu:: other than Wallace and maybe Bell - frosh time will be limited

PSUisBACK:: these kids are amazing

Nittanylfan:: Wallace will be at WR ??

BWW71:: any update on the Phil Taylor weight watch?

feetforlove:: Man I cant wait, gonna be leaving Dayton Ohio, drving to SC for the game

trock56:: still their

PlaybookMark:: Odrick seems ahead of Evans right now - LJ knows he needs solid guys for the end rotation

mxbscout:: 340 was last we heard, I believe

feetforlove:: wallace at WR what?

Psu96:: That's a luxury. PSU had to play a bunch of freshmen and redshirt freshmen last year. Now they can afford to redshirt highly talented kids and keep the pipeline full

PlaybookMark:: NF - Wallace will likely se rps both ways this season

mxbscout:: I would not be surprised if Wallace plays both ways this season

mxbscout:: good point, Mark

feetforlove:: Thats a given

psubart1:: Can't redshirt too many, kids said they came because they could play right away

PSU42Fan:: safety? cb?

trock56:: wallace nickel

feetforlove:: but will he see field this week?

Psu96:: Wallace will fill the Justin King role at WR, taking reverses and getting the occasional pass thrown his way

mendy4psu:: this years Justin King

mxbscout:: Wallace will play this weekend

PSUisBACK:: i think AJ plays right away

feetforlove:: sweet

Rathskeller:: Bell?

feetforlove:: AJ can run

mendy4psu:: what happened with Evans? I thought he was a lock to play right out of the shoot

trock56:: yes

PSUisBACK:: he's getting quality reps

PlaybookMark:: AJ is too good not to play

Nittanylfan:: how fast is Wallace ??

PSUisBACK:: so is Bell........

mrfolks:: will sargeant, that's the question i want to know

feetforlove:: Bell is on the field pronto

HowardStern:: if Aulletta is banged up....who is the 3rd OT? Eliades or Landolt?

PlaybookMark:: Sargeant could see some return reps

Psu96:: Evans is very talented but has had issues with his endurance. The conditioning is a real shock to the system for many freshmen

PSU42Fan:: cadogan?

BobLichtenfels:: I dont see Evans as being big enough right now to play end in the Big Ten he needs a year to bulk up

PlaybookMark:: HS - Landolt is ahead ot Eliades

PennStatePigskin:: James McDonald has dissapeared?

Maxicat:: Farris didn't even make the 3 deep

PSUisBACK:: Evans is only 260.........isn't that a tad light?

PSU42Fan:: harrison moves in at rg

HowardStern:: Landolt has good feet

Rathskeller:: What weight did Tamba play at?

PlaybookMark:: McDonald will be in the rotation, he adds size on slants and flat routes

Nittanylfan:: how fast is Wallace compared to Williams ??

MEpsuproud:: so, in summary, we should look to see Odrick, Wallace and Bell on the field this weekend? Any other freshman?

mendy4psu:: so Price starts this week and is back on the bench for ND?

78Lion:: remember Tamba started at DT

Psu96:: Landolt was a terrific high school wrestler. That should help him on the OL

mxbscout:: Maybe Royster

mrfolks:: wow, PSU running slants again... thank god

feetforlove:: Anybody wondering if the depth at WR is a little too deep, and that we might need to switch some to RB or something?

PBRme:: 260 isn't light. Matt rice played at 255

HowardStern:: wasnt Hali like 269 lbs?

PSUisBACK:: i think the middle screen will be back in the O again

BobLichtenfels:: Evans cant be 260

PSUisBACK:: like in 1994

PBRme:: One of the reasons Evans is probably out of shape is because he tried to gain too much weight too soon

mrfolks:: ahhh, the middle screen...Engram was masterful at that play

BobLichtenfels:: if he is its bad weight like the kind most of us would gain

PennStatePigskin:: Bob, What PSU games will you see live?

restoartheroar:: LETS GET FIRED UP,,,,,, WE ARE....

