Williams Keeping His Options Open

In addition to starting his high school football season, Maurice Williams is ready to kick off the recruiting season. Williams, the four-star wide receiver prospect from Strong Vincent High in Erie, Pa., is beginning to focus on his upcoming football campaign and recruitment.

“It's just been a little laid back,” Maurice Williams said. “I'm getting ready for the season.”

As it has been since the start of his recruitment, Williams said he remains interested in Penn State.

“Penn State is a very good school,” Williams said. “They have really good people. The fans are always there supporting the team.”

One thing that has entered into the picture for Williams is his recognition of Penn State's depth at wide receiver, the position for which the Nittany Lions' are recruiting him.

“I see that they have another recruit at receiver from last year's class,” Williams said. “It affects [my decision] a little, but I just want to play.”

Assistant coach Tom Bradley has been recruiting Williams since the Nittany Lions extended an offer. Bradley hoped to have Williams on campus this coming weekend for an official visit, but the plans fell through.

“I talk to [Bradley] about an official visit, but I'm not sure,” Williams said. “He wanted me to come up during the Akron game but I want to come up during Michigan so I can see and Big Ten game and the atmosphere. I'm still talking about it.”

While Williams won't make it to Happy Valley this weekend, he plans on making a trip for the Michigan game. As things stand, the trip would be an unofficial visit. Williams ultimately may not take an official visit to Penn State because of his familiarity with the campus because his sister is already a student at PSU.

“I'm thinking about not taking an official visit, but I may just visit on my own to watch the Michigan game,” Williams said. “That would probably be it, because I've seen the campus a lot when I visit my sister. The only thing I haven't seen is a game this year. I went a game a couple years ago when Larry Johnson was playing. It was when Iowa played Penn State when Bob Sanders and Larry Johnson played.”

All in all, Williams summed up the current status of his recruitment.

“Right now, I'm still kind of wide open,” Williams said.

Currently, Williams has only one official visit scheduled, that being to Georgia. As for scheduling his four remaining official visits, Williams said he hasn't made any firm plans yet.

“I'm still discussing it with my mom,” Williams said.


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