BobLichtenfels:: Michigan I plan on coming to Happy Valley

PlaybookMark:: Evans isn't out of shape - he just needs to get acclimated to all the conditioning - a lot of HS teams run a fraction of what PSU does

leftcoastpsu:: But the bad weight is so good...

Psu96:: It's very cool in State College right now

feetforlove:: I'll be in the Beave for MSU and Akron, possibly YSU

PSUisBACK:: i must be great then...........i have a ton of bad weight

BobLichtenfels:: I'll get the Octagon set-up

PennStatePigskin:: Maybe we could meet up.

PSU42Fan:: osu game baby

trock56:: Bob I want first match

PennStatePigskin:: Buy you a brew or two

BobLichtenfels:: I don't drink

leftcoastpsu:: I heard 75 and sunny

PennStatePigskin:: LOL

BobLichtenfels:: lol...Ok I joke I joke

mxbscout:: Anyone coming up for Akron, we'll have an FOS tent up on Curtain Road for Football Eve

BobLichtenfels:: Maybe I meant drink too much

feetforlove:: I'll drop by the FOS tent

Rathskeller:: Is FOS having a tent for any games?

PSUisBACK:: where will the FOS booth be set up?

PSU42Fan:: central catholic on fox sports on saturday

PennStatePigskin:: I'll be at em all, God willing

PSU42Fan:: that's wiz, right?

BobLichtenfels:: Thiel, baby I'd say by two scores

PennStatePigskin:: FOS Tent...Where?

mxbscout:: right across from the BJC

NewYorkNittany:: bob do you know if penn state is still recruiting iloegbu?

PennStatePigskin:: OK

Psu96:: FOS tent on Curtain Road leading to the stadium for Football Eve

LexLion:: 2 FG's, 2 TD's? 1 TD, 1 FG?

Nittanylfan:: nice.. I'll visit

BobLichtenfels:: you can see Ditto, Wiz and Sukay saturday in the double header

Rathskeller:: great

mxbscout:: We are also doing an FOS webcast Friday at noon

feetforlove:: Will the tent be out there every game?

mxbscout:: no

feetforlove:: sweet

PSUSmitty:: Bob - any insight into our running back recruiting?

feetforlove:: ah ok

mendy4psu:: any new updates with Paternoville?

mendy4psu:: why are they camping for Akron anyways

feetforlove:: it's opening game

feetforlove:: not so much akron, but opening game

feetforlove:: to say u were tehre from teh beginning to the end

PlaybookMark:: mendy - the students are chomping at the bit for football - I know crazy

HowardStern:: will the cutie from the FOS Myspace page be there?

PennStatePigskin:: I LOVE the enthusiasm of the student body in pregame for the 1st game.

feetforlove:: I cant make Football Eve, due to school

PSURocks40:: what's the weather looking like for Sat? Is Ernersto going to strike?

BobLichtenfels:: I will give you this morsel, I do not expect that McCoy will land in Miami. I personally think he ends up elsewhaere and I have heard from some folks close to the situation, do not count on him not going to PSU

restoartheroar:: what time if football eve

mxbscout:: for future home games, we have an FOS Happy Hour planned at the real Lions Den. This starts with the YSU game. Football Eve stuff outside the stadium starts at 6 p.m. Gates open at 7 p.m. Their is a Spikes game at 4 p.m.

PSUSmitty:: i have heard that the door is more wide open for Shady than some people thing

mendy4psu:: Bob, did McCoy talk about PSU at all?

feetforlove:: I think too many people are saying that they dont wan McCory

PSUisBACK:: Bob ...........that is more double negatives than my 5th graders use in a week.............

PSU42Fan:: so you are saying he could come?

am19psu:: too.. many.. negatives.. bob.. arrrgggh

Psu96:: I wouldn't be surprised if McCoy ends up at MD or Va Tech, possibly NC State

HowardStern:: do not count on him not going to PSU?

78Lion:: Vtech the other and is Maryland or NCState in the mix

PSU42Fan:: exactly PiB!

Rathskeller:: He needs Joe and PSU as much as we need him.

BobLichtenfels:: Shady danced around the topic, but I have learned to read between the lines and he is more than open

HowardStern:: fair enough

BWW71:: grades?

BobLichtenfels:: I play Hold em dammit I can read

PSUSmitty:: PSU42 - yes, the door is not yet completely closed

leftcoastpsu:: Rate him Bob - comp to BG others?

mendy4psu:: i cleaned up down AC playing limit

78Lion:: but you play online bob

PSU42Fan:: i was trying to decipher bob's quadruple negatives

Natty:: psu's grade policy makes no sense when you think about it, totally random it seems

BobLichtenfels:: Mansionpoker,net..I will make the Pokerdome one day

PSUSmitty:: Shady never went to a juco

PSUisBACK:: i'm not NOT going to get into not talking about Shady McCoy again..........

PlaybookMark:: Morelli is fired up to play this weekend - he is anxious to ride the bus over and show his stuff

abstutz:: 1st time chat... hi everyone WE ARE!

am19psu:: looks like i'll just get there after class at 430

BobLichtenfels:: I would take Shady over any back that PSU is currently looking at

leftcoastpsu:: thx Bob

Rathskeller:: GREEN??

mendy4psu:: is Shady healed up?

PlaybookMark:: he abstutz - welcome

PennStatePigskin:: WOW

leftcoastpsu:: that is what I thought you would say

PSUSmitty:: me too Bob - amazing player

78Lion:: is he starting Bob or is the other Miami commit starting?

PSU42Fan:: i see that

leftcoastpsu:: hey Smitty - how's the game

BobLichtenfels:: shady's good to go, just getting his conditioning back

restoartheroar:: too high a risk

PSUSmitty:: lets ask PIB what he thinks of landing McCoy

PSUSmitty:: ;-)

PSUisBACK:: have him come up...........

PSURocks40:: what's ernesto looking like for the weekend?

PSUSmitty:: Leftyy - pretty bad right now

abstutz:: sorry if already discussed, but what is the latest on B. Green? saw a lot of posting going on today.

BobLichtenfels:: Cooper was first on the depth chart for the Hudson Valley game, because Shady arrived late to camp

restoartheroar:: he has an attitude you know that

HowardStern:: big IF...but if Shady were on campus Royster would be fight ing for # 2 on the depth chart

BobLichtenfels:: Shady is a great kid, he is just highly competitive

Rathskeller:: hmm

psuthebest:: when will we know where shady is heading bob?

Rathskeller:: thanks, Howard

PSUSmitty:: i have heard that Royster is doing very, very well

PennStatePigskin:: B Green if at SCum game we have a shot,

PSUSmitty:: in fact, the staff is vey high on him

feetforlove:: I expect him to be a surprise

leftcoastpsu:: I really hope he pulls it together and he lands at PSU

BobLichtenfels:: Probably not until late

PSUisBACK:: difference between Royster and McCoy is that Evan can read and comprehend the playbook............

LexLion:: OUCH!

78Lion:: easy PIB

mendy4psu:: cheap shot

trock56:: PIB not nice BUT FUNNY

PennStatePigskin:: Cold

psuruls:: low blow PIB

leftcoastpsu:: PIB - that one will hurt

FurnaceB:: you know that for fact PIB?

BobLichtenfels:: Reading a playbook and taking a Trig test are not quite the same

PSU42Fan:: what is the deal with the animosity towards mccoy?

feetforlove:: Trig is hard ish man

FurnaceB:: McCoy should be a high priority for us

gnvoylie joined

LexLion:: Trig sucked!

PSU42Fan:: it's not like he said anything about royster?

Natty:: who cares if these kids can read, i care that he can run real fast

Rathskeller:: it was a joke- sheesh

StevisInHSV:: No offense to Royster but he isn't in McCoy's league as a TB

Psu96:: lol Natty

Natty:: he can go work at mcdonalds after PSU for all i care


Sweeney97:: which freshman Offensive lineman has impressed the most?

trock56:: natty thats the psu spirit

PSUisBACK:: Natty.........this is PSU...........not Pitt...........

trock56:: Natty thats the psu spirit

HowardStern:: i hope Royster is great...but talent wise he aint McCoy

restoartheroar:: Chemistry above talent

HowardStern:: McCoy excels in all areas of the game

PennStatePigskin:: Bob, will the stash be in deep poop with a 6-6 season?

PlaybookMark:: Upset special this week? I'd go with Wisconsin getting knocked off

Sweeney97:: bob what are you thoughts on Lou elisades

Nittanylfan:: Mark....who do they play ???

trock56:: I go with PITT

HowardStern:: is Stocco out for the year?

feetforlove:: is he?

mendy4psu:: i don't think so Howard

feetforlove:: they have no RBs it seems

abstutz:: how comfortable is everyone with our recruiting class so far... so few ships, so many early commits

mrfolks:: winning or losing trock

feetforlove:: and there passing game is less than impressive

mendy4psu:: i think he's questionable this week

HowardStern:: i think Wiscy lost all their WRs

PlaybookMark:: Wisky plays Bowling green

feetforlove:: how is their D though?

78Lion:: stocco only misses one or two games but it won't matter

restoartheroar:: WE ARE... PENN STATE!!!!

LexLion:: You are right Stern

StevisInHSV:: stern good possibility the kid from Scotland plays this year

PSUfan88:: i think the BG quarterback is suspended as well

BobLichtenfels:: I love Big Lou, he is an ass kickin machine

mrfolks:: man, people won't le that one go, eh bob?

Sweeney97:: bob, you think he is a tackle or guard?

PSUSmitty:: Playbook Mark - who is Wiscy playing?

Maxicat:: somewhere in Ohio, Ithink

PSU42Fan:: so do the recent problems at OT facilitate a move to O for odrick in '07?

LexLion:: Wiscy v. BGSU is in Cleveland

feetforlove:: Bowling Green is THE ugliest place i've ever been to

mendy4psu:: Bob, what's the feeling with Pitt this year?

Natty:: PIB-he is seriously hurt, i'm betting labrum surgery after the season

feetforlove:: completely flat

feetforlove:: and dead in the winter

Maxicat:: that's it Clev

Nittanylfan:: yea.. I do remember. its in Clevenland

PSUisBACK:: he's hurt in the head........

PSUSmitty:: sorry - missed it earlier

PSU42Fan:: all you can do is drink

LexLion:: go to Jackson State brother

PSUisBACK:: head case

feetforlove:: what about Cleveland? Bowling Green isnt near Cleveland

LexLion:: Game is in Cleveland

HowardStern:: thats it

Maxicat:: My upset Minny

feetforlove:: Whats up with Minny, do they have much left?

LexLion:: Cupito back for his 20th year

78Lion:: has all his WR too

feetforlove:: I dont think he's that great of a QB

Sweeney97:: bob what are your thoughts on our recruiting class so far, and how we stand with the recruits

BobLichtenfels:: Mendy 6-6/7-5 maybe 8-4

LexLion:: Wheelwright is a good solid WR

78Lion:: if he isn't they don't win many

PSUSmitty:: so who believes ND struggles against Georgia Tech?

am19psu:: payne is too, lex

PSUSmitty:: i think that might be more hype than substance

Maxicat:: Who is Northwestern playing on Thurs?

LexLion:: Spaeth is a solid TE. I believe he is back

PSUisBACK:: i think GT beats ND...........

PlaybookMark:: Smitty - I think GT gives ND a handful

BobLichtenfels:: I know this will go over well, but I'm a little disappointed with it coming off the season they had

feetforlove:: Miami of OHio

feetforlove:: in Oxford

feetforlove:: I wanna go to that game

PSU42Fan:: nd wins by 7-10 but looks vulnerable

PSUSmitty:: interesting PBMark

feetforlove:: since my sister goes to Miami

Nittanylfan:: any big ten teams get knocked off this weekend ??

LexLion:: Miami is going to win that one

HowardStern:: you arent the only one Bob

PlaybookMark:: NW plays Miami Ohio

Sweeney97:: i agree bob

BobLichtenfels:: watch Ryne Robinson maybe the most explosive kid in college football that nobody ever sees

feetforlove:: I went to the Miami-Bowling green game last year, and god my you know whats froze off

Tiapan:: yes thats a fair statement

PennStatePigskin:: Me three

Nittanylfan:: Minny vs Kent State

PSUSmitty:: if Johnson lights up their secondary, i will feel even more confident than i do about our game against them

Natty:: bob-don't say that abou tthis class, you'll get crucified

Sweeney97:: bob where do you think Austin is leaning?

FurnaceB:: this is a subpar class so far

Ed001 joined

feetforlove:: I have a bad feeling about Austin

BobLichtenfels:: You know me Natty I tend to buck the system once in a while

Rathskeller:: ED!!!

PSU42Fan:: ed...

Rathskeller:: what's the good word?

BobLichtenfels:: I think Austin ends up in Miami

mendy4psu:: it's a good class for depth purposes, no real standouts but plenty of guys who will contribute

Nittanylfan:: hey Ed

FurnaceB:: how could anyone possibly have a really good feeling about Austin at this point?

Natty left

Ed001:: Think it'll rain??

psulions12:: ed's the man

Nittanylfan:: I really hope not...

LexLion:: Absolutely!

Rathskeller:: heh

restoartheroar:: ANY possibility on Austin coming to PSU MICH?

PSURocks40:: hope it doesn't

PSUSmitty:: Mendy 100% correct

78Lion:: Ed, remember Navy '74?

PSUSmitty:: this class is about depth

BobLichtenfels:: Never say Never in recruiting

StevisInHSV:: usdvc

feetforlove:: Never?

PlaybookMark:: Amen Bob

PSUSmitty:: the last two were about building an offense and a defense

PSUisBACK:: if Maybin is future captain material........his buddy Austin will be visiting for Michigan

PSUSmitty:: i would still rather see some 5 star skill people though

Ed001:: 78 I was'nt born yet.

BobLichtenfels:: 11-1 and a big win over FSU you should have a top ten class, no excuses

PSU42Fan:: LK???

PSUCrusader:: lol

PSUSmitty:: 20% chance to land Austin at best

PennStatePigskin:: agreed

PSURocks40:: even with only 15 schollies?

HowardStern:: Bob is right

PSU42Fan:: oh...just bob

HowardStern:: we have about 20

PSURocks40:: bob, penn state have any chance with Austin?

Ed001:: Bob you know it is almost impossible to have a top ten class without a QB and only 18-19 scholarships

BobLichtenfels:: its Penn State

Rathskeller:: Now.

PSU42Fan:: psu should always be near top 10 no matter what

mendy4psu:: Bob, are you LK25

PSUSmitty:: PIB - is Maybin banging Austin's ear these days?

PSUisBACK:: they're friends.........

feetforlove:: Where does Austin go to school again

HowardStern:: we have a class right now that Purdue or BC would be thrilled with

Sweeney97:: bob, any players come to mind that we missed out on especially since we had a great season

LexLion:: As long as he is only banging his ear

PennStatePigskin:: very good point ed.

78Lion:: in DC Ballou

BobLichtenfels:: its not impossible, difficult but not impossible, PSU is one of the most prestigeous programs in the history of the game they should always finish high

PSUisBACK:: he would be an ideal host..............

PSU42Fan:: we have too much young depth to attract top talent

FurnaceB:: Aaron Maybin will have zero influence on Austin's decision

PSU42Fan:: they want to play early and we can't guarantee it

78Lion:: KNow that how Furnace

Ed001:: Based on the cumulative star ratings it is damn near impossible.


feetforlove:: Except for RB position

PSUisBACK:: just had Maybin had no influence on ALE's decision?

PSU42Fan:: those positions are open

PSURocks40:: 42fan, then why do people go to USC?

BobLichtenfels:: Austin goes to Ballou

BobLichtenfels:: No Mendy I am not LK

PSU42Fan:: because its california

Sweeney97:: Ed whats the word on lou elisades, how does he look?

PSU42Fan:: its hollywood

BWW71:: wheres the eating popcorn emotican?

feetforlove:: Hollywood doesnt have Sticky BUns

Ed001:: Lou is a player

LexLion:: Like who Bob?

PSU42Fan:: even if you never play you still have fun

mendy4psu:: i know Bob, LK's been saying the same thing for awhile now

FurnaceB:: I love these guys that think kids make decisions based on what their buddies do

Sweeney97:: ed think he may be next year starting guard

JsT10:: Bob, what in-state kids did Psu drop the ball with?

spud358:: how does Lou look at OT?

FurnaceB:: rarely happens

Rathskeller:: Hyno?

BobLichtenfels:: Devlin is better than Muldrow

HowardStern:: i dont think PSU dropped the ball in PA this year

BobLichtenfels:: Hyno

PlaybookMark:: Lou is "nasty" - compared to Shipley with his game play

PennStatePigskin:: Is Logan El practicing yet. Is Logan El a player?

HowardStern:: muldrow ill give you

feetforlove:: Devlin is better then Bostick IMO

Ed001:: Hyno??

Psu96:: No need for a FB Bob. PSU hardly uses one now

HowardStern:: but basically PSU is getting all the top PA kids

78Lion:: Would have loved Hyno but with 15 ships how do you take a FB

Psu96:: exactly HS

PSU42Fan:: wrong devlin

feetforlove:: OSU locks down Ohio

BobLichtenfels:: Clemons

PSUNIP:: D@mn. A lot of people in here

HowardStern:: where PA screwed the pooch this year was NJ

LexLion:: He had no interest in PSU right?

Psu96:: Clemons seemed like he never wanted anything to do with PSU

BobLichtenfels:: I agree Stern

PSUSmitty:: Sweeney - i have heard the staff loves Big Lou

HowardStern:: especially Davis

StevisInHSV:: feet if we get stronger I can see that changing after this year

feetforlove:: it's insane, because I live in Ohio, and other than a few Michigan fans, and PSU fans, EVERYONE wants to go to OSU, or doesnt wanna leave the state

Ed001:: Thank you Dick Anderson!!

BobLichtenfels:: NJ has a lot of high end talent

FurnaceB:: Clemons wasn't a big priority for PSU..........nice potential, but not a guy I'm worried about losing

Rathskeller:: Maybe we should go after him now- ;-)

LiverpoolLion:: clemons wasn't a need

PSUSmitty:: could potentially play all line positions

NewYorkNittany:: whats the story with evan rodriguez bob?

Rathskeller:: Hyno- that is.

restoartheroar:: OT but I know a kid on State college high school he played Bostic said he isnt that good, easy system

BobLichtenfels:: Gaskins and Gradkowski are better then the NC kid

mrfolks:: feet- it is b/c they have no other major player in team sports...

BobLichtenfels:: Jacobson would eat his lunch

mrfolks:: pro FB in Ohio sux recently, so they have to focus on OSU

FurnaceB:: we are comparing Pitt's class to PSU's thus far??

Psu96:: PSU needs to get a more dynamic guy on North Jersey. Coach Anderson is a great coach, but he's at the end of his career and isn't a dynamic recruiter in an area where there's a lot of talent

feetforlove:: My friend was talking about Stupar, and stuff and saying he was really good, and I live in ohio, and visitig them, and i was like, "Oh yeah Nathan"

BobLichtenfels:: Chaz Powell was a steal

HowardStern:: we just have to hope to get lucky with muldrow

PSUSmitty:: agree on the Jersey comments - we have been terrible there for years - Jarret, Rolle, Perez

PennStatePigskin:: The Nc kid was a gamble

PSU42Fan:: bengals???

PSUSmitty:: and many more got away

PSU42Fan:: afc north champs last year?

scpsu21:: They had a nice article about Nathan Stupar in the Patriot News

mrfolks:: the bengals the last two years, but what about the 15 before that?

feetforlove:: I heard State College has a nicer gym than PSU possibly

restoartheroar:: no

restoartheroar:: no way

PSU42Fan:: people in ohio love osu regardless

scpsu21:: did anyone read dave jones' predicitions

PSU42Fan:: has nothing to do with cincy or cleve

PSUNIP:: What's the story with Logane El?

scpsu21:: LOL Feet no way state highs gym is mediocre

Rathskeller:: good god, no

PSUCrusader:: bob what is your opinion of powell? he goes to my former high school...

Spider legs 11:: I live in OH as well and OSU does such a GREAT job marketing its program and players. Every kid in OH wants to go to OSU

PlaybookMark:: NIP - Clearinghouse issue with the NCAA - they are backlogged with academic verifications

Rathskeller:: The Patriot news is dead to me

restoartheroar:: Stupar is going to get a reality check at PSU

restoartheroar:: he is COCKY

BobLichtenfels:: I think Powell is a great athlete, had he waited longer I think he would have approached the 20 offer plateau

PlaybookMark:: Restore - a LOT of players go through that - Big fish syndrom

FurnaceB:: is that you Carol?

Spider legs 11:: Joe veil of secrecy hurts the program in this regard

Tiapan:: I heard the same thing restoar

PSUCrusader:: wow

scpsu21:: restore what the heck are you talking about

PSUCrusader:: thanks

78Lion:: what big time recruit isn't cocky

PSUNIP:: Thanks

mxbscout:: Stupar is legit, though. See him vs. McCoy and company last season?

scpsu21:: rathskeller to save you effort

BobLichtenfels:: Stupar is as humble and as nice of a kid as I have ever met

NewYorkNittany:: if you're a major college recruit and aren't cocky there is something wrong with you

BobLichtenfels:: maybe on the field he is different which is a good thing

StevisInHSV:: Bob Wiz or Jacobson, who better?

78Lion:: thank you NY

Psu96:: Better to be cocky and actually have the talent to back it up than be all talk, no game

restoartheroar:: stupar is not humble

scpsu21:: 1. fsu 2. california 3. louisville 4. iowa

scpsu21:: LOL

PSUNIP:: I'm fine with kids being cocky. We heard the same thing about Bell. Nothing negative out of camp about him

Sweeney97:: stupar had a great game vs shady, he kept the team in that game

PSUSmitty:: Jacobson - his shoulders are as wide as a Mack truck

BobLichtenfels:: right now Jacobson, but I think Wiz has more potential

scpsu21:: do you go to state high restore

Rathskeller:: hehe

StevisInHSV:: thanks Bob

Sweeney97:: bob, still think Wiz to psu?

restoartheroar:: yeah my best friend is going to start at RB

BobLichtenfels:: yup

scpsu21:: doug suhey or shane gray

BobLichtenfels:: I hope lumpy and Wiz make the AA Bowl and see what they do against Austin

psuthebest:: is wiz going to be wearing the blue and white?

PSUSmitty:: Bob - any of our guys going to the Tom Lemming

restoartheroar:: no dont listen to the papers

scpsu21:: who is it then

feetforlove:: This guy in my class (frist day of school) was like, "Yeah i play football and i dropped the ball to lose the game last friday against our biggest rivals"

PSUSmitty:: Notre Dame fashion show a.k.a. the US Army Event?

BobLichtenfels:: not sure yet Smitty

Rathskeller:: heh, Smitty

HowardStern:: does Wiz have a shot at the AA bowl?

scpsu21:: yeah he is tough

BobLichtenfels:: yes

PSUNIP:: The AA Bowl is as crooked as the day is long.

HowardStern:: i heard Jacobsen is already in

feetforlove:: how good of a shot do we have with Wiz?

BobLichtenfels:: I think Both will make it

Psu96:: lol NIP

HowardStern:: cool i hope

BobLichtenfels:: NIP I think its changing slowly hopefully

scpsu21:: stupar is just a little different but he will heck of a player at psu he was unblockable all last year

HowardStern:: gotta get rid of lemon

Psu96:: No Lemming would help the AA game's credibility

restoartheroar:: he will be great no doubt, he is a great player

PSUNIP:: ND homer picking the team. ND network carrying it. I seriously felt bad for Frazier in that game last year. He was totally outmatched


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